Justin Timberlake pt 2

like i said, a million pictures. 
im glad to get them up here because for some reason im antsy with having 1000 pictures on my phone. 
im not a fan of it. 
im weird, i knoow!

any who, guys! if you haven't, if you decided "im never going to go see this guy!" STOP being dumb!
this man is AMAZING. he can definitely put on a show!
ive seen him before this and i will see him again!
like i mentioned, we had really great seats (i know you cant tell by the pics but truuust me!)
here are a few pictures i managed to snap!
the beginning! 
(i forgot what song. curse you horrible memory!!!!!)

Justin Timberlake pt1 {11.26.13}

(o god, im the woohoo girl! -.-)

any who, we FINALLY went to see Justin Timberlake in concert (again).  Originally it was supposed to be Jaydeen, Danny & I but Dan has a grown up job that allows him to travel so he was in New York while we were stuck here in LA watching Justin (le sigh, we can't win them all!) 
so i gave the extra ticket to Gladys because she's a total babe, a dope ass mother and an awesome friend. 
who deserves it better!? 

here are some pictures of my rabbit looking face and my hot ass friends! (and a crap load of Justin on another post because you know, i took a million!!!!!!) 
my baby momma Gladys. 
WHAT a hottie! 
meanwhile i look like a rabbit! -.-
me // jay // gladys
Jay didnt want a drink (she was already hopped up on meds) so gladys gave her hers and she was like "here hold mine so you dont look like a loser!" ahhahahah i was laughing hard!!!
we got sweet seats!!! holy crap! 
i mean yes, i could be front row and yes i love you JT but $1,500....no zanks!
because i took a million pics im going to put up another post. 

Thanksgiving 2013 ♥

(for this (pardon my french!) bitchin' app FINALLY being out for Droid!!! and the day before thanksgiving!? thanks ladies!) 

sentimental post #3!

woohoo thanksgiving is here and how quick was that? next up is christmas! i cannot wait! but okay back to this thankful holiday! 
theres a lot to be thankful about. 
you may not have it all; a brand new car, an awesome huge house, all the money in the world but you have something to get you around, a place to live and means to get you by. 
and most importantly family!
now i know the definition of family is different for everyone but so long as you have someone who loves you unconditionally the way you love them, they you are already rich! 
money wont buy you happiness and love; at least not the real kind. 

