2016; a year in books

just like that, its December 1st the weird year that was 2016 is ALMOST over. 

(and by the time this is published, 2017 is basically a few short days/hours away!)

last year i got invested in my goodreads challenge and completed 25 out of 15 books! 

...which is how i got my goal of 25 book this year. 

I'm still debating how many books i want to set my goal at for next year. i don't want to compete against this years goal (currently 37 and at the time of this post, could still change) but i also don't want to put a low number that i know i can easily surpass. (and yes i know i can ultimately change it as the year progresses but shush.) 

anyway, before i get into that dilemma, i wanted to do a recap on all of the books i read this year JUST like i did last year and see how i feel about them now that x amount of time has passed. 

(i have NO idea why my post is being spaced out that way!!! sorry!)

A: Dean Koontz
R: 12-11-2015 to 1-11-2016
NOW: i think it trips me out still. i LOVE DK. he's my favorite author. this one reminds me a little bit about Tic Toc which was the first book of his i ever read. but as much as i said i liked it then, it doesn't drive me as crazy now. 

A: Kim Holden
R: 1/13-15/2016
NOW: i still get mushy over it. I'm a sucker for love stories. it had a "sad" ending. but i mean she made everyone freaking happy. i can't hate on that. ahh! all of the tears at 1 am 

3. GUS
A: Kim Holden
R: 1/19-20/2016
NOW: it was nice to find closure to all of the characters that met with Bright Side in the first book. loved it. still feel the same as i first did. 

A: Amber Tozer
R: 1/22-25/2016
NOW: from what i remember, its her recovery from drugs and alcoholism (maybe just alcoholism). it further confirmed my fear in involvement in drugs but i do remember loving her writing. 
SPECIALLY the letter at the end. 
i loved how she retold some of her stories specially because now a days, you can't do the dumb shit everyone did back then. we don't live in that world anymore. 

A: Elizabeth Kata
R: 1/25-26/2016
NOW: to this day, i think this is the most shocking book I've read this year. 
not because ahh! (idk how to explain it) but because, fuck! everything went so wrong for her. 
she tried helping someone and it backfired on her. 
and it wasn't even until after i was done that i was like "OH SHIT, THAT'S WHAT HAPPENED!???"
loved this book. loved it, loved it. 

A: Drew Barrymore
H: 12/2015 to 2/4/2016 
NOW: i heard this on audible because i had free credits. i think if i would have read this i might have felt differently about it. i might have read it faster, i might have loved it more. but i do remember there being a few chapters that i absolutely loved. 
i might give this another try in another lifetime if its at the right price. 

A: Lori Lansens
R: 2/6-8/2016
NOW: i checked this out from the library and i liked it so much that i went and bought it on my nook. 
i actually went to the Palm Springs tram that they mention in the story and it was pretty awesome to see the scenery it took place in. i still love the little plot twist in the end. 
still love this book

A: Liz Tuccillo
R: 2/15-19/2016
NOW: still LOVE the movie more than the book and will always advise you to watch vs read. and i still think the book was freaking negative AF!
i still stand by my "how the heck did they make a movie out of this book" thoughts. 

A: Jojo Moyes
R: 2/20-25/2016
NOW: still like this book. AND I ALSO LOVED THE MOVIE!!!!!! they left out 1 major element but it in no way took away from the movie. 
definitely recommend you read the book and watch the movie. 

A: Jojo Moyes
R: 2/26 to 3/17/2016
NOW: apparently i loved it because when it picked up, IT FINALLY PICKED UP. but now that time has passed i think we would have all been okay without book #2. but i guess i liked it then. 
hhmmmm, time is a mysterious thing. 

A: Camielle Pagan
R: 3/21-22/2016
NOW: as of now, this book doesn't really ring a bell to me. i remember reading it and apparently i liked it because it was good but then got me mad. so it made me feel things. 
i just don't think it made that much of an impact if i cant really remember it without reading what i wrote. so i guess it was good for an at the moment read but not for a lifetime read. 

A: Fionnuala Kearney
R: 3/18 to 4/8  2016
NOW: JESUS ADAM!!!!!! how many secrets can a person freaking have? i mean, obviously we all know a lot but this book!
i liked it then for $2. still like it now. 

