Goodbye 2013 ♥♥♥♥

"these last few weeks ive been to Vegas, San Francisco, raves & shows. i couldve been drugged , stabbed, butt raped. pretty much anything. the one fucken friday i stay home and this shit happens. 
fuuuuuuuck that!"

this happened to me in march! 
i ended up in the hospital in march because my dog decided that the one friday i stayed home should be the friday that shouldnt be left out and should be spent doing something no matter what it was. 

this was in march! 
i had already been to vegas, san fran and some concerts and shows!

how amazing is that!?
since day one, i was out doing things!
i was never one to go out. always a homebody. 
while things did slow down after march (sorta!), it was for the better. 
as they always say at these end of the year sappy ahh speeches,  you find out who your friends truly are and who and what people stay because they matter in your life. 

2013 (as i have said before and always will say!) was THEE greatest year of my life!

from all the concerts i went too (previous to this year i had only been to maybe 2-3 concerts) to birthdays to shows to outings to traveling to everything!
2013 was my year!
i see all these posts were people are like "man 2013 be gone!" and im thinking "nooo its been so effin great!" 

i had my fun doing all these things. 
i have a job that has allowed me to do thing things (financially!) somehow money lined up for me to be able to afford all these things and its amazing when that happens!
everyone at home is healthy and happy, good and fed and has somewhere to sleep!
and just alone for that i am beyond grateful!

i cannot wait to see what 2014 has in store for me!
i dont want to make resolutions i just want to make some changes for me!
i want to grow more as a person and even if 2014 isnt as crazy as 13 was i just hope that its a year where as a person i can better myself and help out others more if possible. 

being that i am a creative person (although VERY lazy!) i hope to be able to start a shop going on where i can sell the little things i make. 

i want this blog to keep growing. 
not in the sense of me wanting a million followers (although lets face it!, it would be nice! ....spread the word people! ;) )  but just to stay as happily involved as i am now!
i love doing this. 
i love reading all the blogs that i do. 
and i just love this little blogging community as it is! 

i want to read even more voraciously than i already do and discover new authors and keep my little library (thats taking over my room!) growing even more!

with a new year literally 7 -8 hrs away, i want to thank everyone that has taken the time to read!
i may not know you all personally but know that from the bottom of my little heart all the way from over here in California, i truly looove you! 
i la-la-looove you!
have a good new years with your families and loved ones and be safe. 
and tonight when youre ringing in the new year, have an extra little snack (or shot!) to celebrate the new year but also, MY BIRTHDAY!!!
26, i am welcoming you with open arms!

2013, you were great, i love you and already miss you. 
2014!, be amazing to me! cannot wait to see what you have in store!!!!

thank you for reading!!!!
i'll be back here tomorrow!
this post was previously published but i stupidly deleted a file that contained a lot of my old pictures hence why some of you might be like...what?? im working on these one post at a time. 
thank you for your patience! 

this & that

the last this & that of 2013!
Greatest year of my liiife!!!!
1} I already have my $1 calendar from target but this lil gem seems tempting!
2} I think hers is the only season of show she was on that I somewhat caught.  Her birth story is the cutest! She keeps it reals! Welcome to the world Charlie! ♥
3} everyone is posting their Christmas stories and its the best!
I have to get mine up ive just been sooo busy at work! (Katie, Rachel, Hope, Rachel & Jen)

(has since been posted!)
4} I love these photographs of Shannon & her hubs!
5} this is awesome! Cardboard boxes put to good use.
Ive yet to see the video but the pictures are awesome!
6} good use for contact paper! Maaaaaaybe just change it up a bit. (Or use it for next year)
7} I dont care for Miley or her millions or just anything about her in general but I looooove the way this article was written.

Lol twerk on a bear in peace!
8} ive said it before and ill say it again, Jen's family is thee cutest!

Other things to be happy/love/all:

1} at the nail salon waiting. There's an older girl and her younger sister next to me.
the little one goes "why do you have 375 followers and only get likes 5 likes on your pictures? " 
I found this highlarious!
Reminds me of my sister. 
(Okay now she's just working my nerves.  She doesnt shut up. She keeps asking for things and doesnt wana use her money.  brat!)
Her sister got a text from some guy,
"Who's rene?"....."can I text him for you?"....."if you dont have anything to hide from me then youll let me text him!"
"Give me your instagram password now!"

2} working with my mom! She's a joke!

3} scrambled eggs with cream cheese bagel & coffee. My current obsession!!!

4} its my birthday tomorrow.
its also new years, but you know, whatever!  ;)

5} the fact thats its my bday tomorrow but Honda has already called to wish me a happy birthday. my friend chonch bought me ice cream, and my friend dan has already texted me saying happy birthday (because he wanted to be the first!)
i feel so loved

6} postal pix!, i love you!!!!
my pictures, the last set of 2013 arrived on the last day of 2013! 

7} i just got paid $10 to ride around in a car for....not lyft but the opposite (?) or another company like lyft! (dont want to list it so i went get a friend in if its possible, i know. but still!) woohoo!

its shaping up to be a nice one!

goodbye 2013. 
welcome 2014!
thanks for reading!

