Hello December!!!!

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how is it almost over!?! 
yep! December his here and before you know it, it will be January. 2067.
no keeding. 

now that thanksgiving is over its time to bust out the Christmas decorations (if you have not yet) and get in the spirit!!
all my stuff, tree-decorations-lights, have been up since before thanksgiving!
im still working on some diy's and i know Christmas isnt EVEN NEAR being over here but im already thinking up a storm of things to do next year! (slow down les!!!! enjoy the moment!)

currently listening to Capital Cities trying to find at least ONE person to go with me to see them for new years eve going on to new years but most importantly, my birthday!!!!
i never do anything so now that this is up for grabs, i want to gooo!!!!!!!

any who, here's to December. 
lets end 2013 with a bang and get ready to welcome 2014 with an even bigger one!!! :D

thanks for reading! (:

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