Happy Birthday Ethan! (pt. 2)

this little man just turned the big 04!!!
he decided to celebrate by running around, falling and getting a pretty sweet cut!
i mean, if your guna go for it, go big ya know!
lol okay just keeeding. 
he's fine. 
nothing cake cant fix! 

His momma had a little get together at her house and we gathered for yummy food, cake and ice cream!
(i might have stolen a glass of milk or two!) 

this year it was Spider-Man themed. 
i love how kids evolve through out time...i wonder what it will be next year. but lets not get ahead of ourselves. 

here's a couple of pics i grabbed (on my phone of course, so please excuse the grainy-ness).
Alan & Ethan.
okay with pictures so far....
this is my favorite one. 
he was doing this face as he was saying it!
his cousins trying to shove his face in the cake!
once again ethaniel!, happy birthday!
here's to many more!! <3
(.....all that was left.)

{{side note: all edited pix were edited using picmonkey.com.
not a sponsored post. 
im 1000% sure they dont even know i exist! 
its all good!}}

thanks for reading! 
<3 -Les

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