A Walk In The Park by Jill Mansell

published 2012
read from 3/6 to 3/10 2015

how exciting!
my last book got so many views! well not many like in the hundreds...but more than others!

any who, i meant to read this book about 3 books back but you know how it goes in book life; you see it on sale or you see a nice cover and then you get distracted and forget the reading order you had set for yourself! at least i know i do so here i am a couple of books later.  

this is one of the main reasons im SO mad at myself for not keeping up with my blog when i had originally started it because this is actually the 9th (!) Jill Mansell book i read. gotta love ebooks.

so lets get to it!

first off, JM is all about chick lit. at least thats the best way for me to describe it. 
its always based in London (more often than not) and its always a love story and it usually always happens at the end. so i just sorta gave you a breakdown to all her stories but ya gotta love it cause who isnt a sucker for love. i know i am! 

A Walk in the Park is based on Lara and Flynn...but mostly Lara.
at the age of 16 Lara fled Bath and moved in with her aunt Nezzie and wasnt heard from again until 16 years later. 
her father dies and she returns, reuniting with people she's left behind. some old, some new. 
there's also always other characters (no duh Les!), what i mean to say while she and Flynn are the main characters i liked that she gave everyone else their own little story which ends up all tying up. 


Lara fled Bath because 1) she was pregnant and 2) her father kicked her out of the house (without knowing she was pregnant) she was kicked out because of curfew. and lets face it, he HATED her. i know its a strong word but its true. see, her stepmother used to work for this man James. James was IN LOVE with Lara's mother but with them, it never went past, i dont know holding hands. however when she got word that Lara's mother was pregnant she ran and told Charles that the child his wife was expecting was not his but James. all because she was in love with him and she couldnt stand to see him in love with Lara's mom (James not Charles. and i will say, while it does make sense, i didnt not see that reason coming!)  Charles being an idiot believed her and basically hated Lara since day 1 but it wasnt until her mother dies that he was open about it so to speak. (and what a little b that woman! ruining Lara's moms life and then marrying her husband. talk about a catch 22!)
shes pregnant though, why didnt she tell Flynn? 
well she sorta tried but something about a ski trip came up and idk, she was just afraid i guess. not that im out there sleeping around but if someone fathers my kid, hes guna know! just saying! so while i see her logic (yes i know its a book!) she, i think should have still said something. 

anyways fast forward 16 (?) or was it 18? (curse you memory!) years and shes back in town to attend her fathers funeral. 

after the funeral she runs in to her best friend Evie who doesnt know anything about Gigi (her daughter) and who is about to be married but of course doesnt because the man she's due to marry is a total man whore. 

theres Harry who makes and sales shirts. long story short with this guy, he WAS married to Lara but is actually gay and the little short story that plays in there with Enjay is pretty funny because well a) when would that ever happen (i mean the reality show stuff) but b) i guess the end part of them both is something that probably happens more often than not (but not like a lot. at least i dont think.)  anyways, while he does have an ending in the story its not the best...i mean the bar ending anyways. Enjay and him,  to me were a good ending. it was just the after that. 

Gigi of course falls in love with her dad. there was no reason to believe she wouldnt. 


theres SO much more that i left out but i mean if i wrote it all, id be here for another 3 hours!
this was a super quick read (just took a while cause school and work and sleep!) but i liked it.
such a quirky little story. 
as always, while i did dish out spoilers, i still left out a lot! so i recommend this book! (: 
but of course only if ya buy it for like $2 tops. i got it on sale. im not saying its not worth the $10 that the ebook costs but at that price, you might as well buy the actual book. and well, what i love about this woman is that her books are always on sale (on kindle and nook) how'd ya think ive read 9 so far!

let me know what you think if you read it!
thanks for reading!

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