Back to Turnbull it is! [:

as a resolution, i told myself i would hike every sunday of this year!
that lasted so long...but then i stopped and started running at the beach. 
then we hit 100+ degree weather here in California and while i would LOVE to be fit and all, doing it in extreme weather is not my thing. 
so that week that it was melting hot out here i stopped and it killed me. 
i dont know about you but for me if i have a routine going and then i screwed. its hard to get back in to it. 
today, i changed that!
i mean ive been back once or twice with my sister but not all the way to the top. 
today, i dragged my ass outa bed and made myself go!
and when some people would pass me by all i kept thinking was "this is not a race. take your time!" 
the few times i wanted to turn back get in my car and go home i said NO!!! and kept on truckin!
its tunrbull canyon. ive been here plenty of times before so its like meh for me to post pictures (because how often can i post the sorta same pictures ya know!) but why not!
the art on the water tower is always changing so haaay!!!
i call these women the "CBW2"
crazy bitches with weights. 
now, i do not mean bitches in a bad way. 
not at all whatsoever!!!!! 
i hope one day i can climb all these hills with weights on my back too!!
you go ladies!!!!
the second to last hill. i was dying!
and i kept thinking to myself jesus! then i saw that ray of light and i got a nice gust of wind and i was good to go!
thanks! ;)
sometimes you find little gems up here. 
i think the last picture i saw there was a huge hit saying "these hoes aint loyal!" haha. 
translation: "women in movement" 
when i saw this i thought of the "CBW2" above!
exactly how i felt when i got to the top. 
and all the shaded seating areas were taken.
le sigh. 
i hiked all of that (on the right. the left is where people go race. at night, at like 100 miles an hour. with no lights)  (: 
plus a lot more! woohooo! 
i have the galaxy s5!
i knew it has this pedometer thing (who doesn't? everyones seen the commercial!) but i just barely learned how to use it yesterday at work!
i misread it yesterday and thought 1000 steps? pffft i can do that easily! i forgot that other 0!!!
if I'm being honest i think this is what gave me that little extra push to go today. (but hey!!! whatever works!!!)
once at the top i hit around 5500 so i knew for sure hitting the goal was going to be easy on the way down. 
i like that it tracks your steps while you are walking and while you are running separately so you can see how you're doing in each category. this was all by 1215pm! woohooo!!
(i am now at 10465. i got home and set my phone done. i was cleaning the shower and eating and what not so i didnt track those but to be honest, i've been in bed since i got out the shower so i doubt itll continue getting higher. well see!)

now its been a while and im hella outa shape so im ending this and going to bed! (:
thanks for reading! :* 

Snapshot Sunday {174-180}

its only 315. we still have the whole day in front of us....and im ready for a nap. 
my theory still stands because i worked yesterday and all i can think is...its barely 3!? 
im excited for work tomorrow! why? i dont know but i cleaned up my desk yesterday so its going to be a very chill day!
les get this rolling so i can go to sleep! (: 

174 //
this one garners two!
my little joshie is down here from Oregon! <3 
Sunday night we hit up chili's for happy hour and Monday we hit up acapulco's for happy hour as well. 
we are trying to find a way to keep her out here! 
(set master plan!)
175 //
deckled edges. 
how i LOVE you so!
my favorite kind of pages in books!
176 //
my friend andy went to go get tested last week at out of the closet. 
he posted his negative results so i thought better safe than sorry and i went that same day as well. 
it was a good trip. i came out negative as well! aaaand i scored this book case for 7.50 originally $30/40 at Ikea! its a win win!
and now i have 2 shelves to fill up with books
do you ever have an epiphany where you're like "oh shit!!?"
my sister had one last weekend when she realized these two are sisters!!! lol
that eventually that will become us later on down the line!!!
{my aunt hiding behind the cup and my mother!.....if you like me, you'll love her!}
178 // 
my little brother! <3
who i want to strangle 99.99% of the time!
funny story. this was at my cousins graduation party. i was already buzzin it and i was telling him about this potato vodka we had bought ON SALE for $3.50. he was laughing at me. 
i brought him so to taste it buuuut it had an and in it so he was out! : /
maybe it was more funny because i was buzzin it! lol 
179 //
just made this little happy birthday that i will be sending out. 
to ENGLAND!!!!!
180 //
what my trunk currently looks like. 
arts and crafts ready to go at any time!!!!

