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1. If you just need one night of sleep and u don't wana plop $$$$ for a one night room, 
Walmart to the rescue! !!! :D
2. the pictures alone in this post made me tear up. 
im happy for Rachael and her family! <3
3. I want to make an xmas garland of lights made of felt material. I just needed to find the perfect sized light outline.
Yes I know nothing a quick google search can't fix but I got on instagram and BOOM!
 there it was! 
Its a sign! ♥

4. As IF you need another reason to love San Francisco!

5. why Jimmy Kimmel (& Sarah Silverman!) whyy!???
how i wish they would've made it!
by the way...she (i love her) always dresses down, like a bum kinda.
talk about trying to get the last laugh in that little black dress with her boobs all up on top and center!!!!


Other things to be happy about! 

-I've ALWAYS wanted those chubby xmas lights (red green blue yellow orange) I saw em at target last week and they were only $12 but I decided to wait. I bit the bullet and went today.
Eeek! They were 10% off!!!!
Yea its only 10 but still!!!!
I've been getting lucky with stuff I've been wanting! (baby jesus is spoiling me! Thaaanks a lot!)

-good laughter. 
The kind where you hold your stomach because you can't take it anymore.
My sis and I went to go pick up tess from work. I told her to go start the car and when I went outside I couldn't see her so I thought she had jumped to the passenger seat through the drivers side so i was ready to yell at her.
As I walk to the door she stands up (she had dropped her phone on the floor hence me not being able to see her), scaring me and I scream to which she turns around stares at me for 5 seconds and then lets out the loudest girliest scream EVER.
Oh man. I laughed for a good 10 minutes.
My stomach still hurts!
She said she was thinking "what if someone comes behind me, pushes me in to the car and takes off!?"
It so happens I was standing right there.
Dressed in all black so it makes sense for her to yell like a crazy girl at a Justin Beiber concert.
Good laughs are good for the soul. ♥

-apparently i smacked my mom in my sleep again.
the thing i find funny is that she laughs because i do it, i apologize profusely and then i go back to sleep.
loud snores and all.
oh, mother!

-my sister (again!)
me driving: "i should become a professional driver!"
sister: "you wana go see skrillex?"
how do you even get that!?

thanks for reading!
happy Friday!!!!

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