Street Art

ready for more!? :D
when i drove to the neighbourhood concert, my gps (god bless it when it goes the long way!) got me off a few exits earlier and i ended up finding a bunch of new stuff i wanted to take pictures of. 

i went back a few days ago with my sister and basically missed everything i had seen but found a bunch of new stuff! 
take a peek!

seen this one previously on another trip so i had to go back and grab a picture. 
actually i had forgotten so when i was driving by and i turned sideways, i had to stop, pullover and grab a picture. 
cruisin down the street in my '64. jocking the.....well, you know the rest
i dont know why my sister took this picture but i like it.
i saw this one on someones instagram so i thought "cool ill check it out." (i didnt know location so it was on a hunt kinda thing)
before were snapped all these pictures my sister and i went to go eat at our Chinese food spot and i saw this from the corner of my eye on Main & 7th i believe.
ill go back in a few weeks when its done so i can get an entire picture but even then, isn't she a beauty?
when i went to take a picture there was an older man there and he had taken pictures on his phone and he was excited to show me.  he saw me with my camera and he was all amazed. he thought i was a serious photographer.
that's cute! 
if i ever make it my man, I'm looking for you and I'm giving you the first shout out for believing in me and my itsy bitsy camera!!! (:
indiana. le sigh. 
i love that on the side (if ya cant see it well) it says
i got out the car to go catch something on the wall, when i was going back in to my car i looked down and i found all these beauties on the floor!

it is dude!
even when someone tells you you have ugly eyebrows!!!!
these girls are everywhere!
i saw this one across the street so i got out and when to snap a few as i was getting ready to walk back to the car i turned around and found this beauty below. 
this one reminded me of franc because of the boat!
i love the little man steering the boat!
except now its 4 pigs!!!!
yea same one. i liked both shots.
behind a dumpster.

dang it! if only i had taken the pictures to where they aligned! 
i know i know, i posted a million of the same one buuut...i first saw this piece on instagram and then i discovered @bumblebeelovesyou. 
and i fell in love. 
i wasn't expecting to run in to this one. EVER!
but then, after taking the last picture (the one below), as we were heading on to the freeway.....BOOM!!!!
i freaked out (as i always do!) 
i found it! 
i foouuuund it!!! 
and i took a million pictures. and here they are. 
also, apparently this artist is from Downey CA woop woop!
so of course as we are trying to barhop in Downey last friday night,  i happen to  run in to another bumblebee piece of art!
what are the chances!!!
im having a fan girl moment. 

i love you dtla / hollyweird. 
you are simply the best. 
i need to hit up Venice beach and im thinking in a couple of weeks because of work. 
ill probably drag andy with me. 
or solo mission. 
i love those!

thanks for reading / looking at purdy pictures. 
love ya lots!

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