Humans Of New York by Brandon Stanton

  • source
  • ISBN-13: 978-1250038821
  • release date: 2013
  • read: over a weekend. 

i love this book!
photography is SUCH a beautiful thing and Brandon delivers.

i was hesitant on purchasing this book i dont know why but then he announce on IG that he was having a black Friday sale on B&N and Amazon i quickly headed over to B&N and got it for like $10. 

i think i was hesitant based on the comments on Amazon. 
a lot of people were saying that the blog is better and the book was kind of a let down. 
i am here to say that that was NOT my case. 
....buuuuut thats just me. 

yes in the blog, or even on IG, he is way more detailed with stories. 
in a lot of these he usually just writes "seen in...." but the ones that do detail stories are really good!
and even if, just the photography itself man.
 its worth it. 
i love New York. 

ive only been to NYC once and i went with school for literally only like 3 hrs. we walked on the side of central park, ate at some fancy burger joint, and drove through time square where low and behold we got in a car accident. 
good ol' new york!
ever since then its been my mission to go back and this book is just that perfect reminder that its a must that i go!
hawaaii? naah
paris? naah

my opinion on deciding whether you should purchase or not is simple: go to b&n or where ever you buy your books and look at it. skim through it. sit down and read it.
dont let other peoples comments make your decision for you. 
(I LOVED THIS BOOK!!!!) he-he
perfect cofffee table book!

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