Christmas 2015

hi guys!
how was your Christmas holiday? 
mine was awesome!!!
i didn't think to get a picture of the tree with all the presents at the bottom and by the time i wanted to all the presents had been moved cause Chester was caught peeing on a couple of them. (insert wtf emoji face)

i bought my brother an iphone 6 plus i think and because those phones are basically a sneeze away from breaking i bought him a case and a screen protector. the phone wasn't supposed to arrive until Thursday night but it got there a day early so i was freaking out that one those 24 hrs would be the death of that damn phone. 
so on the 24th  (which is when we celebrate Christmas anyways) i decided "hey lets open 1 gift and 1 gift only!" 
that lasted about 2 minutes til i wanted to give away to everyone. (we bought my sister a dresser. and i wanted it out of my trunk so i gifted to her as well.) 
eventually we just opened them all.  

anyways, here are some pictures! (; 
B had no idea what to get me so i ended up at the Vans store and i ended up with these babies!!!! 
i love how well my family knows me! (: 
my brother got me the shirt (which my mom paid for but its the thought!) and tess got me all of these socks!!!! <3 also nike roshe's!!! which are the most comfortable shoes EVER!!!!
i got this card for B because he lives on instagram!!!! i got this from carlee's store. as soon as i saw it i HAD to buy it. perfect card for the boyfriend. and i LOVE how she drew Santa. you cant really see it here but i LOVE the was she drew him!!!! #mcm
i bought this giant dwarf headband on one of her instagram sales. this was one of the last batch that she's ever making so i HAD to buy one. i bought it months ago but i busted it out for the holiday and I'm thinking it'll make a comeback on NYE!!!!
always on IG. see what i mean 
to our 1st (of hopefully many) Christmas!

B came over for dinner and then left to his sisters and we went to my gramas. 

from back to front: my sis Gis, Tessie. Maya, Emil, Mark, Georgie and my brother Tony. 

so, funny story. 
my grama has lived in this home for oooh, i don't know, a while. 
its a long while because all these kids are what i used to be. 
this was our bed. me and all my cousins. my same age cousins. 
its so crazy to see the next generation take over this room and this bed while my generation hangs out outside with the rest of the humans (with my exception.) 

well, this day (12/24/2015) we were all hanging out, watching the kids play soccer (on the ps4) when out of nowhere BOOM!, the bed broke. 
we broke an effin bed. 
and all we were doing was sitting on the bed. that bed held a crap load of us through out the years and this was the year the new room generation (plus an old one) broke the bed. 
we messed it up completely. so we ran from room to living room to outside to hide the pieces. 
my aunt was cool with it and my sister ran and called my dad to get them a new bed so...its all okay. (he works for....and well they get rid of a lot of new stuff! thats how we all got our beds!) 
it was just more of a "you had to be there so you could laugh your ass off like we all did" kind of moment. 
good times. good times. 
because we celebrate on the 24th (and we opened all our gifts) we had really nothing to do. 
b & i decided to go to the movies and his sister right on time gifted him a gift card to the movies so off we went to see Star Wars. 
i have never in my almost 28 years of life, seen a single Star Wars movie so i was hesitant with this one but holy smokes!!!! 
i love you Chewbacca!!! i want to hug the crap out of him!!!
im gearing up to see the other 6 (?) well, 4/5/6 cause tess said 1/2/3 were meh. 

anyways Christmas was a lot of fun, 

other things i want to remember: 
- chonch getting her dog toys
- how gis never asked me for anything so i somehow ended up spoiling her.
- best xmas bonus at work ever!!! 
- spending xmas day (25th) with B. at the movies then at my house building my sister her ikea dresser. (ive never done something so simple like that with someone and it was just amazing. both of us working on the dresser while my mom was making fun of us.) 
- taking B with me to my gramas which means: he met my grama, my aunts and uncles and his fave, my uncle stan. 
- taking B with me to my ninas house which means: he met my nina and her mom and all her sisters. 
- B being a hit with everyone! (: everyone loved him. and that means a lot to me because he is the first and only guy i've ever brought home! eeek!
- of course breaking the bed. 
- that awesome tree above that was lit outside by my ninas house! best thing ever!!!
- deciding to start a new xmas (25th) tradition with B: going to the movies on actual xmas day. 
- cutting ties that i no longer need to have. (closure effin rocks!) 

i cant think of more but ill add them as i remember. 

i hope you all had an amazing holiday wherever you were with whoever you were with. 
cant wait to see what 2016 has in store. 
im not sure that ill be posting in the next two days so please consider this my i hope you guys have an amazing new years eve! wish to you. 

love ya guys!!! <3 <3 <3
here's to 2016 in 2 days...just like my birthday!!!! :D
you da best! 

