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i never knew i'd LOVE buying stamps! i still have some Harry Potter ones but i thought i'd save those for around Halloween time. 

i know its been a while since my last snail mail post but last months ABM Happy Mail didn't really drive me crazy and so i didn't even send out much. this months looks much better! and the bonuses....eeeek! 
I've been under the weather, coughing up a storm but i finally got around to sending 3. 
sending this one out to MR. A. 
this is actually an old one from the ABM HM pack i think from Feb. when i got it all i kept thinking was "who am i going to send this to!?" its not like you can randomly send this to just anyone. 
then, as life seems to work, there's currently someone who i can send this to. (insert super cheesy its so ridiculous emoji grin face smile!) 
i told him i love to mail cards out and his first thought was "why? its not like im in jail to be receiving a card." i gently tapped him on the shoulder, told him to shut up and that i'd never send him one.
then a couple of days later, he asked for a card. and he's been buggin for one since. 
tun tun! this one is perfect. 
and everyone on my instagram seems to like it! :D
cant wait to see what he says!
i sent this one to Monique cause isn't it the freaking cutest!!!? 
well i sent her this one (which is odd because im sorta always with her lol) because of the winky face. 
girl LOVES to wear eyelashes all the time and im always amazed because im far from being a girly girl so when i saw this i thought of her. 
thank god i didnt write anything raunchy in it cause her mom was visiting and i think she said she read it lol. i was just telling her about some cute guy at work. ;)
this one is actually 1 card back and front and i sent it to Carlee cause she said she liked it! (she also liked the grumpy cat but i had already send that one out. and yes i did forget to add a stamp! :( but they did still deliver it!!!) 
i also sent her some other stuff cause she's my legit pen pal but this is a super cute card!
(washi tape from abm i got it on sale though.) 


it was a short one this month but hopefully this coming month will be a little bit better!
they keep making the cards cuter and cuter which makes it even harder for me to send out. 

thanks for stopping by!


  1. I got my card in the mail two days ago! I freaking love it. Thanks so much for the pug ABM card. I might frame it and put it next to my big pug painting on my wall.

    1. im sooo glad ya liked it!
      when i got it, i was like when am i ever going to use this?
      but i like that you have it now and youre happy with it! (:

      ill keep that in mind next time i get some cute abm stuff. i did sign up with them for a years worth of stuff!

  2. Those are super cute!! I think it's funny that he suddenly wanted a card from you.. always happens when you say you won't give them something lol

    1. i know!
      he kept bugging me and i kept telling him no so he has (well had) no idea i was even sending this to him. >:D
      how can you ever say no to random cute notes!?
      ...this'll teach him! lol


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