Just my brother....and Angel.

Besides the fact that I want to blog about what I read.....I also want to take a moment and write about my siblings.
Because there are NO bigger jokes than family itself.

We just mickey moused a tarp because the original tarp is either somewhere in Coachella Valley or the Valley.

As soon as we were building the frame, my brother's friend Angel shows up.
Amazing since we needed the help! (Someone should invent a sarcasm font so you know....you know when it's being used)
He was a lot of help.

Anywho they both "help" and get ready to leave.

I ask where they're going to which they reply "We're about that YOLO life."
Basically telling me to get bent.

20 minutes later, I get a call.

"Hey bro, what are you doing? I need you to come to game stop. We want a game and we NEED you because were not 18!"

In yo' face!!!

I then leave and halfway out the drive way I realize I left my ID in my purse.

Oh, Karma.
Amazing you are!

Have a good week all!

(I leave you with a picture of my mickey mouse tarp!)

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