thanks for reading. 
its nap time. that hike kicked my ass! (: 
oh yea! sunday hikes are probably back! :D
(i want pancakes!!!!)
<3 <3 <3

Q & A {6/21 to 27/2014}

13 weeks! 
think of all the changes that could have been made! :o 
isn't it crazy how time flies. Monday is the last day of June. 
we are officially in the 2nd half of the year! (i work 1-6 & 7-12)
here come my favorite holidays! :D thanksgiving and Halloween and Christmas!!! eeek!!!
im currently at work just hanging out about to get some serious work done so i wanted to get this out of the way before it gets hectic.....

random stuff just because: 
currently reading: i started this one book i forgot what its called buuuut the new dean koontz comes out Tuesday so im thinking of waiting 
currently listening to: paramore's "im in to you" & "ain't it fun."
currently craving: my usual breakfast. pb&j with banana but i really want soup. that's all i want. soup. any kind of soup. SOUP!!!
currently thinking: about what other currently stuff i could answer buuut im out sooo lets get started! :D

June 21, 2014 {Saturday}
Q: who do you want to know better? 
A: sounds kida corny but...idk whoever im supposed to end up with. i want to travel! where are ya dude!?
i know i know...i said it earlier, enjoy the journey!
or you know what maybe not even that person but just like a really close friend where we can go and just do everything with! (because Jaydeen got married! :P )

June 22, 2014 {Sunday}
Q: whats the last movie you saw in a theather? 
A: 22 jump street, the fault in our stars (twice!) & the edge of darkness! all with whats his face! ;)

June 23, 2014 {Monday}
Q: when was the last time you cried?
A: its honestly been a while. i was trying to force myself not that long ago. i couldnt. unless you count that Thursday that i first saw the fault in our stars!
(i cried yesterday!) woohoo...well you know what i mean. 

June 24, 2014 {Tuesday}
Q: whats your next social engagement?
not sure. whatever josh plans. were trying to kidnap and keep her down here
 in California but so not sure how thats working out. however for sure i have the U R Art festival in July then the neighbourhood concert a few days later! :D
im okay with staying home for a bit right now! (:

June 25, 2014 {Wednesday}
Q: who is your closest companion?
i don't believe in bff's. time has proven otherwise. as for this. i cant honestly answer. i don't know. maybe my sister. we've gotten closer with time. like shes not a kid anymore. shes now a grown up, that
 i still want to strangle all the time. 

June 26, 2014 {Thursday} 
Q: what is your biggest indulgence? 
A: sleeping. i love sleeping. 
did i answer that right? oh well! :D

June 27, 2014 {Friday}
Q: when was the last time you had pizza? what kind? 
A: a few weeks ago? with my brother and angel. pronto piksa! i LOVE piksa! i want a slice from pin-up pizza from Vegas right now!!! and because we were broke bitches, it was basic pizza. pepperoni and cheese lol!!!

that does it for this week!
time to get to work!
ill be back later with more stuff! <3 
hugs and kisses! <3

stuck in limbo

I don't usually like to get really personal on blog posts because, I don't know.....there's just certain things you keep to yourself. Now a days with all the social media going on people can easily assume everything off of a picture of an apple that you uploaded! and while I'm not living it up Kardashian style I am very happy with my life at this moment.  Most of the time.

I think I was in a way better place earlier and I'm kinda missing it but I know I shouldn't complain because I'm by far luckier than a lot of people even with the little that I have.

I saw this picture on Jaqui's instagram and it hit so many buttons with me.

