snail mail // the dude edition

sorry for the crappy pics but i only have time at night and i have horrible lighting in my room since i lost my one and only (out of 2 actually) window. 

this months abm happy mail is sooo freaking cute!
i say that mostly cause of the emoji stickers (which you can also get here from Carlee!) 
i only used 2 this month cause a) no birthdays and b) a lot of em are all lovey dovey and so yea...

i sent this one to nelson! its just a plain post card! I've been owing him one for a while but like i said i didn't have a just because one so i had to wait! this one was perfect!
i didn't shoot the inside but it says you're my favorite. (: 
this one is going out to R. he loved the last one and actually asked for another one. i sent him this one without telling him so i cant wait til he gets it!
i also owe him a nice little thank you note for the amazing date on sat!

i seriously want to take a calligraphy class so i can get even more creative on the addressing of the cards! my writing is okay but not <3 ya know!

if ya want a card, shoot me an email! ill send you a super cute one i promise! (: 

thanks for stopping by!

hiking // Abalone Cove

this weekend was one of the best I've had in a long time. 
for some odd reason i had Saturday off from both jobs (even though i ended up going in to my real job for 4 hrs) so i was able to plan a Saturday day date with R. 
probably one of the best dates EVER! it was seriously an all day date!

he heard about Abalone Cove through a coworker of his so we set off to go. 
at first it wasn't, well it didn't seem like it'd be a crazy hike more like a walk but that sure changed real quick. 
so much fun! i don't remember what time we got there so i cant say for sure how long we were there for but it was a while. 
as always 100 pictures! (: 

gota love the panoramic shot!  ^^^
this picture was taken at the very top of the beginning of another trail we took, we made it aaaallll the way to the other side. basically everything you see, we walked. 
this would be me standing in the middle taking pictures of the water coming in. 
while we were, well i was cause he wasn't trying to get wet, get through, this family of 3 daughters and their dad made it across. they made it fine, the water was calm. no biggie. the dad helped me through and as soon as he let me go and i was standing on the rocks on my own, the water started coming in ridiculously crazy hard. i freaking panicked. SO BAD! i think even R saw it cause he (sorta) rushed over to help me. 
i didn't realize how afraid i was of water until that happened. i was freaking out SOO bad.  
this path was NOTHING but rocks!
I'd just like to say that i LOVED the sound the rocks made when the water was going back in. I've never heard it before and it was something new. looved it!
hiked it from one end to the other. doesnt seem like a mission but trust me, it was!
i had a flat rock that i was carrying with me the whole hike basically, once we got here i made a "wish" more like i just thought some things out and then threw them out with the rock in to the water to get rid of it all. (does that make sense? who's seen Dharma & Greg when she makes the bubble and then blows in to the universe? kinda like that) anyways, within 3 seconds of throwing the rock in, we could no longer see it. 
i cant even imagine how people go swimming in there (because they do!) the water was deep and the waves were, iduno, fast? very strong for sure. 
told ya we hiked it all. ;)

after the hike, we went to Redondo to go eat (where he bought me my own bottle of tapatio and if that doesn't say i like you then i DON'T KNOW what does lol) then he took me home and i met up with him and his brother and sister and some friends afterwards and we watched that UFC fight. 
after that we ended up at some random bar where the cover band was soo cool covering just about everything and i saw my fair share of cougars! (aaahhh!) never have i ever been in the presence of sooo many of them. we played pool, i lost and then we ended up eating Thai food at 2 am and back home to fall asleep while watching entourage. 
seriously one of the best all day dates ever!
this guy is something else! (: 

then Monique took me on another day date on Sunday but ill be back with more on that later....if i have anything to show for it which i don't, wait, yes i do!

thanks for stopping by. have a great week ahead of you! ;*

snapshot sunday

hi hi!
im still here! (: just a little late like always! 
life has been work, work, school and a boy. :D and yes you can bet i am typing this with a HUGE grin on my face! 
you know how they say things happen when you least expect it. yep. its 100% true. but more on that later. 