below are people (and furry friends) i am most thankful for this wonderful year:
Leila bear & Jack in the box! 
these were our outside babies. they are no longer with us. 
they are now in homes that can provide for them better then we ever could and for that i am grateful. 
as much as we all loved them, when you truly love someone its always whats best for them that will always work out in the long run.
so thank you to the families who were able to take them in and are now proving for them!
i hear Leila is off to Hawaii!  (for vacation)
friggin Hawaii!!!
man this guy kills me. he is THEE fanciest dog i have ever met. 
he sits with his bottom legs crossed. 
he lays with his front legs crossed out in front of him.
he wont pee anywhere UNLESS there is a rug, a shirt or a plastic bag. 
he barks at everything/everyone/me super annoyingly. 
love this punk!
before i started this post we had our thanksgiving meal! (: (full tummies are the best)
20 minutes later i tried getting her to give her a hug and she attacked the crap out of my finger. 
this lil punk sent me to the hospital earlier this year after she attacked my lip and busted it open. 
i have a pretty bad ass scar (always look at the positive side) and a sweet (sarcasm at its finest) hospital bill to pay because of her. 
she's our first and definitely my baby even though she'd rather shower then let me hug her.
whatever bitch.  
the planned child in the family. 
this kid drives me nuts. i want to strangle him 1000% of the time but i dont want to go to jail so i just suck it up and do arts and crafts. 
he amazes me with his smartness and the subjects he talks to me about sometimes. 
(i cant believe im getting teary eyed writing this!) 
hes the most sweetest thoughtful guy ever (when he's not cursing us out). he has a heart of gold and the woman who ends up marrying him (when hes 75 according to my mom) will be a lucky woman or a stressed out one. depends on how you look at it!
just keeeding. 
love ya bro!
"do you mind if i use this picture?" -me
"no its okay, no one reads your blog." -sister
(not counting me! yes i follow myself! gota support yoself you know!)
this chicken right here. 
maaaaan! she's definitely my fathers daughter. her temper, holy bahjesus!
im proud of her for graduating, for being so enthusiastic about going to college!, for getting a job finally and looking like she really enjoys it, for being real with me (see reference above!) and for just being my sister. 
there is no one else i would want for that job!
(old pic sorry! actually most all are lol)
we met back in 2007/2008? back when we were both working together. 
of all my coworkers, she was the one i kept in touch with frequently. 
she now lives with us and i am thankful for her because she has helped us a lot in our home. 
she kicks ass and she can cook like no other. 
she puts up with my brother and his video games and all that crap and shes happy to do it. 
good because unless its spyro or winnie the pooh for the ps1, im clueless!
i admire her for being a tough lil cookie!
and since she's come in to our lives she's been like another sister to us. 
sorry tess, your stuck with us as your fam. 
you had your chance to run away!
my mother. 
man this woman. 
what is there to say. 
i love her because of her humor. she is truly the definition of a joke. 
she makes me laugh so hard when she talks in her spanglish!
shes the most caring person ever. 
she has done everything to help us and keep us home and make sure that even though its not always all the time, that we are happy. 
i love her to death. 
i may have not been the best daughter growing up but that was just my stupid teenage phase. she's always been there for me and even though there's times that i want to strangle her too (the whole fam in fact....if you dont feel this often, in my opinion you dont love hard enough!). 
im thankful that she's MY (and siblings. i guess i have to share!) mother! 
i know i tell her all the time that if i could choose my parents i would chose Ricky Martin but i wouldn't trade her or the world! (maybe the world and Jupiter!) 
i love her and im glad she's mine. 
my mom kicks ass!

im also thankful for all the people in my life that i can call friends. 
im thankful for this wonderful year, another day of life and all the opportunities i get.
im thankful that i get to do this blog even if it seems so little. 
i love it all. 

i want to wish you all (who read this!) a happy thanksgiving. 
my stats show me that some people read and i do have 4 (yippie!!!) followers so you 4, just know you kick ass! you're awesome!
thank you for taking some time to read!
i love you all! (jaydeen i know you're one!) 

i hope you all have a GREAT amazing thanksgiving!
spend it with family and friends and furry little ones. 

thank you for reading!
love always, 

This & that

1. This is real people! Xmas IS just around the corner!

2. Way to go lady! this is how you handle something so big with grace!

3. Support your kids!  Don't ever abandon them! ♥

4. WHY am i barely seeing this!??? more pumpkin decorating ideas!!!! im going through a donut phase and these are just beautiful!!!!!!!
5. speaking of donuts!, ill take the dozen! (my birthday is coming up after all. ;D
(for an s3. hint hint!)
6. donut balloons people!!! its a thing!!!!!
who wants em for their birthday!?
7. the a beautiful mess app is available for Droid now!!!
(best believe i bought it and all the in app purchases!)


other things to laugh/be thankful about: 

-my brother! -.-
my moms wasnt able to cook last night so she bought us pizza. 
he killed box and a half with angel.
i get home from work and im looking for a slice. 
he has 3 left. i grab one and he yells at me because its for his friend kay. 
he literally almost had a heart attack and angel turned white as a ghost. 
i just saw on instagram that tessie bought them a whole 5 course domino's meal!
screw you ant. 

it was amaazing!!!!!! 
seats were great, drinks were great, company was great, the man himself was GREAT!!!!
more on that coming soon!!!!

-tomorrow is thanksgiving!