A few weeks ago for Gladys' birthday the old high school gang got together. Its been a long time so it was nice to come back together.
Out of the 5, Mel is the only one who is married with a kid.
Carla and Gladys are both happily in a relationship and me and Jess.....we're still searching!
I won't say much about anyone else because it's not my place but we were talking to Mel and we were saying how awesome it is that she's married and has her life all together. More talk....and then her husband  mentioned something along the lines of "it'll happen when it's meant to happen."  

.....and then it hit me....she's starting her life and I'm stuck in limbo. And there's nothing wrong with that.
I guess it's okay to feel a little lost here and there.

And that's currently where I'm at buuut it's the perfect time because I can better myself as a person.
I guess the whole reason for this has to do with the fact that after 8 years we are no longer a unit (did i lose ya there?'s okay I'm lost too.)
It's a weird thing when something ends.
But the beautiful thing about it is is that I get to reinvent myself and become a better person.
I'm currently stuck in limbo but it's a-ok...while i want to be ready for what the future is about to bring, I'm having a great time living in this moment. How many of you can say you got got your parade rained on over beer pong? (Haha! A whole 'nother story!)

And to be honest with you, I think I'm bummin bc I'm in debt.not even a lot. I just HATE owing $$$.
At the age of 26 I have yet to embark on a friggin vacation which sucks but I'm okay with that as well.
I wanna be all over California before I take it outside of the state but I made a promise to myself that by 30 (maybe my birthday!)  I'm guna have a "treat yoself" moment and take myself on a nice vacation!!! (You're welcomed to come along! ;) )
I hope it doesn't sound like I'm settling because I swear I don't feel that I am at all!
I'm just slowly realizing the person I am meant to be.
Like they say, "20's are for being selfish and figuring yourself out!" (Or something like that....and if it's not a saying I'm making it one today!  ✔)

i don't know.....its just nice to clear your head once in a while. (: 

thanks for hearing (reading out) my little rant. 
Loves ya!, 

Happy {belated} birthday little blog of mine! ♡

i don't know how! where did the time go!?
yesterday as i was typing the last post i just wrote about, in the preview section, i looked over to the left and saw that the first post i wrote was back in June of last year! I'm not sure why i was thinking it was in august buuut i just missed it by 17 days. ahh!!!
I've always seen those posts where people celebrate their 1 year blog-aversary with balloons and what not and i wanted to do that but i completely missed it so this cutesy little post will do!!! (: (and a balloon ya know....lets save it for another milestone!)

i did it!
i started blogging actually about 2 years and after 2/3 book posts i just gave up (and to this day i beat myself up about it!) i decided to pick it back up and here i am 382 days later!
still doing the damn thing! ;)
its something small but I'm super proud of myself! (: 

its funny because if I'm being honest its a love hate thing with blogging!
and i wouldn't even call it that, i would just say, I'm lazy. 
but i love it!
there are times when i look back and i catch pictures that i had completely forgotten about. there are book covers (pictures in the posts) i see and i ACTUALLY remember what the book was about! (like this one! that one is forever embedded in my brain!) and now that i look back even more in to it, holy crap i read a lot of books in the span of one year! 21 TO BE EXACT!!! now that deserves a balloon!!!! :D 

I'm just glad that this isn't something I'm interested in turning in to a money making machine!
i love reading and doing diy's here and there but to make something happen everyday...that takes a lot of work and i admire the chicks who make that happen!!

i don't want to make this a heavy feelsy post so ill cut it short!
I'm just glad i have this little slice of Internet that i get to call mine!
and I'm glad that you take the time to read this!
thanks to my 12 followers! you guys are awesome! i should have a little raffle to say thanks! (and thanks franks & my little jaybean because i know you guys read!)

have a great Friday! <3
ill be back tomorrow with Q&A!

happy one year little blog of mine! ♡♡♡
i love you!!!!

(and i leave you with this little gem of a video!!!!...if you dont laugh at this, i dont think i can help you!) 

