Oh brother!

Yesterday giving my brother and his friend Angel a ride.

Angel: "leslie you're mean!"
"Really!? While I'm giving you a ride!?" I tell him.

I then tell him (my brother & i had gone to grab donuts for breakfast): "Did tony tell you I was going to get you a donut and I asked him what kind of donut you wanted but he said naaah!"

Angel: "daaaamn tony that's cold!"
Tony: "what!??? Nooo! That's a lie!" (He was really feeling that nooooo response!)

At this moment I'm already laughing.

Tony: "you see Angel, she's laughing! She's lying!"

Tony: "you know what leslie? You are mean!"
Me: "what are you taking about!? I bought you a sweater last night and I bought you breakfast today!"

I'd forgotten about that.
Touché braj touché.
(However its spelled. Im currently hopped up on pain killers. Wisdom teeth pain relievers. I did not have my wisdom teeth removed.....think about it! -.-)

I thought I'd share that lil bro story.
It was pretty funny the way he got me at the end!

Friends marathon while I feel drowsyly better! (:
(you know what I mean but is that a real word?)

Have a good weekend y'all!!!!
♥ -les

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