-next week im off 2 days in a row!
best thing:  its the MACKLEMORE & RYAN LEWIS concert!!!

thank you for reading! (:

One Day: New York

"Saw this book store and had to go in to take a pic for you :) its a chandelier in the middle."

i love it when friends send me pictures or messages of anything book related. 
i love that i'm known for that!

Danny is currently in NYC (lucky!!!) and the fact that he took all of 2 seconds to send me this is sweet!
one day i will go back to NYC and spend a day searching and loving nothing but books!!!


DIY: Birthday Banner

as i had posted earlier, for Dylan's Birthday i created a happy birthday banner after his mother asked me to make him one. 
originally she wanted a mickey mouse shaped one but i wasnt diggin' the whole "make a million circles' deal so i came up with something different!

since Mickey is black, white and yellow i decided to go based off of that and this is what i came up with!!!

i printed the letters from mr.printables.com on stock paper for sturdiness and then they sat for a day.
before i colored Dylan's name i made the happy birthday banner. 
i cut the circles with a tool i bought at Daiso Japan (similar here), waited for a day and while i was at work BOOM! the idea came to me in regards on to how to do the letters. 
i bought a tiny hole puncher at michael's and i decided happy would be red and birthday would be yellow!
hence the idea was born!
once i cut the circles, i was originally gluing the dots one by one and then decided: "let me try a different method!" hence, this idea was born. 
i had intended the tummies of the letters to stay empty but that quickly was shot down due to the glue getting everywhere when traced.
in the end it looks better all covered up.
for D's name my sister kept insisting that i paint them and i was hesitant since i wasnt sure how it would hold up. 
it did surprisingly well. 
i painted two coats of black let them dry over night and the next day uidid the bottom half red. 
(if you notice on the Y, you can see the tape. unfortunately i thought of painting them after i had tapped them but the good thing is the tape took the paint..even though its noticeable.)
i had yellow paper left over so i punched the necessary dots and glued them on.
easy peasy!  
for the pom poms i decided to go with white to tie it all together and since i had not used it anywhere else, it seemed fit!

Once it was all assembled, i just taped everything to black yarn. 
for the pom pom balls (makers bought at michaels or here) i just taped the edge of the yarn, made it pointy and ran it through the middle of the pom pom. 

the final placement // result!
looooved it!

materials needed: 
-pom pom makers (i bought both packets --diff sizes-- but i used the yellow one in the packet listed)
-printable letters (if you chose to go that route)
-yarn of your color
-paper of your color 
-glue sticks 
-small hole punch (i got mine at michaels for a buck. this one is pricey)

i believe that is all. 
sorry i wasnt more detailed in the pictures. 
if you have any questions, feel free to let me know and ill help as much as i can. 

thanks for reading!!!

Snapshot Sunday

if ever there was a reason to go back to this game....this is it!
how do you even get negative followers. they requested me and every time i'd hit follow it become negative. of course i would stop at 14! ;)
i miss my leila bear! :(
but she's in a better home and i know she's with people who can provide for her more than we were able too.
so this happened!
its fanny (funny), during Halloween EVERYONE was all up on Christmas.
now that its Thanksgiving, which is way closer to Christmas, everyone has a heart attack if you even mention xmas because we havent celebrated thxgvn yet! 
if anything these two holidays (to me) correlate more than anything else!  
she started scratching my sisters door like crazy at 4/5 am and of course i am the only one that hears it. 
i get up, let her out,lay back down only to hear her trying to get in to the trashcan! 
i had work at 8. 
leaving to work i find her like this. 
beyond comfortable!
kids these days! 
spying on me later on while i do arts & crafts!
see, i didnt lie when i said i didnt cook. 
thanksgiving 2013. 
its all gon' change. 
go big or go home (to your gramas so you can have some decent turkey because god know's im guna mess mine up somehow!)
my brother's spanglish is NO joke. 
this message is supposed to say: "i am going to be in my friends house mom. i have a ride home. love you." 
if youre bilingual, youre cracking up!

