Snapshot Sunday! ♥

1} busy man! ha! saw this after leaving the Two Door Cinema Club concert last night. 
at least the man knows how to par-tay!
2} sister sent me this. 
Chester posing outside out laundry room!
what a babe! <3
3} i forgot to post this one a while ago. my sister sent it to me as well.
'member my sisters birthday posts? (here & here)
well i also blew up balloons and filled up her bed. 
chonchies was in heaven. 
i looove this picture! 
4} mom FINALLY made panes con pollo! (: 
unny too because i had just asked for them not that long ago too. 
5} spiderman hanging out at work with us!
6} there's an in and out now down the block from me now. 
it opened Halloween. 
my server was white as can be and his name was drake. 
7} got this cuuuuute little (literally. business sized cards) calendar from THIS etsy shop. 
she included some cute goodies too. 
will definitely be going back!
8} my sister made cute cupcakes for a class presentation that she (i think) wasnt able to make. 
these were probable the cutest she's ever made. 
apparently there were only like 4 students in the class. 
so she gave them randomly away. 
she says this guy in a trench coat asked her what she had in the box so she showed him and he asked him for one. 
while i do believe it, its also my sister. 
she could very well be lying! 
9} my computer crashed at work. 
i called tech and they weren't there. 
so i unplugged it and voila! 
i heard youre NEVER to unplug a computer from a wall. 
o well its not mine. 
10} how do you go from getting hired in the future to going back to the past to resign!? 

i still have another reading post and a new post from last nights Two Door Cinema Club Concert!

have a good rest of your Sunday. 

thank you for reading 

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