Looking For Alaska by John Green

isbn: 0-525-47506-0
published: 2005
read from: 6/11-16/2014
nails: they were whit gel then gold glitter to cover chips!

have you heard of that one show Rick & Morty on Cartoon Network? 
there's an episode where Morty shrinks Rick to go inside drunk Santa Claus so he can help fix the broken amusement park. inside drunk Santa. yep!
if there was a safe way to do this and get inside John Green's brain (creepy!) i would LOVE too!!! man is a friggin genius. 

Ive read all of his books except 1 (the let it snow one i believe...only because its a book with other writers...and for some stupid reason im protesting it!) any who, i have to say TFIOS still takes number one but this one is a close second! followed by Paper Towns (which i will actually re-read) then the other two (Will Grayson Will Grayson & An Abundance of Katherine's. those are kinda like eh... to me personally!) 

any who, lets get to the summary before i spoil it all!
Looking for Alaska is about Miles "Pudge" Halter's quest for "seeking his great perhaps." -{Fran├žois Rabelais}
he ends up leaving his home and public school life in Florida in exchange for his "great perhaps." he transfers out to his fathers private school out in Alabama. 
once out there he comes across his roommate Colonel, Alaska and Takumi (of course others follow.) 

in this book JG makes you fall in love with these characters like if you knew them personally. from the pranks they all pull, to the smoking and drinking; its all great until you know, it isnt. 

ill write what it says in the back of the book because there is no better way to describe it.  

"before. miles "pudge" halter's whole existence has been one big nonevent, and his obsession with famous last words has only made him crave the "Great Perhaps" {Francois Rabelasi, poet} even more. he heads off to the sometimes crazy, possibly unstable, and anything-but-boring world of Culver Creek Boarding School, and his life becomes the opposite of safe. Because down the hall is Alaska Young. the gorgeous, clever, funny, sexy, self destructive, screwed-up, and utterly fascinating Alaska Young, who is an event unto herself. she pulls Pudge in to her world, launches him in to the Great Perhaps, and steals his heart.  
after. nothing is ever the same." 

i mean whaaat!?? 
granted, i didnt read what the book was about at least i dont remember but if it was an impulse buy (which it wasnt) its okay because JG has yet to let me down. 
and nooooow, for spoilers!!!....

Q & A {6/14 to 6/20 2014}

im late, im late for a very important date!!! :o
sorry i know im hella late but with all due excuses available to mee...Friday i was super busy at work and as soon as i got out i went straight to my cousins to help her set up for her graduation party. Saturday we partied and Sunday i slept in and went out with my cousins.  and so now here we are!
lets do it to it! :D

June 14, 2014 {Saturday}
Q: did you exercise today? 
A: its 1:33 pm and im falling asleep. the day is not over yet so well see. hopefully. im lazy!!
i didn't. 
although i did go hiking the following Wednesday! :D in the friggin hot heat so haaay!

June 15, 2014 {Sunday}
Q: what is your favorite gadget?
A: my phone that i probably use at 5% of its abilities. 

text, email (annoying), calls and netflix (helloooo orange is the new black!) and uhm reading when i buy an ebook! and GPS!!! (see why its my favorite! Go S5!!!0

June 16, 2014 {Monday}
Q: what makes you cynical?
A: hmmm.....
thats as far as i got. 

June 17, 2014 {Tuesday}
Q: the best hour of today was ___________. why? 
A: im answering this almost a week late so i cant say much about that now but basically anything after 5 pm! cus haaay no more work!

June 18, 2014 {Wednesday}
Q: whats the last meal someone cooked for you? 
A: im not sure but im 100% sure that at the moment this was asked it was my mom!

June 19, 2014 {Thursday}
Q: what was the last personal letter you received? 
A: Gabby, Marquetti & Chris. (: i started this pen pal thing and im excited to say that they have all replied. so now its my turn to get back to them! cant wait!
i also came across a girl from England and were going to start as well! eeek!!!
i also signed up over at to get set up with a random person!
im excited about all this snail mail going on!!! (: 

June 20, 2014 {Friday}
Q: write the first sentence of your autobiography. 
A: all my cousins think im crazy for some reason. so something along the lines of....."Leslie was one crazy bitch..."
which i think is true to an extent but ya know. 

all i have been doing (it feels like) is watching orange is the new black. 
i feel like i got suckered in because im on episode 4 of season 2...which means ill soon be joining the likes of other fans who are suffering for season 3. 
go Piper you crazy bitch!

its Monday....i dont have anything planned this weekend but im ready for it!
have an eggcelent week!