Merry Christmas 2013 ♥

new years eve eve and here i am. barely posting the Christmas pictures. 
work has been hectic and all i want to do is sleep!

here are some pictures from our Christmas this year. enjoy! (:
our big fluffy 2013 tree!
(present-less at the moment!)
my brother!
last year i went all out on him and spent like $300 at zumies only to have him exchange everything! gggrrr. 
this year, after he blew up his battery, i caved in and got him an iphone! only because it was $0 down. i told him that was his one and only present for like the next 7 years!
so for christmas because i only bought him 3 sweaters and some chonies, i decided, since teeeeeechnically the phone was an early xmas gift, that i would wrap it up for him so he could open it and i could have a good laugh. 
so of course before we head to gramas house, he decides to get antsy with the whole "lets open one present" deal. so i was thinking okay....and hoooping he would get the phone box! 
to my surprise, thats the one he had in his hand! 
so i told him that since he already had it in his hand he HAD to open it. no picking another gift. 
so he opens it and see's the box and he got mad!!! (score!)
the above picture is him throwing the box on the sofa!
theeen! my mom comes along and shes like "you shouldnt throw the box! what if there's something in there!?"
my brother gets excited, picks it up and gets let down!
go mom!
ezra giving everyone kisses!
which was weird because this kid does not let anyone hold him!
big chris & baby chris!
ahhh!!! what a cutie!!!
after grama's we came home and opened up presents!
my sister is the one that came up on the most this year.
(you can see the tree is all dead now! :( )
"because turkey is better than twerkin! :D"
my brother wanted these $17 socks of some chick twerking!
they were pretty cool but shipping was like $15. uhm...NO THANKS
so on a trip to target i had seen these turkey socks and boom! 
and the note! how classic!
he was laughing so hard! and he actually saved it too!!! (how cute!...although im sure its in the trash now!)
i've been wanting to get tess a bathrobe for the longest for her bday but for some reason i was never able to find any at target around her bday in September so my sister stole my idea and got her this awesome adventure time one!
(too bad we didnt see the belt was missing! -.-)
she also got her an awesome batman phone case!
which is awesome because how often do you see a galaxy s3 case!?
i got my sis a sephora gift card!
tess got her some mac lipsticks (she's going through a make up phase!) and she wrapped em up like this!!!
i loooove it!
we had already stolen all the boxes outside (and that's saying something because amazon basically stores all their boxes at our house!)
i got these brushes at work for the white elephant xmas exchange so i wrapped em up and gave em to her because make up IS NOT my field. 
she was happy to say the least!
my mom and i had gone grocery shopping and all the cupcake mixes were $.99 so i bought her like 17 of em. as a gift i also bought her a cupcake holder because she was always buying those bakery boxes so as a joke i wrapped her 3 boxes and had her open that before the holder!
it was awesome!
my sister gave me this make up bag! (even though i was there when she bought it!) 
i already have a make up bag that im super attached too so im using this as my "purse" right now!
im over the large side bad because i always end up gathering junk no matter how often i clean it out and im always saying meow so this works out puuuuur-fectly! (hehehe!)
the next day mom gave us our gifts. 
tess, my sis and i all got uber warm blankets!
i just love how she wrapped it!
....then Sunday 12/29 i get home from work to see this!:( 
its dead and out! o well.
we did have it up since before thanksgiving so its safe to say that it lived as long as it could! im going to miss watering it all the time and now the living room is all huge!
i loooove real trees but this has me rethinking the whole fake tree deal!

Christmas was great!
and now new years (okay my birthday!!!) is up next! cant wait to see what 2014 brings!!!

thanks for reading! <3

Last Snapshot Sunday of 2013!!!

the last snapshot Sunday of 2013!!! :')
(and here's the very first!...oh man I'm cracking up!)
the reason behind the snapshot Sunday series was based on the 365 project. (first heard of it here!)  basically you take a picture every day for an entire year and you reflect on it when the year is over. 
since i didn't keep up with blogging since i started in 2012 (bummer....all the books missed!) i decided to start this up when i did pick blogging back up this year. 
since Ive started in august I've posted about 190 pictures (give 2 or 5) that's not bad! although, i did do 10 pictures every post. 
my goal for 2014 is to post only 7 (10 if there's more as a bonus!), you know one for each day. 
i think that's going to be a little bit harder than this since these were taken sometimes 2 a day or more. 
any who, its Sunday, I'm at work and i keep thinking its some day in the middle of the week until i realize that its not and I'm like ooh no! snapshot Sunday is TODAY!!!

