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Last week I drove to Vegas and had a panic attack when I had to drive thru the thunderstorm.
Last night my mom made sure to wake me up at 4 am after she kicked me out of my own bed, to tell me that I could go back to my bed. Right in the middle of the worst of it.
My sister then decideds to come to my room covered in a blanket looking like a ghost giving me 1/2 a heart attack.
I'm beyond sleepy now.
I ♥ the  fam! -.-

Street Art

I am that annoying girl that will ask you to pull over so I can snap a picture of random street art.
But hey! Why not?
i snap it.
i post it.
i potalpix it!!! :)
(postalpix is this great app that will take your pictures and print them in a 4x4 format and ship them right to your house! how neat! they also offer other great items like mouse pads, iPhone cases and aluminum pictures as well.)

here are a few others that ive gather, that are all over my instagram and that have been printed for a DIY I have in mind later on in the future!

Enjoy (:

"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. " -Snailchella
Coachella 2013 ♥ (my very first)

at, i believe, Zumies. back in 2010. wow, can i save old pix!!!

                                                           From my hike and an earlier post. Baldwin Hills

All over North Hollywood.
What an awesome bus bench!
Driving through Downtown LA

I have a lot more of these to post but ill make another post later on. 
I dont want to bombard you with soooo much greatness this early in the morning (even though its 11:05 am) 
Im working on 2 more posts to put up soon!
Have a good day! (:

Just my brother....and Angel.

Besides the fact that I want to blog about what I read.....I also want to take a moment and write about my siblings.
Because there are NO bigger jokes than family itself.

We just mickey moused a tarp because the original tarp is either somewhere in Coachella Valley or the Valley.

As soon as we were building the frame, my brother's friend Angel shows up.
Amazing since we needed the help! (Someone should invent a sarcasm font so you know....you know when it's being used)
He was a lot of help.

Anywho they both "help" and get ready to leave.

I ask where they're going to which they reply "We're about that YOLO life."
Basically telling me to get bent.

20 minutes later, I get a call.

"Hey bro, what are you doing? I need you to come to game stop. We want a game and we NEED you because were not 18!"

In yo' face!!!

I then leave and halfway out the drive way I realize I left my ID in my purse.

Oh, Karma.
Amazing you are!

Have a good week all!

(I leave you with a picture of my mickey mouse tarp!)

Happy 4th of July ♥

Happy 4th everyone!  (:
Hope you're having a great day with family!

I finished my first official "book" for my blog. I will have that for you later on. I can't wait!

For now I leave you with this little gem.

My little sister started driving and I'm petrified. I let my little brother drive in a straight line at Lowe's and he's been crazy over it ever since.
Today, while sitting on the sofa as I was reading, he comes to me and says:
"Bro, you wouldn't trust me with your car?"
"I don't even trust Giselle and she can drive."
He then says "But I can park cars. I play parking frenzy. Caaaamaaan!"

He then proceeds to show me, crashes and dies.

So I have a go at it and BOOM! I parked the car.
Since I parked the 1st one I had to park the second one but I didn't know where to go so I asked him.
"I don't know. I've never gone that far"

I think he's ready to drive.

......And with that I leave you with this picture.
                    Happy Fourth! (:

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