Currently listening to: the neighbourhood

sometime at the end of October i took my cousins to go see the neighbourhood because that's their favorite band and because i love them too!!!! (proof here, here and here
that night i also learned I'm TOO old for that general admission shiz. 
so while i left them to basically get trampled in the front, i went all the way to the side and read (yes i read at the concert. also, see why e-readers are the shit!) until they came on stage (cause the opening bands..meh.) 
as always some crappy pictures (remember i was to the side in the back so considering these are zoomed in, they're not that bad!) 

i have been listening to their album Wiped Out on REPEAT!!!!!
i didn't buy the cd (yes i still buy cd's and YES i buy all my music!) until a couple of days before our trip. so i had the cd waiting for me when i got home and because amazon rocks, with the purchase i got the MP3 version as well so i listened to it plenty on my trip. 
since then, i have listened to this cd a hundred times. 
seriously on repeat. 
so good! 

ill be catching them Feb 7 out here in Santa Ana. 
i know i said i was too old for ga but for these dudes, ill suck it up. 

anyways, go give it a listen on spotify! and then buy it. 
cause that's what i did. 
cause i like knowing what I'm paying for (hint hint Adele. also one  of the most depressing albums ever!)

happy Monday! <3

roadtrip: utah // the narrows

this is it guys. thanks for sticking through with me! 
we made it all the way to the end!!! (mostly I'm hella proud of myself because i actually posted all these pictures.)
so, the ONLY thing i cared to do in Utah (even though Angels landing was a must in my book) was to do The Narrows.
my friend Janet went back during the summer and her pictures were AMAZING. then another friend of mine, Jeff, went and i saw his pictures and i was like I HAVE to go!
so here i am.
except it was really cold so we didn't go all the way in cause you know, it was cold but we did walk on the side of the river and it was beautiful! <3

you can rent (where idk) clothes like fishermen looking clothes so you can go in and not freeze but we didn't know where to go and well B was hungry so he was cranky so there was no way. and it was already getting dark at like 3pm. being stuck in there is not on my to do list.
this is my moms favorite picture actually! 
who can photoshop it or whatever and make it pop! i'd love to gift it to her. 
this was as far as we could go in to the narrows without actually going in to the water. ...which we would have had it not been cold. and had B not been starving. 
i definitely want to go back and go in because its so beautiful (from the pictures i have seen) maybe ill take my mom and the kids sometime next summer. i know they'd love it. 
the pictures below were taking outside my window as we were driving away. probably not the best but I LOVE how they came out given that i wasn't really trying!

goodbye Utah (ZION) you were the best!
this trip was amazing and i cannot wait to go back for another another state of course

thanks for reading! <3

roadtrip: utah // angels landing

angels landing. 
i saw a video, THIS video, for Angels landing about a year or so ago. 
and when i saw it i said to myself that I'd one day do this hike. 
no if's and's or buts. 
so that day came. 
and holy crap was i nervous. 

i don't know why the morning we had breakfast and got ready to go. to get to this hike you go in to the park and its on your left hand side (well, the way we went in) its a small entrance and there is a sign but if you don't know what you're looking for then you will miss it. we did and i was secretly excited that we did in the hopes that we'd skip the hike all together.
anyways, i was nervous as shit. however, the hike itself is not bad. its a nice hike up to the main point. i wont ever forget it just like i think ill never go back up. not all the way anyways.

as always. a lot of pictures.  
the hike itself up to this point is not bad at all but because I've literally hiked under 10 times this year and haven't worked out in forever, it kinda kicked my ass but i still did it! 
from this point on, its time for the chains. i told b i'd do it up to this point but i pushed it a little bit more. 
i did 4.5/5 miles. im counting that as a win. 
from this point i couldn't do it anymore. 
i got a severe case of vertigo. if you saw the video, 11 seconds in, there's a tree that they're holding on to. i hugged that tree for at least 20 minutes while B went up to hike some more. 
the chains end right where I'm taking this pictures and then continue where that lady is standing at. (why couldnt they continue the chains!!!???? if they were there i know i would have gone up! :( )
i could not work up the courage to get myself up there. i tried so hard, B came back down to help me but i just couldn't do it. i could not phantom how people could get up there without any help. every time a group would go up id talk myself in to going up but i couldn't. as soon as id let go of the tree, id freeze. my legs were stuck and i couldn't move. 

then, then there was a lady who went up, no shoes and a kid. and then there was a pregnant lady who went up. and before they passed me i told myself that id go up that damn thing if they kept going past me. 
they got up to me and they passed me. 
so i went. 
not even 5 steps in and i couldn't. i instantly dropped to the floor out of fear. 
luckily this couple was coming down so the lady helped me get down. and while she was helping me down, B was already on his way down as well. 

this hike was amazing and beautiful. 
I'm glad that i did it but i wont ever go up to that point again. I'll stay at the bottom before the chains start.

Angels Landing, you were insanely beautiful and i loved every bit of you but i respect you and i respect the fear so thank you for what you gave me. i ask for nothing more.  <3

after this we went to the narrows and that's the last of my posts :( 
I'm even more sad now since they're ending a second time for me. 
thanks for reading. 

up next: the narrows

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