this & that

1. this is soo cute!!!!
who wants one for their birthday!!??

2. Paul Walker, you will be missed ♥

3. Bathroom re-do aaay? how about any wall in any room! :)

5. i love Jen Lula's blog! shes suuuuch a cutie and her family is just beautiful!
i geek out at the fact that im hoping one day i might get to meet her!
"celebrities"? naah!
bloggers! YES!

other things to be thankful/laugh about.

-the Macklemore & Ryan Lewis show last night!
talk about up front!
i touched RYAN!!!!! ahhh!!! (more on that coming soon!)

-having 2 glorious days off of work in the middle of the week!
i will ALWAYS prefer to have 2 weekdays off versus the weekend.
i feel that (as if i have a life) its easier to get stuff done during the week while everyone's at work.

-my mom.
this weather is cooold!
(yes i am in california and i am aware its WAAAAY  colder in other areas but I'm still cold!)
were currently fixing/switching rooms so she's rooming with me.
she's the perfect cuddle buddy!

--just a random thought.
im currently watching what not to wear.
theyre doing the top 10 fashion resistant list.
a lot of the women on there are saying that they dont dress up because they feel that they're not confident in themselves.
i agree that dressing yourself is a great way to style yourself and show what youre all about.
but i also agree that if youre not comfortable in your own skin, you are not going to shine through your clothes and how you present yourself.
i can agree because i have no sense of style myself.

-tomorrow is Friday and BOOM!
2 more days off!!

im going to start loading up the M&RL concert pics.
it's A LOT of them!

thank you for reading!, 

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