Snapshot Sunday {167-173}

another week is about to start!
where did the weekend go!? 
i always feel that the weekend is more full for me when i work a Saturday. 
but these last few weekends have been a blurred little mess. i love em and i wouldnt change a single thing!
lets get started! :D
// 167 //
this one is a two-fer. 
getting ready for date night!
i was supposed to be out the door sooner than i was but i had to take a selfie! ;) 
i love these glasses. 
and 22 jump street. 
of course same premise but ya know....they worked it good!
// 168 // 
dropping off tess at work during the week on my day off and this is the view i get. 
i love it! (:
...i then came home and slept til 12. baahhaha
i was sposed to go to Disneyland that day (wednesday) but i wont talk about it. 
i give up!
you win that round life. 
you win.
that just wasn't meant to be.
// 169 //
kisses from my baby! <3
// 170 //
starting off summer right! :D
// 171 //
my cousin graduated from UCLA last week and yesterday we had her celebration party. 
this was the amazing photo-booth i had set up that effin died! :( 
it lasted all night then the day off right before it started...BOOM dead. :( 
at least i have a picture of it. 
// 172 //
another date night. 
as soon as he picks me up...he's looking for places to go. he pulls over and im like "you're on groupon?" and he was like "what i cant groupon a date?" i died laughing. 
then literally like 4-5 minutes later wewerethisclosetogettinginacaraccident. 
its weird because i saw it happening and i didnt yell all i said was "...uhm..." luckily NOTHING happened. 
no accident at all. phew!!!!
you would have thought that would have woken me up but nope. i was still sleepy!
these are lobster fries! or as i like to call them near death experience fries.
delicious!!! (i would just order next time without onions!) 
he's a REAL health nut so i was surprised he wanted these....but i think he was just trying to make up for almost sorta killing us!
and this is just an appetizer. 
i got crab stuffed salmon. 
delicious as it sounds weird!!! :D 
// 173 //
diy crafts at work! :D

we just cut my dogs hair down to the shortest length possible. 
we showered both of em and now im covered in dog hair, dog water and sweat. i need a shower!!!
ill be back with my Q & A post shortly!
thanks for reading! :*

love love looooves!, 

ps. summer.... G O  A W A Y ! ! ! !

Written on the City by Axel Albin and Josh Kamler

  • Publisher: How (September 2, 2008)
  • ISBN-10: 1600610773

i just wanted to write about this real quick. 
i read this a few weeks back. you might remember that i wrote about this book on a snapshot sunday post about how i saw it on  a coffee table after  had had like -2 beers so i bought it right away and that drunk reading was (IS!) the best!
yea, so i scored this book on amazon under used for $.01. ( although shipping was $3.99)..but still a steal!) 
any who, i just wanted to post a few of my favorite pictures. 

im the kind of person that loves to find random street art and just photograph it like crazy. (1)
so this book really called out to me. 
it reminds me of Humans of New York. (well the concept anyways!)
i 100% support random street art. 
ive had several discussions with people who think this is still degrading somewhat and i have to say "to each their own" because when i see random street art i always try to photograph it and it always puts a smile on my face!
i love it!
its like a little slice of random happiness. thats why i love my work trips to downtown la when i can get em!

any who, check out this book if you get a chance you wont be disappointed! :D

thanks for glancing! (: 
have a good weekend!!!
xoxo - 

this & that

120 unread blog posts. 
whenever im off during the weekend im always consistently refreshing just to find no new posts. 
i miss a eek (maybe two) and boom! 
a years worth of reading. 
lets do this!