cruisin the streets. not a care in the world. 
in this previous post, you can see that i had a baby blue frame with chalk paint to jot down notes. 
its safe to say, it wasnt used much. sooo it got replaced. 
i made this board based on Anne's version (two diff links) this is the super baby version obviously. 
i follow her on IG and when she moved she mentioned that she was parting with some things. 
i mentioned to her that i was interested the board but she stated she was keeping it. 
im still holding out!
and yes i knoooow i can make it but le sigh, i want her's! 
(i had seen another version as well which is where i got the studs idea.) 
on another note: my coworker Joe lent me his staple gun so i reinforced it more and i added the little pink looking ears because originally, it only laid horizontally and hanging it was a bitch! so i fixed it and now its up and going!
what i love about it is...it currently holds most of the stuff that went down 2013. 
this yeas was amazing to say the least!

aaand just because!
isnt she a beauty!
i love decorating!!!
and the diy's i have coming up!

Keepin' it real

its confession time!
its about to get real here. 
(sorry because it's kind of long, so thank you in advance to those who actually read the whole thing. i love you!) 

okay, so, i started this blog i believe about 2 years ago this upcoming January however, i did not keep up with it. going back to this June, i decided to get back to it and so far its probably one of the best decisions i've made this year. 

my purpose for blogging is simple; to write about the books that i read (because im an avid reader) in order to keep better tracking of them. as some of you may know, im a HUGE Dean Koontz fan. ive easily read over 80 of his titles but i have a horrible memory. REALLY horrible....

i used to hate reading. 
before 9th grade (11 years now?) i remember probably picking up a book here and there but it wasnt until then that i was "forced" (15 mins at the beginning of english class) to read. 
the first book i ever picked up was Tick Tock by Dean Koontz that i bought at Target.
this purchase was based solely on the cover and the summary of the story. 
i had never heard of Dean Koontz before then but i can definitely tell you that i have never and will never look back. 

i ventured here and there with different authors but it wasnt until i bought my very first nook (og status, none of that light up in the dark, super fancy skinny, high tech with apps, the screen is all black and white and i need a side light to use it) that i truly jumped in to this world of reading. it started with Amanda Hoking's My Blood Approves series (at this time in my life i kept accidentally purchasing series. how did i not catch that? i dont know!), to several other authors and it just expanded from there. i can honestly say that within 2-3 years, ive wandered around with several different authors and my love for reading has grown immensely more than i ever thought possible. 

from Dean Koontz (all his books are purchased physically, i will never purchase them via nook. books > nooks), to Amanda Hocking, to Jill Mansell, John Green and that's just to name a few. 

i know, i know. besides Dean Koontz, they're  all mostly just young adult writers but that's the best thing. Everyone has their own taste and for now this is whats working for me. i'm just glad i have something to read that i absolutely love.   

i hope that for those of you who do take the time to read my blog stumble upon something that you find to be amazing. a book that holds your heart and you don't want to put down. 
reading is a beautiful thing!
it takes you in to a world that you would have never imagined yourself (unless you read your own published work. or someone stole your writing. sorry dude, but if i read it chances are i loved it!) and it just ahh!
it takes over you!
i cant tell you how many times I've fallen in love with characters and have had my heart broken at the end just because our journey is over (unless it's a trilogy, then it takes a bit longer!) 

seems like im really attached huh? 
when you find something you love, you don't spend anytime denying it. 

i couldnt have said it better myself.

with all that being said, a few years ago i noticed that i wasnt my usual self. 
i used to be a very happy, colorful outgoing person and then it changed. 
i can very well pin point it to the exact moment when it all turned but i wont mention that here. 
ive made my peace with it and ive let it go and as you all know karma works the way it works and well,  it worked. 
for a while i remember reading all over facebook (towards the end of the year of course), people saying that xxxx year was the best year ever and then they'd list a whole bunch of amazingness that happened to them and i was just like meh, thats cool. 
well, this year it all changed. 
i personally feel that i've, for the better, changed and this year was like a rebirth or something. you call it what you want. 
this year,  I HAVE LIVED!!!!
ive done so much, ive been places, ive done things that i've never done before. 
2013 has been one heck of a year!
so much that i decided to start documenting my life because moments are fleeting but memories are forever. and if you have a memory like mine then its time to start jotting them down because forever is like a 2 day span! (wah!)