A: R.S. Grey
R: 4/19/2016
NOW: i mean, i read it in a day. i wish i could still remember what it was about but unfortunately, i don't without reading what i first wrote. i have read a couple of her other books (well, 1 anyway) and i think i see why people say they didn't like this one. i guess its because its more YA vs her other books that are more adult because of sexual content and more kinda romance but like they start with the couple that ends up together hating each other.
ya know what, this book was effin good. pick this one up before any of her other ones. 

A: Sophie Kinsella
R: 4/17-23/2016
NOW: this book is the reason that i created my rating system (AND I FREAKING HATE RATING SYSTEMS!!!) i gave it a 2 then, but now that I've "tweaked" it a bit, I'd give it a 1. 
i think i have anger towards this book because a) it was compared to Where'd You Go Bernadette and honestly, that comparison is a slap to the face to WYGB and b) because i spent money on the effin' book and nothing sucks more than wasting money on a shitty book. 
"well Les, why didn't you get it from the library?" 
shush. don't tell me how to build my library.
and i mean, i didn't think I'd hate it at all. let alone that bad. 
the savior of this whole damn thing was Frank. 
if he had a book alone, I'd read it. i LOVED him.

A: Bonnie - Sue Hitchcock
R: 5/5-8/2016
NOW: ahh! apparently i loved it but it doesn't really stir much in me right now. and after reading the description i wrote...i still feel like i liked it but its not too crazy for me. 
but i mean i must love it if i want to buy a paperback copy later on life.  

A: R. S. Grey
R: 5/17-18/2016
NOW: this is the second book i read and i still prefer chasing spring to this book.
its a stand alone book in a series (weird. buts its a stand alone story with 2 other stories that take place in the same area but with completely different people.) 
this is the reason I'm glad i own a nook because i would have never been caught dead with that cheesy ass cover. 
i think i read it in a day because i had nothing to do at work but it was okay. for $.99 ill read a book from an author I've previously read. 
but also, i LOVE that this is part of what i originally wrote: 
"this is everything 50 shades should have been without the promise of what 50 shades was supposed to be. but this wasn't as graphic so its more like 23 shades or something."

A: Beatrice Sparks
R: 5/22-23/2016
NOW: still scared shit-less by this book. another reason to keep hella away from drugs. but if I'm being honest, i KINDA wanna re-read the ending right now because i cant believe it! all okay to throw it away. 

A: Morgan Matson
R: 5/30 to 6/23 2016
NOW: all i remember is that people can be great but then can still be a bag of dicks. i love that my thought now and the same thought then was that if you don't think about Kelly Clarkson when you read the title then you are missing out. 
apparently i really liked it. i can recall a little bit about it but it doesn't drive me crazy now.

A: Matteson Perry
R: 5/17 to 7/18/2016
NOW: i love books like these where a person will talk about their life experiences. i remember a couple of stories and those i did like but it doesn't stick out to me like crazy. 

A: Jenna Evans Welch
R: 7/19-20/2016
NOW: i remember some parts of it. but i do still feel love for it even if i cant remember much of it. 

A: Jenny Downham 
R: 8/4-16/2016
NOW: still don't care for it as much. I liked the grandma plot line but I didn't care for it then and I still don't care for it now.


A: Julie Buxbaum
R: 8/17-18/2016
NOW: I remember parts of it but I do remember actually loving this book!!!! eeek!
I liked that people aren't always exactly how they look like.


A: Shaun David Hutchinson
R: 8/19-23/2016
NOW: I remember a lot of the pain that Henry had to endure and I still like this book a lot. I actually love it. I have yet to purchase this book but i definitely want this in my personal library.


A: Eric Lindstrom
R: 8/24-28/2016
NOW: uhm, I wasn't crazy about this book. definitely glad I got this at the library.

A: Emily Henry
R: 8/29 to 9/3 2016
NOW: this was the book that ended my challenge and I'm so grateful that I ended my initial run with this. I was lost a bit in the beginning with this book but once I understood what it was about I loved it even more. I'm DEFINITELY buying this book when it comes out on paperback. and this was also the first and only book that I highly praised and didn't recommend. I think you should come to this book on your own.


A: Emma Straub
R: 9/7-11/2016
NOW: a lot of this book got me mad. and just like then, I still don't really care for it.
how you gon' do what you did and then just walk away?