Strawberry, California is a real little city!!? 
its only 8 hrs away! i NEED to go!
population 100. 1 gas station and 1 restaurant. 
Costa Rica
they traveled to Costa Rica and it looks like a hellavu blast!
id geek out so hard if i ever met any of these people!! <3
DIY Donut Sunglasses
donut day was last week. lets make glasses! because lets be honest.
you can rock these ANY DAY!!!
DIY Message Candle Centerpieces | Oh Happy Day!
neat idea!!!
message candle centers. super cute idea that you can customize however you want!
J + E
kinda late but i love it!
happy 3 year wedding anniversary Larson's. 
here's to many more!
how to make simple photo collages for blog posts |
how to crop your photos and stuff to make a collage.
i mean its not rocket science but i didnt know myself so im glad i found this post!

i NEED to make this.
i NEED this in my life!
a stack-able burger pillow!? 
my inner bob's burger fan girl just died!!!
please please please some one make this for me and i will love you FOR EVER!!!
(but add a tomato! thanks!)
5 Good Reasons Why You Should Wait Until You’re 30 To Get Married
i believe in marriage. i do. i want a husband and kids and a family and a home and i want that.
i want it more than going out and just partying. but i agree with this article. 
if you are so sure, why rush.
thats what i dont get. if you know you are forever why rush to forever. enjoy the journey ya know.

reading this post made me cry.
i cant begin to imagine what they're going through!
stay strong Jaqui & Dan

these pictures are just!!!! ahh! i love this chick whoever she is.
gooo katie day!

Snapshot Sunday {160-166}

as i said yesterday, i was going to be late with this one!
i think its okay if there's fair warning!
wooohooo! congrats baby bird (once again!) 
i didnt get home until 12 something so i wasnt going to make it on time. 
lets get staaaaarted! :D

// 160 //
my penpal stuff is going pretty good. 
well i mean theres only 2 people! (gabby & marquetti!) 
but still pretty neat. 
last week i got home to this cute little thing!!! <3
// 161 //
thanks for my new bookmark francs!
i loooove it!!!
(also, im almost done with this book and i looove it!)
// 162 //
andy kidnapped me on friday! (mostly, i was carless so he gave me a ride!) 
first stop BWW. 
i love that in this relationship, i AM the man! haha!!
kings won that night so haaay!
// 163 //
happy friday the 13th!
// 164 //
i made this little bunny cuddle with me. 
look. at. her. teeth!!!!!!!!!!
i looooooove her!!!!!
// 165 //
last sunday, i met up with a friend after talking online for so long (no catfish shiz!) haha. 
we ended up in downtown Disney. 
whenever i end up there i always go to Wonderground Gallery and i always end up buying postcards to frame up on my wall. 
i saw this painting and instantly fell in love!!!! of course the framed version was $900. unframed $300. so i was going to settle for the $3.99 postcard. 
nope! he didnt let me and he got me the cute little framed version! (: 
it now hangs on my wall at work!
i love it!!!
thanks a lot!!!! (: 
// 166 //
as far as my new years resolutions go, i can honestly say that besides snapshot Sunday, no soda has been like my BEST accomplishment so far. 
i went 6 effin months with out a single drop of soda. 
i mean there were cravings at some point but i never broke!
that is until sometime last week!!! :(
i kept having really bad headaches. i tried everything to ignore and make it go away. 
my co-worker suggest caffeine. now, i cant do coffee because i will jump off walls like there is no tomorrow and i need to sleep eventually. 
soooo, soda was the last resort. 
i HATE that i drank it but the instant moment that i took a drink i felt all this pressure come off of me. 
instantly it was gone!!!
i didnt finish the soda and i sure as heck didnt really like it!
it tasted i dont know.....but i know i havent been missing out. 
so yea...there that one goes but im not beating myself up over it. 
im still saying no to soda and im sure i wont be having some more any time soon. 
so i guess i can stop beating myself over it. 

here's to Monday!
here's to me hopefully having my plans go through on Wednesday!
and to hopefully finishing that John Green book i'm reading! :D

have a kick ass week!!! :D

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