Two Door Cinema Club // Capital Cities

this show came and went and now i am sitting at my desk at work listening to the Capital Cities album dancing in my chair and belting out random words here and there.

thankfully i sit in the back by myself! :D

solitude: 1!

ok, seriously!

our show date came and went and now I'm just here reminiscing.
what an awesome show.

the opening acts were St. Lucia & Capital Cities.
when my sister told me CC was going to be there i didn't believe her because i thought they were on tour doing they're own thing! (which they are!)
we missed St. Lucia because my sister decided to forget the tickets so hey!
they weren't on my TO SEE list to heeey! her loss not mine.

Capital Cities!....Spencer on the trumpet!
OH MAN!!!!!!
that man has skills. he was sooooo yummy!!!
the crowd went craaaazzzy when he had several of his solo's.

they covered a few other songs and everyone had a blast!

Two Door Cinema of course was awesome!!!!
i saw them at coachella over The XX and to this day I DO NOT regret it.
there are no need for words because they are just that amazing!

we were kind've too far to get close ups on my cellphone so i only have a few.
here are some snaps.
one of the rare times you'll see me wear lipstick!

theyre both oh so good!
catch them if you can...and if theyre together grab your dancing shoes and be prepared to be sore from all the dancing the next day!
i was.

as of now for 2013, i have 2 more shows to go to :(
cant wait to see what  2014 brings for me!!!!

thanks for reading!!
have a great weekend!
lets get up and dance!!!!


this post was previously published but i stupidly deleted a file that contained a lot of my old pictures hence why some of you might be like...what?? im working on these one post at a time. 
thank you for your patience! 

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