Sunday Funday // La Brea

i had driven by  La Brea some time last week and i saw all this random art posted everywhere that i had to go back!

HAD TOO!!!!!

yesterday's time change was awesome because for once in my life i was up at 752 am.
that never happens.
even if it was supposed to be 852, i am NOT a morning person.
not even for work. so you catch my drift.

any who, me and the mr. went for breakfast and a movie (we are the millers!)

i am a sucker for stuffed french toast at Ihop!!! nom nom nom!
calories? what calories!? 

afterwards i made him take me back to La Brea to take pictures. 
I've also come to the realization (like i have before) that i need an actual camera. 
like a nice decent one so i think I'm going to spoil myself for my birthday. 
this is a very important life decision. 

anyways, here are some snaps i caught. 
(on the way over there i drove and i missed a bunch :(. so hopefully i get to do another trip soon! 


these remind me of  Chester! <3
if you look closely, the shadow is the body of a woman i think holding a gun or something!


this could easily be me or my cousin vera while were drunk dancing.
also, i never understood the whole lets dress like bears but have our asses hanging out at raves.
god forbid your toes//head get cold.
who cares about the rest of your body!
i loooove love tags! <3 


these were by some vintage store on La Brea. 

this one was too. 
shut up dude. 
i love art and i love gays. 
and if youre a gay artist, hide.  
because i want to marry you!!!!
i knew my childhood was a lie! 
 i like that. 
"welcome to La Brea Playuh!"


 a cat running away at a vet's office

 "I'm the backwards man, the backwards man. i can do anything better (or faster) than you can!" -tom green
Freddy got fingered. 
i instantly thought of the Kardashian's when i saw this. 
now don't get me wrong, OBVIOUSLY they're not that stupid.
 they're stupid rich because of all the bull crap they put out. 
but let's not get ahead of ourselves. 
they're hella famous because Kim made a porn. 
a wack one at that. 
dont eva' forgets it dolls! ;)

 any who, that was that.

on the way home i saw a billboard that said:

"tagging in LA is no longer acceptable. unless art is.then its ok." 

(i think that's what it was) 
i have to go back for that one. 

i loved it. 
i love it all. 

stop by and check it all out for yourself!!!

thanks for reading!
-<3 les

(p.s i dont know any of the kudos to you for this! and if you know.....leave a comment. lets give these guys credit!)

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