dont lick the minivan by leanne shirtliffe

published 2013 // 174 pages (ebook) 
isbn: 978-1-62087-526-1
read: over the period of 3 months

fight with me all you want about books being better than tablets and i will agree with you to the max but i will say that i have found many a gem because of my nook and while its not the same, its definitely a good source to find books to love cause, SALES!!!

case in point, this book!
I'm pretty sure by now you've caught on that ill read just about anything.
this is one of those anythings seeing as how i myself DO NOT have kids let alone twins. (but Baby Jesus, if you can hear my prayers at this moment, when I'm willing and ready, husband, home and all, lets knock it out of the park and make it twins (preferably a boy and a girl) so i can close up shop and kill 2 birds with one stone as they say!)

any ways, this book, this is my kind of writing.
i love anything where the author is just open about it all and while i have not read very many pregnancy books (except that Jenny McCarthy one) i cant compare it to much BUT what i love about this one is how shes honest about it all. its not like a "all of this is going to happen // life changing // follow all these rules or else" kinda book. she's just talking about her twins and their bond and the way they make everything good but oh so hectic!!!!

i love the stories on how she catches a bunch of people holding them when she's running errands and the babysitter is supposed to be watching them. "it takes a village to care for twins." 
or when the drunk people are holding them; on land and on a plane. 
i love the bond that Vivian and William have and the way she shows it in this book. 
like when she busts her head and he runs to get her bunny.
like when William is in the hospital and it takes everything for Leanne not to break and there's Vivian holding it all together. 

ahh this book! so funny but it gave me all of the feels! <3
i will definitely be looking to read all her other stuff.


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