so, i work for KIA and KIA happens to be a Clippers sponsor. 
this particular day this lady showed up to buy a car (the one with the short hair.) she is apparently a huge clippers fan so she was all in to watching the game while she was trying to buy a car. 
blah blah blah she ended up buying the car because Moises brought out the Blake Griffin cardboard cutout we have to deliver her the paperwork she needed to sign to make a deal.
i was laughing soooo hard!!!
J O K E !!!
my sister and i at the SD Botanic Garden
i might have a post on that coming up. i duno. 
i look dumb but i LOVE this picture.
mom and i at Miguels
(dont mind the pimp rings she's wearing! >.< she was holding them for my sister)
whatever that cheese thing was, SO DELICIOUS!
said mr and i are going to SD soon so im definitely going back! 
old shoes // pants are TOO long // love this!
you cant see it clearly but his shirt says fuck and hes flippin ya off!
Venice date with Mon, Nelson & Ollie. 
found some random street art! (: 
Venice views. 
Long Beach views. 
we FINALLY got some more rain! <3 insert about 1354684654354135 heart eye emojis!!!
what the random? 
im a firm believer in "some people DO NOT belong in the kitchen" 
i am a perfect example. 
why am i holding this ice cream? 
because my dumbass burnt em moving a spoon. 
yep. i was boiling water and i forgot about it (the whole heat thing so the spoon MIGHT be hot thing) so i went to move the spoon so that IT WOULDNT GET hot and BOOM! 
its better now but wow! #fail
we've been finding her in this basket lately. 
i have no idea how she jumps in there but this is her home now. 
we have yet to spay her so she still gets her period. 
Chester who is neutered goes crazy and tries to hump her like crazy. 
sooo, we finally figured it out that she's in there so Chess will leave her alone. but he still waits by the side.
i told R (i dont want to put his name out there yet) my "i got dumped over a game of beer pong" story and so now he makes fun of me like crazy. 
we played our first game yesterday (followed by another one) and i lost both of em. 
"its okay hunny, i wont dump you." 
last night we were sposed to go see Mad Max (his pick not mine) and call it a night. 
instead, i arrive to his house Jack Johnson on blast, dinner set out for me and a beer ready to go!
he friggin cooked for me just cause i had a long day at work. ahhh!!!!!
he is a keeeper!
and then we played beer pong and i lost. lol 
he made me shrimp because he had overheard me tell my brother he could eat the ones my mom had saved for me. lol 
this one so far is good. (: 
ill keep him around for a bit! ;)

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have a great rest of your week! <3

dont lick the minivan by leanne shirtliffe

published 2013 // 174 pages (ebook) 
isbn: 978-1-62087-526-1
read: over the period of 3 months

fight with me all you want about books being better than tablets and i will agree with you to the max but i will say that i have found many a gem because of my nook and while its not the same, its definitely a good source to find books to love cause, SALES!!!

case in point, this book!
I'm pretty sure by now you've caught on that ill read just about anything.
this is one of those anythings seeing as how i myself DO NOT have kids let alone twins. (but Baby Jesus, if you can hear my prayers at this moment, when I'm willing and ready, husband, home and all, lets knock it out of the park and make it twins (preferably a boy and a girl) so i can close up shop and kill 2 birds with one stone as they say!)

any ways, this book, this is my kind of writing.
i love anything where the author is just open about it all and while i have not read very many pregnancy books (except that Jenny McCarthy one) i cant compare it to much BUT what i love about this one is how shes honest about it all. its not like a "all of this is going to happen // life changing // follow all these rules or else" kinda book. she's just talking about her twins and their bond and the way they make everything good but oh so hectic!!!!

i love the stories on how she catches a bunch of people holding them when she's running errands and the babysitter is supposed to be watching them. "it takes a village to care for twins." 
or when the drunk people are holding them; on land and on a plane. 
i love the bond that Vivian and William have and the way she shows it in this book. 
like when she busts her head and he runs to get her bunny.
like when William is in the hospital and it takes everything for Leanne not to break and there's Vivian holding it all together. 

ahh this book! so funny but it gave me all of the feels! <3
i will definitely be looking to read all her other stuff.


