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beer. this gal's best friend!

hi hi guys!!!
sorry for the radio silence but life hasn't been that inneresting since well the last time and so you know, i don't wanna bore you with nothing...i am reading a couple of books so that's coming up soon. as far as concerts go, my first one is next month! (Kimbra <3) and unless i win Coachella tickets (which I'm not even trying to), its gunna be quiet on that front as well. but that's okay.

so my monthly resolution for March was to a) update my blog (DONE!) and b) do a little about me post (currently happening) so yaaay! lets do this!

thank you to all you new followers! (and definitely those who have stuck around)
so, HI! my name is Leslie. I'm 27 and i live in Sunny (can we please get some freaking rain NOW!) California!
i started my blog because i am an avid reader. that and i wanted a way to track what i read and include some spoilers because i forget faster than god knows what!
ever since 9th grade thanks to my teacher, i have been in love with reading. it started with Dean Koontz and its lead to a bunch of new authors thanks to my nook! (and the kindle app and the Googleplay store) i will always LOVE a physical book but if its on sale in e-book format, i ain't gonna say no.

i had originally started this blog about 3 years ago but i didn't keep up with it and everyday i beat myself over it because, can you imagine how many books I've read in that window of time!? A LOT!
but hey, I'm here now!

along the lines, in 2013 when i started back up, i finally started living it up and doing concerts, shows,a couple of raves, some trips, and just a bunch of random stuff and so i started to document that as well. so i guess you can call this a sort of a lifestyle blog ? iduno.
im not doing this to like have my future kids look back on this or something. its just something i like to do....i think having your own little space where you can jot down your thoughts is always a good thing and there is no better place like the Internet; where everyone can see what you're all about.  

i don't want to make this longer than it should be so lets just jump to some basics!

1. i HATE taking pictures. that being said, the one above was taken by Moni at you guessed it, Anarchy
we were actually trying to convince our friend Abel to meet up with us there (through snapchat.) this is one of those accidental pictures that just turns out to come out great. 
but i HATE taking pictures! seriously hate it. 

2. i used to be a cranberry vodka girl and then boom! beer. all i ever get is blue moon. i love that stuff! 
I've always wanted to reach a point as a grown up where i could enjoy a sandwich with a beer and not think "gross, beer." dream big guys! dream big. 

3. i still live at home and have no plans on moving out anytime soon. not until I'm like in a super committed relationship or marriage. not cause I'm all ultra religious or anything (because I'm not) but mostly cause i hate depending on people when it comes to money. I'm always early on almost all my payments. I'm straight up all into handling bills and all that stuff. balancing books, MY GOD I LOVE IT! 

4. i am not allergic to anything :( and i have never broken any bones in my life (thank God!) however, i apparently get along with stitches REAL well. i have had them on my eyebrow, my upper lip, the back of my leg and i forget where else. but you get the point. 

5. i am obsessed with Bob's Burgers. as i type this, i am listening to it on my phone. 
i cant even tell you how many times i've seen/heard the dang thing. 
other shows i love: Parenthood, Gilmore Girls & The Nanny.

6. i LOVE snail mail!!! seriously. lets be pen pals!

7. i believe i am meant to live my life in phases with things. 
examples: at one point i was all about earrings. then necklaces. then bracelets. then everything the ABM girls released. then jackets. then a bunch of other crap i cant even remember. and at this moment, its snail mail!
am i the only one? 

8. i don't hold grudges. i don't care to stay mad at you forever but when I'm mad, I'm MAD. so don't piss me off. i guess its the Salvadorian in me. iduno. 

9. im a homebody all the way. while ive definitely been going out more if you let me pick or if i had it my way, id stay at home all the time!

10. my favorite food is soup. SOUP!!!
all i ever want is soup. give me the option, soup. 
soup soup soup!
what kind? 
my moms chicken soup. her beef stew. pho. ramen. wonton. soup soup soup. 
i love me some soup. 

anyways, that was some random stuff about me. 
how do you you an about me anyways....im always writing all sorts of random things and thoughts over here already so, ya know. 

just want to say thanks for reading and sticking around!
you are awesome! (: 
and of course, anything you wanna ask, ask away!

thank you for reading! <3
have a great rest of your LIFE!!!!
(cause it shouldnt just be the one day ya know!)

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