this weekend // 3 things

i promise ill get to Snapshot Sunday as soon as i get home from school!
i just wanted to blog this because i don't want to forget what a hot mess this weekend was. and i mean that in a good way. 

as usual, ended up at anarchy with Monique. 
this girl has mega game and while i wont get in to detail on here, this  night was a fun hot mess. 
1. a "friend" of mine asked me if i was going. i said yes, he said he'd meet me there. read that again, he asked me. i did not invite him. anyways we meet up with him, have him pretend to be mon's brother to avoid some annoying guy. then we leave to the bathroom and i drag him with me but he told me he wasn't going to go. cool. i meet a guy there (total random dude) and we started dancing! now, i know I'm always there but i always only dance with Mon and then I'm trying to hook everyone up afterwards. so long as i have a beer I'm cool.  he texted me to go back and i think i messed up in not going back to him when he asked me to so for that im sorry buuut like i said, i had some sort of grove going so why...specially when i had tried draggin him with me in the first place. 
its safe to say that he's no longer my friend :( not because i told him to get lost but actually because he said and i quote "never hit me up again les." okay. ill miss ya man buuut i wont beg anyone to be my friend. we've lost touch before maybe well meet up again. i do not hold grudges. (and yes i did apologize. i said i love you and im sorry and all he said was, im glad you think this is funny. i wasnt trying to be funny!) 

2. so that annoying guy from above. 
well, so we leave the bar, i go get my car from Mon's and go back to the bar to pick up the dude i was dancing with (no we did not hook up. ill tell you below in #3.) while i was waiting for him, the annoying dude (we call him NASA) just opens my door and gets inside my car in the back seat. 
hes all "are you my uber?" and I'm like "i don't uber at all."
he gets out and goes towards the front of my car. i ask him where he lives he says Carson so i tell him for $10 ill take ya home. 
okay cool. 
long story short, i made $40! wooohoo!!!! haha. 
(while i can see some people sorta freaking out about taking a stranger home, it was okay. the great thing about going to the same bar all the time is that you eventually run in to the same people. and he was the guy were were trying to avoid earlier but had met a couple of weekends ago. had it been some random ass dude i would've been like Hell to the no!)

3. after dropping off that dude at home, Odd (the dude i was picking up. not his real name but that's what i call him) had the brilliant idea to go to the beach! to know me is to know that i LOVE the beach. at night!!!
we were there for about i don't know 2 hours. just talking about random ass stuff. 
i don't know if ill ever see him again (again, same bar so maybe but if i don't its all good) but i was happy to be laying in the sand on the beach in the dark listening to the waves!

1. at home having breakfast when my mom walks by talking in a high pitch voice (she always does that to me when were on the phone.) i didnt think anything of it. then she comes back and she told me someone had called her pretending to be me saying that they were kidnapping me and taking me to TJ. 
i guess she found it funny because i was sitting in front of her and because she says it sounded like a guy pretending to sound like a girl. 
later on she said she would have freaked out had i not been home. 
i wonder who that was. 
and actually, that's not the first time my mom gets a call like that. back when i was idk maybe 16 or something, my parents got a call saying that my pregnancy test came back positive. think Mean Girls style. 
they woke me up (it was like 1 pm and i was on vacation) and they told me. my parents were sooo mad! they had already made plans about what was going to happen to the baby when it was born and about my school and work. 
all this drama from i don't know who, i don't know why. 
i have never wished to have my period so bad in my life like i did then so i could just get them to shut up! (and no there wasn't any chance of me being anywhere near being pregnant at that time. heck at 27, there still isnt!) 

2. anarchy 2 nights in a row. 
saw odd there again and we hung out but mostly i was on babysitting mode. which was like a blessing in disguise because who should i run in to? a gang load of my ex's friends. not that its any of his business what im up to, but you know. 
anyways, we then head on over to Cocktails, Anyone? and meet up with my friend Nelson. that guys is highlarious. 
we then head to Denny's and odd buys me pancakes. lol this was after i had bought him mc donalds the night before. 
(and frank, if ya still even read this..., yes, i saw you at anarchy with your girlfriend but i was already on babysitter mode. haha)

3. no biggie but  i finally got a haircut! by the beach! so pretty!!!! (the beach. my hair looks cool i guess lol) that, and somewhere in there i broke my stupid phone again. ugh. im just guna get a new one. im over it!

1. spent the night at mons because i did not want to drive home. the sunrise looked sooo beautiful. (see above) 
so beautiful that even though i was slightly hungover i wanted to go hiking RIGHTAWAY!
however, lets be real. i passed out in my sisters bed. 

2. we (my sister and i) decided to go hiking around 12 but it was freaking hot so we switched it to the doggy beach. it took a million tries to get there because i had to go back and give my mom my car so she could go to work and we forgot the towels when we switched cars out. anyways, we made it finally and the dogs had a blast. it was sooo much fun to see all these dogs in the water! 
i got Chonch first and just threw her in. of course it was cold but she was okay with it, i mean she did keep going back in. then i got Chester and he loved it! we have a natural swimmer in the family! i love him so but seeing him swim made my heart grow even bigger. 
Chester has never been one to be on a leash. while we never let them out on to the street and we cant walk our dogs like other people on the street (without a leash but always by your side) hes always been good about staying by us and if my mom or sister are there, then he wont leave. 
it was all fun and games until Chonch decided "screw you bitches. im making a run for it." so she ran. my sister went after her. Chester went after my sister and i went after Chester. 

what i love the most about this is that Chonch would get so far then stop, turn around and look at my sister and look at her like "when are you going to catch up?" then when my sis was close enough, boom, she'd take off running. 
im taking her again but shes staying on a leash! ggrrr

3. slept all day from 6pm until 1 am! 
woke to some chipotle and a new episode of Bob's Burgers. 

pretty great weekend if i say so myself! out having a good time and more time on/near the beach than in a long while. 
what were you up to? 

thanks for reading! 


  1. Wow! You've a great social life! Putting me to shame and I'm supposed to be living through my early 20's! Haha :) great writing keep it up :) <3

    1. haha thanks so much!!!
      i was a late bloomer. i didnt start until i was 25 but once you get a taste of it, man do you live!

      thank you so much for reading! (:


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