I bought this lovely notebook on sale at Target.
At the moment I thought: "hey ill jot down all the books I read in my geeky style like I always do!"

Its a good thing I bought it because i've decided to use it as my blogging journal.
This long weekend I am, no if's, and or buts going to finally post about the books I've read!
(So far I have 3!)
I'm doing this!
Can't wait! :)
Cool app! picsay pro! Worth the $2. since I got it the updates have gotten better! 

DIY phone case

Last night I finally received my clear phone case from Amazon (LOVE Amazon!) That I scored for $1.88 (see What I mean!)
I had purchased the a beautiful mess phone cover a few months ago and was sooooo excited to receive it after like a month and days of  wait only to find out that basically it sucked.
It was just a rubber cover with an I'm not sure whatchamacallit material that had a print of the picture on it basically. (I'm more of a rubber vs hard cover fan so the hard case might have been better buuuuut.....)
Every time I would take it off, my phone cover would unglue little by little and I was just over it.
If this ever gets read and your a huge ABM fan you'll know where I got it from but other than that I won't say what etsy seller i got it from.
The thing that saved me from going crazy over the fact that I bought TWO is the fact that all the money spent was sent to the American Red Cross for the OKLAHOMA disaster.
But any who, the gals Elsie and Emma on ABM shared a quick lil tutorial on how to make your own phone covers for the IPhone.
I of course have an ANDROID (yay!) So I figured ill just make my own and vóila!
Its really simple to do, so give it a try.
I know I'm going to be sporting all sorts of different covers! (: 

1) cut out a traced copy of the phone case on a manilla folder or stock paper 
2) trace it on your choice of paper or make your own design on the actual cover. 
3) cut to fit. Use an x-acto knife. It will be easier to use!
I then made a mock one in like 5 minutes all quick for my coworker! (: I am awesome!


My little sister starts her first day of college today! (':
I'm so proud of her.
Hopefully I'm still here in a few years to post her graduation picture! ♥
Any who because she has a class at like midnight, I have to take my little brother to school which drags because I can be up at 4am so we can leave on time and ill still manage to be late to work since it's in two different directions!
On the way to drop him off Ryan Secrest announces he has ticket to go see Kesha at the LA County Fair and I ask my brother if he wants to go to which he replies: "Lets go see Lady Gaga. She got bomb!"
Someone saw the VMA's.
Speaking of, thanks Miley for scarring me for life.
And all those memes do not help.
I wonder if Jay Z regrets that line "Somewhere in America, Miley Cyrus is still twerking!" Now that everyone has seen it all up close!
And just for fun, here's a little from my coworker.
If you live in California,  you know that at like 8am its already 90º and you're practically melting.
I walk in to talk to her and I happen to mention that  its hot outside to which she replies:
"I know I was melting on the way to work! And I drove over here!"
Can I just point out that a) she literally lives down the street and b) her car has ac unlike mine!
Have a good Monday and remember, somewhere in America, Miley Cyrus is still twerkin!

Snapshot Sunday ♡

One. Party in my room! 
Two. Waaay back. My little sister & brother
Three. Baby me! (:
Four. A little DIY. Ill post by Thursday
Five. Way to go LB! Carry your totes people Lets save earth! ♡
Six. The outside babies. Jack & Lei
Seven. Never go to 7/11 when hungover. It can get expensive!  
Eight. Scored this at 7/11 Macklemore. Cant wait til December!!!
Nine. Sister benefiting my hangover generosity
Ten. BDC tofu house. Heaven! ♡

Double Decker {sister edition}

I get home and....
Sister: "so you know how Beyonce was in Destiny's Child? Well last night I was listening to that song bills, bills, bills and she said something about being trifflin! I thought that was a new word that all the cool kids were using. She was cool back then.
We're all late!"

The infamous lyrics:

{You TRIFFILIN (Good for nothing type of brother) Silly me (Why haven't I found another) (A baller), when times get hard need someone to help me out (Instead of) a scrub like you who don't know what a man's about}

Bey is pretty cool.


My mom made us panes de pollo today.
Its basically chicken in the bolillo kind of bread.
With some other goodies.

We were just eating some in the kitchen when she decided to get break news and get fancy.

