Snail Mail Bunch!

did ya think I'd start a new series and forget?  never!

i purchased ABM's Happy Mail the month of Jan as a trial thing. i got Feb's on accident (because YOU have to call and cancel! -.-) so i signed up for 6 months for the month of March. 
and then, the other night, i emailed em and signed up for a year cause lets face it, this stuff is TOO cute to even think about missing out. 
that and a year cost $15 a month vs $18 for 6. 

aaannyyyways, let's get started!
this one got sent to my cousins wife.  I LOVE HER! that dude mega scored! 
this is actually a card from Feb but as soon as i saw it i thought it was perfect for her. 
i posted these on facebook and she asked for one. she said all she gets in the mail is bills so Edwin knows not to open up any invitations lol. 
im pretty sure ill be sending her a card once a month!
i love the gold foil but what i love the most is that this can be framed or washi taped up on the wall! 
gotta love multi tasking cards.
my cousin Vera is going to school to be a nurse. 
that takes guts cause God knows i cannot even think about taking care of another human. she's always up studying til like 3 am and shes up and kicking ass at 545 (snapchats prove it!) 
this is the perfect card for her. 
Charlene: sending her a hello card from Puddleduck. i just asked her to cook for me. haha
allison: i used to work with her at Nissan and we're trying to get her a job at Kia. 
perfect card to say hi & send good wishes!
ABEL: !!!! 
isnt this card the best?!
im sending this to him and its the best because he's never grumpy! haha. 
(crap! did i put a stamp on his!!!??)
i dont know them personally BUT i found out about Kierra through an ABM instagram post and well, long story short, her daughter was born with a heart defect. well, read her blog. she'll explain it better than i can ever try to. 
her daughter, Evanna, will be turning 1 on 4/29 and she will be spending her birthday in the hospital so Kierra asked that her readers send her daughter birthday cards. 
you know i had to jump on that!
so i sent Evanna a card and i decided to send Kierra a card as well. just a little reminder that everything happens for a reason and that i admire her for showing her strength when she could easily look the other way. 

please hop on over to her blog and if ya can, send a card!
address to send cards to: 
 Evanna Irvine 
231 McKenzie Towne Link SE 
Calgary, AB Canada T2Z 1C9
dont ya just love the colors!
i was a little subtle with these. 
i packed everything to get them together to send out at work aaaaand i forgot to pack the washi tape! gah. oh well. 

cant wait for next months snail mail!!! 
thanks for reading!

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