this & that

the last this & that of 2013!
Greatest year of my liiife!!!!
1} I already have my $1 calendar from target but this lil gem seems tempting!
2} I think hers is the only season of show she was on that I somewhat caught.  Her birth story is the cutest! She keeps it reals! Welcome to the world Charlie! ♥
3} everyone is posting their Christmas stories and its the best!
I have to get mine up ive just been sooo busy at work! (Katie, Rachel, Hope, Rachel & Jen)

(has since been posted!)
4} I love these photographs of Shannon & her hubs!
5} this is awesome! Cardboard boxes put to good use.
Ive yet to see the video but the pictures are awesome!
6} good use for contact paper! Maaaaaaybe just change it up a bit. (Or use it for next year)
7} I dont care for Miley or her millions or just anything about her in general but I looooove the way this article was written.

Lol twerk on a bear in peace!
8} ive said it before and ill say it again, Jen's family is thee cutest!

Other things to be happy/love/all:

1} at the nail salon waiting. There's an older girl and her younger sister next to me.
the little one goes "why do you have 375 followers and only get likes 5 likes on your pictures? " 
I found this highlarious!
Reminds me of my sister. 
(Okay now she's just working my nerves.  She doesnt shut up. She keeps asking for things and doesnt wana use her money.  brat!)
Her sister got a text from some guy,
"Who's rene?"....."can I text him for you?"....."if you dont have anything to hide from me then youll let me text him!"
"Give me your instagram password now!"

2} working with my mom! She's a joke!

3} scrambled eggs with cream cheese bagel & coffee. My current obsession!!!

4} its my birthday tomorrow.
its also new years, but you know, whatever!  ;)

5} the fact thats its my bday tomorrow but Honda has already called to wish me a happy birthday. my friend chonch bought me ice cream, and my friend dan has already texted me saying happy birthday (because he wanted to be the first!)
i feel so loved

6} postal pix!, i love you!!!!
my pictures, the last set of 2013 arrived on the last day of 2013! 

7} i just got paid $10 to ride around in a car for....not lyft but the opposite (?) or another company like lyft! (dont want to list it so i went get a friend in if its possible, i know. but still!) woohoo!

its shaping up to be a nice one!

goodbye 2013. 
welcome 2014!
thanks for reading!

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