Snail Mail

i never knew i'd LOVE buying stamps! i still have some Harry Potter ones but i thought i'd save those for around Halloween time. 

i know its been a while since my last snail mail post but last months ABM Happy Mail didn't really drive me crazy and so i didn't even send out much. this months looks much better! and the bonuses....eeeek! 
I've been under the weather, coughing up a storm but i finally got around to sending 3. 
sending this one out to MR. A. 
this is actually an old one from the ABM HM pack i think from Feb. when i got it all i kept thinking was "who am i going to send this to!?" its not like you can randomly send this to just anyone. 
then, as life seems to work, there's currently someone who i can send this to. (insert super cheesy its so ridiculous emoji grin face smile!) 
i told him i love to mail cards out and his first thought was "why? its not like im in jail to be receiving a card." i gently tapped him on the shoulder, told him to shut up and that i'd never send him one.
then a couple of days later, he asked for a card. and he's been buggin for one since. 
tun tun! this one is perfect. 
and everyone on my instagram seems to like it! :D
cant wait to see what he says!
i sent this one to Monique cause isn't it the freaking cutest!!!? 
well i sent her this one (which is odd because im sorta always with her lol) because of the winky face. 
girl LOVES to wear eyelashes all the time and im always amazed because im far from being a girly girl so when i saw this i thought of her. 
thank god i didnt write anything raunchy in it cause her mom was visiting and i think she said she read it lol. i was just telling her about some cute guy at work. ;)
this one is actually 1 card back and front and i sent it to Carlee cause she said she liked it! (she also liked the grumpy cat but i had already send that one out. and yes i did forget to add a stamp! :( but they did still deliver it!!!) 
i also sent her some other stuff cause she's my legit pen pal but this is a super cute card!
(washi tape from abm i got it on sale though.) 


it was a short one this month but hopefully this coming month will be a little bit better!
they keep making the cards cuter and cuter which makes it even harder for me to send out. 

thanks for stopping by!

Snapshot Sunday

like beyonce says in that one song "im feeling myself, im feeling myself, im feeling my..." and i think she says the same thing over for like the next 3 to 4 minutes. 
reason being is cause this post has a lot of me pictures which is kinda odd considering i HATE taking pictures!

i meant to post this yesterday cause Sunday but in a plot twist i actually opened at work instead of closing and so i got home and passed out. 
best sleep ever! 
went to get burgers with Mon, Nelson Josue and Ollie afterwards (we were all sposed to get donuts with ice cream in em but i fell asleep so they went by themselves)
i came back home meant to do the post but the pictures weren't uploading so i watched the latest Bob's Burgers episode (gotta love Linda) and i passed out. 
and i gotta say i think i finally caught up on my sleep because for once i do not feel tired at all!...we'll see how long that lasts. 

oh well lets get to it!
going to work!
im still getting used to these glasses and i dont need em during the day thats why im not wearing them. i didnt know you'd get a huge headache the first couple of days. i hated it! 
and i still see everything 3d!
got these in the mail from my pen pal Shan
she actually sent me some other bobs burgers artwork and i love her for enabling my BB addiction!!! 
glasses selfie!!!
also, i love my nail polish in the first shot! 
and my eyebrows look hella crazy in the 2nd shot. 
what do you do when you spot a mysterious stain on the chain next to you at the optometrists office?
ya make art with it.
(add me on snapchat ellexgeex14 ) 
<3 <3 <3
just being thugs.
gotta love working in the car business. these guys cannot function without coffee so i almost always end up scoring a free drank. thanks ali!
and thanks Starbucks for making all fraps 1/2 off. i can get a venti and not feel guilty about it!
went on a date last week and we ended up at a soon as i saw this poster i bought it off Amazon. 
best drunk purchase ever!
"are your nails black so they can match your soul?"  -nelson
"no stupid. they're blue. like Coraline!" -me
btw im totally naming my daughter Coraline....when i do get pregnant. in 365 years. 
whatever gets you to drink 64oz of water a day. (insert exhausted emoji face)

thanks for stopping by. 
have a great rest of your week! <3

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