Street Art

I am that annoying girl that will ask you to pull over so I can snap a picture of random street art.
But hey! Why not?
i snap it.
i post it.
i potalpix it!!! :)
(postalpix is this great app that will take your pictures and print them in a 4x4 format and ship them right to your house! how neat! they also offer other great items like mouse pads, iPhone cases and aluminum pictures as well.)

here are a few others that ive gather, that are all over my instagram and that have been printed for a DIY I have in mind later on in the future!

Enjoy (:

"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. " -Snailchella
Coachella 2013 ♥ (my very first)

at, i believe, Zumies. back in 2010. wow, can i save old pix!!!

                                                           From my hike and an earlier post. Baldwin Hills

All over North Hollywood.
What an awesome bus bench!
Driving through Downtown LA

I have a lot more of these to post but ill make another post later on. 
I dont want to bombard you with soooo much greatness this early in the morning (even though its 11:05 am) 
Im working on 2 more posts to put up soon!
Have a good day! (:

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