Snapshot Sunday {160-166}

as i said yesterday, i was going to be late with this one!
i think its okay if there's fair warning!
wooohooo! congrats baby bird (once again!) 
i didnt get home until 12 something so i wasnt going to make it on time. 
lets get staaaaarted! :D

// 160 //
my penpal stuff is going pretty good. 
well i mean theres only 2 people! (gabby & marquetti!) 
but still pretty neat. 
last week i got home to this cute little thing!!! <3
// 161 //
thanks for my new bookmark francs!
i loooove it!!!
(also, im almost done with this book and i looove it!)
// 162 //
andy kidnapped me on friday! (mostly, i was carless so he gave me a ride!) 
first stop BWW. 
i love that in this relationship, i AM the man! haha!!
kings won that night so haaay!
// 163 //
happy friday the 13th!
// 164 //
i made this little bunny cuddle with me. 
look. at. her. teeth!!!!!!!!!!
i looooooove her!!!!!
// 165 //
last sunday, i met up with a friend after talking online for so long (no catfish shiz!) haha. 
we ended up in downtown Disney. 
whenever i end up there i always go to Wonderground Gallery and i always end up buying postcards to frame up on my wall. 
i saw this painting and instantly fell in love!!!! of course the framed version was $900. unframed $300. so i was going to settle for the $3.99 postcard. 
nope! he didnt let me and he got me the cute little framed version! (: 
it now hangs on my wall at work!
i love it!!!
thanks a lot!!!! (: 
// 166 //
as far as my new years resolutions go, i can honestly say that besides snapshot Sunday, no soda has been like my BEST accomplishment so far. 
i went 6 effin months with out a single drop of soda. 
i mean there were cravings at some point but i never broke!
that is until sometime last week!!! :(
i kept having really bad headaches. i tried everything to ignore and make it go away. 
my co-worker suggest caffeine. now, i cant do coffee because i will jump off walls like there is no tomorrow and i need to sleep eventually. 
soooo, soda was the last resort. 
i HATE that i drank it but the instant moment that i took a drink i felt all this pressure come off of me. 
instantly it was gone!!!
i didnt finish the soda and i sure as heck didnt really like it!
it tasted i dont know.....but i know i havent been missing out. 
so yea...there that one goes but im not beating myself up over it. 
im still saying no to soda and im sure i wont be having some more any time soon. 
so i guess i can stop beating myself over it. 

here's to Monday!
here's to me hopefully having my plans go through on Wednesday!
and to hopefully finishing that John Green book i'm reading! :D

have a kick ass week!!! :D

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