Sister: "bro somebody died today. Its all over instagram. Would you like some avocado?"
(Breaks news...then gets fancy. This is the 1st time we add avocado!"
Me: "why would you tell me that while we're eating!?"
Sister: "what? that if you want avocado?"
Me: "no that somebody passed away!"
Sister: "what homeboy passed away!?"
Me: "no! Uff."
Sis: "oh I see."

She's something else.

Oh, Fridays! {sister edition}

I start work at 7 on Fridays so I'm not able to take my brother to school.

I told him to put his phone on blast so I could call him at 715 to wake up.
I called him twice & all I heard was him rolling over.

I just checked the time and saw it was 8:08.
I figured if he's at school he won't answer nor reply to my texts so naturally I call my sister who takes him when I can't.

Sis: "hello" all groggy.
Me: "did you take ant to school!?"
Sis: "yes."
Me: "are you sure? ill kick your ass if he's missing!"
Sis: "I did I swear!"
Me: "why do you sound so sad?"
Sis: "bro I fell asleep at 730 & tony woke me up at 745."
Me: "why'd you go to sleep so late!?"
Sis: "I was watching naruto and I was crying and we were bonding. I couldn't stop watching. I couldn't half ass it!"

Dedication at its finest!

Happy Friday all! ♥


I am in no way (at this moment) interested about blogging in regards to food that I cook simply because I don't cook.
At all.
Its scares me.
Which is dumb!
Don't ever let fear stop you from doing anything!!!
But I guess in a way it scares me because of all it takes to create something so delicious!
I see my roommate cook and she pinches salt here and adds drop of this there and she does it all without measuring and in a way that's kind of intimidating. But hey practice makes perfect! (:
I was craving asparagus the other day so in my head  I kinda whipped something up and this is what I came up with.
Asparagus, chicken and bell peppers.
The chicken was bought pre-cooked so there was no preparation there (cheating!).
I just cut bell pepper and asparagus to my   liking then I threw the asparagus first then the chicken and lastly the bell pepper to cook in the pan.
Added a bit of salt and pepper cooked for like 20 mins and vóila!
Dinner (lunch for two days) was served!
Its a good thing my sister was there because I was only going to use one batch of asparagus. She convinced me to do two!
See! Its all about measurements!!!
...and yes! I was supervised!

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Oh brother

Le sigh!
So yesterday I took my sister and her friend Leslie (what a cool name!) to go see Best Coast!
I was worried about traffic because my plans were to be back by 5 to go to Disneyland!
I called my brother to car pool but he didn't answer.
He finally calls back when  I'm leaving work so I ask him what he's doing.
Me: "where are you?"
Bro: "all the way by south east (other side of town for us). Why what's up?"
Me: "I wanted you to go with me to drop off gis so I can carpool"
Bro: "you should've called me earlier"
Me: "I did. you didn't answer!"
Bro: "oh sorry that I was in class getting my education on!"
Me: "shuuuuuut up!"
Bro: "its true, education is important since my swagg won't get me anywhere anymore!"
Me: "wtf?!"
Bro: "its true. Swagg isn't cool anymore!"
Kids these days.
I went by myself.
The 710/5/10 wasn't bad on the way over there. I took the streets back to avoid backtobacktoback traffic and long story short, I got in my first car accident.
It was not my fault.
I was in sooo much shock.  I think I was more worried about my state of mind than my car....which Is a good thing I guess.
I was already mentally preparing myself to bike ride to work.
Also my mom punked me about my laundry.
See, our dryer's broken so air drying everything it is.
I'm a do your laundry on Sundays kinda gal but since my mom was off she hogged our washer.
So she offered to do it for me Monday .
I called her at like 1pm and she was like I just woke up.
Ill do your laundry tomorrow.
I was like nooooo!!!
I'm completely done with clothes!
I'm out. I needa do mah laundry!!!! (Insert dramatic face!)
I got home & it was all air drying! (:
Thanks mom!!!!
I can say it was an overall good day.
My sister had a blast and I finally went back to Disneyland! 
Ooh! And my car is still alive! (:
ticket colllection is starting up!
how do you NOT love Disneyland!
the horror hotel! ...or whatever its called. too many H's!
the view at the very top before they drop you. i looove this ride
cars land. i love that ride too! its soo good but at 120 min thanks!
we caught the fireworksright outside. what a show!
ended my night driving by lacma. i still want to go!
its safe to say she had a good time! :D