here are the last 10 pictures of 2013!!! :(
lily asher earrings!
gah! she had a flash sale on her instagram and i caved. 
i loved them! they're awesome earrings!
my new years resolution for 2012 will carry on in to 2014 with these babies!
my mom's Christmas gift to me (my sis and tessie got the same thing! ....she said it was so we wouldn't fight! lol...oh & she got my grama one too!). 
she got us a VERY warm blanket!
i just looooove how she wrapped it!
chonchies with her new collar. 
your now in the system son!
no more doing hoodrat shiz. 
...what am i talking about? 
i LOVE soup. 
some people can live with pizza, pasta, whatever. 
i can strictly live off of soup. 
what kind? mostly any kind!
pho, tofu, wonton. any kind!
im barely starting to recover my love for top ramen. 
my coworker traumatized me with that one and after years of being a faithful ramen girl, she scarred me. 
i LOVE hippos!!!!
i've had the pink one from ikea for years!!!
yesterday when i went to target to raid their leftover xmas stuff (yea i know! late!) and i found the green one. 
you have no idea how excited i was to have found pinky a partner to ride with in my car!
yes, i know! i am aware i need a life
{a} target does NOT mess around 
2013 ain't over and here's the 2014 v-day line. 
but i guess that's business!
{b} I've never been more sad in my life that i don't drink coffee!!!
i mean how cute it this cup!!!!!
i want!
this is proof of my multiple pictures a day theory!
i took this before i went to target. 
a bum must have left that on the freeway exit. 
its the smallest things that make me (& other people happy!)
i took this a while ago but i forgot to post. 
talk about being a HARDCORE Apple fan!!!!
my friend Franks was like "you don't see any droid fans doing that tho!!" (he's team apple)
i was like "no. droid fans are not that stupid!" 
(although lets face it....we're out there!)
my sister sent me this!
in the 34582 years that we've had Chester, i have NEVER seen him sit like this. 
apparently he does it all the time and this day he was doing it because he was staring at Chonch model by the window or something. 
dogs are something else!
i leave you with the cutest picture EVER!! (of lil' chris not big chris!)
he is the CUTEST THING EVER!!!
every time i see him i steal him from whoever has him!
this was both of them this christmas at my gramas!
theyre matching twins!!!!!
ahh! i just about died. 
jokingly i told my cousin he should've had a kid sooner because his fashion game has stepped up!
no more jeans and vans.
he's a dad!
when i got to my grama's i asked him "where's wendy?" and he stated that she was at her family's and that he was going to head over there in a bit to which i replied "she let you bring the baby by yourself!?"
"well, he's my kid too!" he replies. 
lol i didnt mean it in a bad way!
i was just thinking like if i were the mom id be attached to the kid 24/7/365.

well my frens! this is the last snapshot sunday for 2013.
it has been an amazing year!!!
and if i keep taking pictures the way i currently am im going to have to bite the bullet sooner and gets me a good camera!!!

2014 be kind to me woman!
lets do this!!!!

thank you for reading and taking the time to read my lovely lil' blog! <3

Merry Christmas 2013

its christmas eve and im barely posting pictures from around the house! eeek!
a very full (for us!) Christmas tree!
i cant wait for people to open some of their gifts.
this year was a "bought this because i saw you needed this" kind of deal. 
at least from me.
i made (as if it isnt obvious!) these Christmas light bulbs myself. as well as the merry Christmas. i intended to do a diy but i fell behind and well its a bit late now but basically, i printed a light bulb template and made them out of felt and i hung them with green string. 
i know they're uneven but i was just over hanging them up. 
it was a stupid mission.
i know its way early but im thinking of making some for next year to sell! for all sorts of holidays! 
(of course they will be made to look way better! all sewed and everything!)
garland from target // reindeer. trees. flakes from Michaels
i LOVE this pine cone thingamabober. i got it at michaels for like $7. i bought it on sale for 1/2 off. 
i love it!
the "happy holidays" letters are from target. i got the idea from Mallory. i added that last minute. 
i actually made these wreath last year but i finally bought the holder thing this year so its now proudly hanging outside our door!. gotta love yarn for all its purposes. 
and of course the Christmas lights!

i know i've said this before and ill most likely say  it again but 2013 was a great year. 
this year was truly a good year from all the birthdays to concerts to just trips and the friends and all. 
this lady that works with me (not coworker because she's from a different company!) asked me what i was asking for for Christmas and all i said was "everyone's healthy everyone's great!" and before i was done she said "you're awesome you know that! not a lot of people say that!"
im glad! (:

from the bottom of my heart to my 6 followers and several readers i want to say thank you!
you guys are awesome. 
thanks for taking the time to read. 
happy holidays to you and yours and i hope this holiday season is full of nothing but love and family. 

i cant wait for 2014. 
if 13 was great then 14 will be even better! a blast. 

to all: 

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays.

thank you for taking the time to read! 

this & that

1. this is awesome! shoes based on exes!
this one has to be my favorite if only because of the name of it.
how eerie that its the same name as a main character in this book that i read! :o
(Rachael seems freaking scary as well!)
Holy smokes.....that easy!?

3. a picture...whaaaat!?
i love this picture of Shannon!
still a ways to go! <3
(original post)
4. Whaaaat!? i have died and gone to donut ornament heaven!

5. i love this
what a sweet little story!
although, me personally, i dont think i could have given up the house!

6. this is how you know im from california. 
it drops to 60 and im in my coat, scarf, gloves and pants. 
grace is over here in a dress, tights and a cardigan. 
i love it!

7. eye see you!
cute random wrapping paper

8. i've said it before and ill say it again!, but i truly admire Jen and her family!
they are just the cutest things out there!

8. oh Wendy, once again, you make me fall in love! (:

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