so back in june i came back, i decided to make this happen even if its just for me. 
i read a lot of blogs (Rachel, Joleen, Jen and Emma & Elsie just to name of few) that besides being awesomely popular for their creativity and style have also dedicated some time aside to dedicate memories for the future. all of their kids will be able to look back and see all these memories and see what was and all the fun and just everything in general (look at me being all about the future!) and i wanted to have that as well. even if its just for me.
i may have not traveled outside the country or to another state but these are memories, birthdays, books, everything that i want to remember. 

okay, now for the last part. 

i believe you know, that a blog should reflect what youre all about and what you do and your interests and a cute layout NEVER hurts. 
so as i was doing research for a new layout because the basic blogger ones only go so far and im not that computer savvy,  i stumbled upon the lovely ever so wonderful Crissy from Candypow through her etsy store and well the rest is history! (like 24 hours old!) 
because of her i now have this awesomely amazing layout! its simple but to the point and i LOVE it!
she took my her vision, added a few of my touches and made it amazeballs!
i absolutely love it, its everything that i  have ever wanted that i could have never made myself. 
you better believe im that much more proud of my blog!
i know its still 2013 but this was a gift to myself because if 2013 was this great then 2014 will be that much better! 
i know i could have easily added an about me tab and written this all there but i felt better writing a post as opposed to what later on down the line might be changed and forgotten. 
should any feelings change, i can just write a new post and this will forever reflect as a memory of what once was. 

with all that being said, i want to thank you for a) sticking to this uber long post. b) letting me express myself for a bit and c) for just visiting in general. if there is in any way that i made your day just a tad bit better than i feel great! its not often that you can touch peoples hearts with a few simple sentencea. 

thank you for the support in advance. 
you are awesome!
amazingly awesome!!
keep being you because there is no one better at being you than....you!
(Dr. Seuss moment!)

jonathan adler inside jcpenney


this & that

1. holy smokes!!!
talk about TALENT!
2. i waaaant this calendar.
do i need it? no, but im in loooove!
3. I meeeean how weird is it to freeze your jeans for the sake of keeping them YOUR jeans. You know no fade or nothing.
I was thinking meh okay! And then I read the comments.
I curse like a sailor but geesh!
4. i want to make these cute DIY Heart Shoes! <3
5. my mother didn't let me re-do the laundry room when i wanted too.
and now she wants me too.
why stick to walls when the washer & dryer can get a makeover too!?

6. Pinterest.
Just because it looks easy, doesn't mean that it is.

The Joy Formidable

i looooove the Fonda!!!

in continuance with my "2013 was the best friggin year ever! all these shows aaaahh!!! (and it aint over yer!)" posts, i gladly present to you the one time i went to see the Joy Formidable with my friend Jonathan!

he had said he wanted to see them and im not one to say no to a show. 
specially at $25! so i grabbed us tickets and huzzah! we went!
the awesome part?, this was 2 days after the Lianne La Havas show!
talk about a good week!

we got there kind of early enough to mmaaaaybe migrate towards the front but we stayed back, had a few drinks and enjoyed the show. 

i had heard their latest album and i liked a few of their stuff but im not a HUGE fan. 
so it wasnt like "ahhh get to the front!" but we were still pretty close. 

i wasnt able to get a lot of pictures and this is probably the post with the least pictures but i liked what i got!
and of course the mandatory marquee shot! ;)

enjoy zee fotos! 

that wolf thing kept changing colors. 
i LOVED the pink!
what a cutie!!
light show in the lobby!

like i said! minimal pictures!!!
sometimes that way you can enjoy a show more. 

thanks for reading this quick little post!

have a kick ass thursday!


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