Good Morning November!

you know when you say or type a word for sooooo long that you start doubting yourself and you're like: "is that REALLY how its spelled!?" {before i continue, know that i am sleep deprived and hungry and probably still asleep while i am typing this!}

that's where I'm at with Hello!!!

(what the heck Les how do you even get to typing hello so much!?....i was trying to find the right placement! which i think i still missed!)
i know!, i know.
hello? really?
im sleepy and hungry.
that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!!!

its November! eeek!!!
its officially countdown time to the new year, but better yet!, my birthday!!!!
woohoo! new years baby!

also, i know November = turkey and thanksgiving and family time so your probably like "what the flowers!?" but after seeing this picture, i was thinking "why does everything have to always correlate?

any who,  October was a great month but its time for a new one and to see what this one brings!
so far, Saturday it brings me to the Two Door Cinema Club concert!!! cant wait.
it also brings me to Justin Timberlake in concert (again!) and i am EXCITED!

hope October was great to you and here's to hoping November is even better!!!

thank you for reading & have a great weekend!

(ps...i just finished another quick read will post on that soon!)

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