Bruno Mars // Pharrell

2 weeks ago (!) my lovah (Gladys) and i went to go catch Bruno Mars with Pharrell at the Hollywood Bowl!
awesome time!!!

i want to say one of the many highlights of the night for sure has to be the fact that we arrived 7 (!!!!!) minutes late to our bus so we missed it and had to buy parking close to the venue. (apparently i had bought a shuttle pass so parking was like 40 minutes from venue).
man that was awesome. 
we got better parking and didn't have to deal with the huge crowds so theres that!
everything happens for a reason!
uhm..we had good seats as far as views but for phone pictures....nah. 
still good times though!
gladys and i! <3
i havent worn that headband since hard summer last year. 
i guess its the thing to wear just because now a days so i was 
i love this picture of us! <3
i know you're probably like "Wtf les!" over these pictures but what can i say? i love you Bruno but not enough to cough up an extra $300 to see you closer and this was the best i could do. so hey!
this is Gwen Stefani performing. 
yep! pharrell brought her out! 
crowd went wiiiiild!
this is bruno mars starting off!
i took a restroom break and even up close to the screen i still got crappy-ish pictures. 
that and i was scared to get caught so i was trying to be quick about it. 
after the show they had an awesome fireworks show that just would not quit!
for sure gave Disneyland a run for their monies! 
of course, the obligatory marquee picture!!

sorry for the crappy and lack of pictures but hey! you work with what you got and i didn't have much. 
i just liked these few. 
this was kind've a meh post!
maybe next time Bruno. maybe next time. 
okay no. i think for now im done with, where it JT we were talking about, then sign me up!!!

thanks for viewing the lamest post ever! 
(just this post is lame, i had a blast at the concert!!!!)

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