Say Anything {7/25/2014}

say anything!

donut friend was having a contest on IG giving away tickets for say anything at the Fonda. 
i was like okay, ill try it. 
then i saw the show was the 24th and i instantly went "wah wah wahh!" because i had The Neighbourhood that very same night! no way in heck i was going to give that up. 

so the very next day (Friday) i was at work falling asleep VERY excited about going home to FINALLY do all my laundry when my cousin messaged me and asked if i was doing anything that night. 
now i thought to myself (and told her) as follows: "are you talking to me or to gis (my sis) because this is not gis and she has work at 7. as for me, ill be at home doing laundry and im VERY excited about that!!! (no sarcasm whatsoever!)" 
she then replies and tells me she meant me!
long story short she was like no i meant you fool! and then she gave me friggin Say Anything tickets for the show on Friday because she couldnt make it because her sister dragged her out of town!!!

talk about a win win!!!!
here i was not really that bummed that i missed them but super stoked i got to see em still!! :D

i ended up taking my little cousin Alana (i took her sister Jasmine to see the Neighbourhood so they took turns going. cute!!!) 
they had 3 opening bands that ive never heard of and if im being honest, i only know like 2 SA songs (1 & 2)! and they are completely different from what they apparently play consistently.

show started at 7 and we didnt get there until almost 830 cus a) i slept in and b) traffic was HORRIBLE!
we got there as one band was finishing and we caught the So So Glos from New York and The Front Bottoms. both of those bands were pretty cool!

 the so so glos (duh les!) 
they were pretty cool. i thiiink they should be on YouTube but i havent checked.
the crowd went pretty wild for them but not wild enough to cause havoc. 
they didnt start a mosh pit til the dude said to and by then we had stepped far back to not be sucked in. muahhahaha no moshing for me thanks!
 the front bottoms!
these dudes were awesome!!!!
one thing i loved about all the bands was that when they came out they each had like a 3 minute intro with classical music. the crowd went nuts!
another thing that i loved was that the lead singer for this band is a total geeky looking guy! (i DO NOT mean that in a bad way at all!) but the voice that comes out of him!!!
les confession #672: for the most part with the exception of the shows/concerts that i have been could put me in a room with a bunch of famous band members and i wouldnt even know it. i like music for the music not for how cute the members are!
haha! so i would have never guessed him to be a singer or in a band for that matter had i been talking to him prior to them performing. 
i love the blow up letters that they had and those weird little dancing dudes that flap everywhere and you see at car dealerships lol! i want a letter for my room!

when TFB started performing, that's when it got crazy. everyone rushed to the front and in the mist of it all i almost lost my little cousin to a mosh pit!!! i remember sticking my hand in and pulling her out by the sleeve of her sweater! that little rush was AWESOME!!! she said 3 people stepped on her and i let her know she got off easy lol. i told her if she wanted to mosh she was more than welcomed too, specially since she's on vacation from school but that i thought her mom would get mad at me if she went home with a black eye (spoiler: her mom was mad i DIDNT make her go in to the mosh pit! lol!)
basically every time a new band would come out the further away we would get juuuust to be safe. 

then of course....

these are mega blurry since i was all the way in the back to the side and i had to zoom in. 
there was no way in heck i was getting up close and trampled for this.
there was this guy there that was going CRAZY. at first it was okay, you know, im all about you having a good time. but then he kinda got too much in to it and kept bugging this guy and he finally had it so he kept pushing him back so he would get the point. 

finally security saw what was gong on, caught the guy and escorted him out. 
i guess he knew he had gone overboard because he didnt even try to fight it. he just put his hands up and walked out. 

wow, i can get sexual too.
you could do better
covering ODB

they played for a good while and they were pretty cool but i was just super excited to go home and go to sleep!

thanks steph for the tickets!!!! (:  if theyre ever around again with some other bands i know ill catch 'em again but for now theyre off my concert bucket list! (:

.....and tonight, Arcade Fire with Jonathan. free concerts are the best!!!!
thanks for reading!

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