Snapshot Sunday ♥

I love blowing up my instagram with photos.
Sometimes I feel I do it TOO much.
But hey this is my blog.... lets make this a weekly thing were I gather random snapshots!
Enjoy! (:
1//who doesn't love vanity plates? My favorite!
2//I've always wanted this shirt. Ever since seeing Ms. March.
3//my anti dog cousin.  In love with my dog because she "finally" showered.
4//my mother is becoming plant crazy
5//lazy sunday with Chester & Chonch! ♥
6-7//I just love hobby lobby!
8//my go everywhere with me shoes! (This was at the Beatles concert! )
9//some reading material! ♥
10//sister and I at mom's birthday dinner! (:

Kevin G.

Is there anything better in life??

Happy Birthday MOM!!!!!!

Just want to take a quick moment to say happy birthday to my momma!

49 has never looked better!

I LOVE this woman!
Its amazing how close we've gotten.
I wouldn't trade her for the world!
Adventure time later on and this Saturday!

will post more pictures later! (:

Me, chonchies, brother, mom & chester! ♥
Isn't Chester the cutest!?These little "flags" had been cut for another diy that didnt work out. They came in handy tonight. Thats the amazing thing about diy's. It'll always work out one way or another! (:
Made by my sister! (:

DIY Letters

First DIY!
Ok geek moment over!
I have seen these letters on several blogs ( &
Hope from HHC stated that she saw them at Anthropologie and they were on sale for like $12 a pop. She actually purcahsed the letters at Michael's I believe and she sprayed them.
The gals, Elsie & Emma(ABM) bought the letters and wrapped them with yarn
Which is what I did, with the exception of buying the letters!
I saw on another blog (I can't remember the site....) where she got regular cardboard and did the letter herself.
Basically I traced out an L and just did two of those.
Once I had them matching sizes (which I later found out it doesn't really matter if you're super accurate) & I taped them down with blue tape.
Once I had secured it with tape I started wrapping it with yarn.
I was supposed to do another diy with the yarn and my cousin had bought that.
The cardboard came from the amazon box that my A Beautiful Mess book came in.
Glue, glue gun & tape I already had So this project was basically free!
The best kind!!!
Give it a try!
I'm feeling like making the whole alphabet and making a display of that! [:
Try it out. Leave a comment. Post a picture! Can't wait to see!!!
1. Cardboard box
2. Choice of yarn (altho I have several ideas I want to try so feel free to explore)
3. Scissors
4. Glue & glue gun
5. Ruler (if you want to make reeaally straight lines)
Below are a few pics just to show step by step. 

i taped the spine of the inside for a little bit more support

the final result! :)  like i said, i'm thinking of doing the alphabet!

this is how the ladies of ABM did their letters! (:

1st day of school

My little brother started school yesterday so I took him and his friend to school.
The inside of my car smells like what I imagine
it's like to be inside of an axe bottle!

Believe I drove at 730 am with my windows down going as fast as possible to get the smell out!

It's here! :D

After waiting like a month and a half! book is finally here!
I stumbled upon the blog A Beautiful Mess
( by complete accident.
I believe through pinterest.
Man am I in love!
These two gals are seriously talented!
The blog was started by Elsie Larson back in 2007 before she was Mrs. Larson.
Emma came along a few years later after returning home from California.
These gals have had their own clothing line, their own (Elsie) scrapbooking line, two of their own shops,  just recently released their photo app for apple (hurry up android!!!!!) And now have released their first book!
I believe they also have a scrapbooking book/materials due with Becky Higgings coming out at Michael's pretty soon.
Also, i just read they've turned in their manuscript for their second book and you better believe I'm grabbing that one as well! (Coming next summer! )
I'm soooo excited to dig in! (:
And yes I will blog about it once I'm done!
Its a book on a bunch of photography tips!
Which is a  cool deal since I've been thinking of buying my very first "proffesional" camera
I can't wait!
Check out their blog!
You won't regret it! ;)


A few days ago me and my sister threw it down.
You know sibling rivalry....something like that.
So she has no idea what I'm talking about because I told her to leave....
I sometimes wonder  how she graduated.
I mean she's smart. But like.......
I ♥ u sis bro

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