A: Camille Perri
R: 9/12/2016
NOW: still love it. can't wait to own a copy of this because I flagged basically every page!


A: Steven Rowley
R: 9/13-25/2016
NOW: I think this was the biggest let down for me book wise. it got so much high praise on and all over IG and it just didn't resonate with me. I'm not saying its not a good book it just wasn't for me. I really wanted to love this book more than I didn't.

A: Liz Kay
R: 9/28 to 10/4 2016
NOW: I still like it but it doesn't strike an OMG chord with me. I'm okay with having gotten this at the library


A: Paula Garner
R: 10/6-12/2016
NOW: LOVED IT!!!! I love that it was a love story (YA read) I love that it was from a dudes point of view and I love that Otis was still team Dara even when he got the girl. but I also loved how it shows that one accident can ruin peoples lives in very different ways.

(definitely have to buy this for my personal library!) 


A: Shari Lapena
H: 10/17-18/2016
NOW: LOVED IT!!!! another book I cant wait to buy. ahh! twist after twist!

(definitely have to buy this for my personal library!) 


A: Amy Schumer
H: 10/20-24/2016
NOW: this was literally about 2 months ago and I already forgot what I heard. but I think that has to do with the fact that I was extremely busy. but it did have its funny moments.

A: Georgia Clark

R: 10/24-28/2016
NOW: this wasn't a bad book. it was funny when it was it just pissed me off that it was bad to do one thing EXCEPT for when that certain thing benefited anyone of them. so I guess the book did what it was supposed to do. this was a library read so I guess that's why I'm not so mad about it.  

A: Laura Young
R: 11/4/2016
NOW: this was a suuuper quick read. I read it on a trip to B&N. its mostly pictures with very little stories. but this book made me realize that I might have more in common with a raccoon than I thought....starting indoor, entire house, pool parties. lol

A: Sally Thorne
R: 11/8-13/2016
NOW: still love it. kind wanna buy the international version because i love the cover. but overall this was a cheesy ass love story and i loved every second of it!


A: Nicola Yoon
R: 11/13-17/2016
NOW: i love this woman. i always freaking will. i loved this book. i loved that this book will also probably be murdered as a movie. 
i think i can honestly say that i will be buying every single book this woman writes. 
its cheesy YA teenage love stories that she writes and i don't care. I'll yell it loud! I'm buying all of her books!


A: Eileen Cook
R: 11/20-28/2016
NOW: still don't care for it. i feel like this was another hyped-ish book and well, ugh.
the main chick Jill or whatever pissed me off.  

38. Landline
A: Rainbow Rowell
R: 12/4-11/2016
NOW: Neal is still a dick. this book still breaks my heart because i wanted to love it and i did a bit but overall if this were real life (minus the phone of course) i think that's a shitty way to feel / live in a marriage. 

i'm still reading a book but there's no way ill finish it before the new year. 

i mean, i can but i'm not even going to try too.
overall, i think i did pretty freaking great!
i read a lot!

i also started following a crap load of bookstagram accounts and i learned that as much as i want my own library, i want a quality one (one that works for me. I'm not judging yours or anyone's reads) with books that i love and will eventually re-read.
all those bookshelfies that have a loooot of books kinda scared me. i don't want to have books that i don't love and after reading Finding Audrey, that solidified my decision to finally get my book buying shiz together.
going to look into donating that book and others that don't make me happy to my local library.
....but if you want to see a home library that i did fall in love with, look no further.

as much as i read, there were a few that i gave up on.


Elise's words really stuck with me. life is too short to read something you don't like.
i gave those above as much time as i could make it buuut eventually, i just couldn't. 
i still have 2 on my currently reading pile that ill hopefully get (read: get the courage) to finish sometime in 2017 but overall, i cant wait for the stories that are waiting to be read in the new year. 

if you read all of that, THANKS!!!!
if ya didn't its all good. i cant really blame ya. 

but i do want to wish you all, a happy 2017!!!!
nothing, personally to me, horrible happened so i cant really hate on 2016 but i think just as a part of humanity, 2016 took a crap on all of us, sooo let's just forget it happened!

thanks for reading a bit of my blog this year. 
thanks for the comments and the love! 

cant wait to see you next year! 😘💋😚😽

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landline // rainbow rowell

published: 2015 // St. Martin's Griffin
pages: 239 (ebook. not counting the discussion pages) 
isbn: 9781250049544
read: 12/4-11/2016
rating: 1) didn't care for it 2) liked it 3) LOVED IT

SYNOPSIS (amazon)

As far as time machines go, a magic telephone is pretty useless.
TV writer Georgie McCool can't actually visit the past -- all she can do is call it, and hope it picks up.
And hope he picks up.
Because once Georgie realizes she has a magic phone that calls into the past, all she wants to do is make things right with her husband, Neal.
Maybe she can fix the things in their past that seem unfixable in the present. Maybe this stupid phone is giving her a chance to start over ...
Does Georgie want to start over?


Neal takes the girls and just bounces to Omaha after Georgie tells him that she needs to stay to work on her (finally) big break of a show. 
Neal's had enough and just leaves with the girls. 
i mean, can you do that in a marriage!?  (i mean yes? right? no?)
yes the tickets were bought and plans were made buuut can you!? CAN YOU!? no i'm really wondering.

anyway, so Georgie makes Neal seem like he's about the best thing in the world. 
but the whole entire times hes just a big grumpy, anti fun walking human. 
(and not only that but the way she talks about the way she thinks he feels about being married to her. eeesh.)
I've never in my (reading) life came across someone so Neal like (cant even think of a proper noun) and I've read harry potter! but in that sense, he's also a really caring human towards her when he does show emotion and their kids. (rare AF)

so anyway, he's pissed at G and leaves and then doesn't call her and ignores all of her calls that entire week. 
his reasoning was that his phone was dead (but alive enough to let Alice play with it.) 

so she's all depressed and goes to her moms house and decides to call him from her old yellow phone. 
and for some reason that phone connects her to her old (young) Neal. 
and never in the entire book is it noted how or why this happens.
was she going crazy? did she have some hallucinatory drugs? was she in a coma? was it a long weird ass dream? i don't freaking know. 

it was never said they were getting divorced but for some reason at her mothers house it was all they could talk about. how'd she be fine no matter what. always making it seem that Neal had left her. 

then there's the matter of her best friend Sean (i think. i already forgot and I'm too lazy to go back and look so lets call him that.) 
they've been best friends since before Neal came into the picture but hes always been anti-Sean. 
for a moment, it seems like they're supposed to be together but of course hes a womanizer and he doesn't realize that they should have ended up together til she's falling apart because of her marriage. 
and even then, it was all...anti-climatic. 

just thoughts on the book itself
(but this review is the tits!) 

i haven't even started to write out my shiz and I'm already like "just go to the link above. says what i already feel i didn't. 

so, this book. 
i purchased it by complete accident. 
see, i meant to purchase (I THIIINK) attachments but somehow forgot what it was called and thouught it was this one because attachments is something about office and emails and the phone on the cover reminded me of an office setting. 
basically, i confused liked the cover. 

it took me a while to realize that i bought the wrong one. it wasn't until i read that Georgie was married that i was like shit. how can an office romance start when one is married!!? i don't want to read about infidelity. and then i read the description and i was like "lol les. thats how."

okay okay. 
so this story.....
this is the second rainbow book i read and i think (in my personal opinion) that her style is to build ya up up UP to just...leave you with an empty feeling full of nothingness. whiiich, what does that even mean!? 
i don't see why people love her writing so much. 
maybe because you know not to expect what you think you'll get at the end. 
i don't know. I'm still up in the air about her. 
i still want to read attachments but i think after that I'm done. 

i know its "fake" AND that it's "just" a book but like how do you not even try to explain? 
and what even ends up happening. 

i don't know. 
i do know that i think im done reading for the year. 
i cant handle anymore fake stress. 

but ill leave ya with a few things i DID like. 

"whether its enough. How does anyone know whether love is enough?" ....
"just because you love someone...that doesnt mean your lives will fit together." G pg 135

(my personal favorite) 
Georgie was pretty sure that having kids the worst thing you could do to a marriage. 

any-who, im over this. 
....and also, why is it that once again, im more in love with the sibling than the actual main character!?

thanks for reading!
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