Snapshot Sunday // 8

hi guys!
checking in on this beautiful Sunday (cause hello rain! <3) while watching bob's burgers. 
i finally had a weekend off and i did absolutely nothing. pure bliss!
i went out Friday night with Mon and well, its always a fun time. we took an uber home and it only cost me $5.67. how freaking awesome. 
yesterday i cleaned up my room. finally fixed up my arts and crafts stuff and rearranged things. im liking all my little corners and i finally bought ink for my printer. i can start printing nonsense like crazy!

k lets get started! 
gloomy days are the best! <3
finally got a pedi. 
and this little corner has some (more) stuff up on the wall now. 
ive been loving the views lately. 
those clouds!!!! (insert heart eyes emoji!)
seen this at a table at school <3
when you head to Walgreen's to score eggs on sale, you gotta be fashionable. 
oh brotha'!
my name is Leslie, im 27 and this is the first time ive had coffee bean. 
i got hot chocolate ._. (thanks Jorge!)
bought these miffy (is that her name?) cups at the 99c store. im painting them with chalk paint so i can label whats in em since its kinda hard to see whats in them like that. 
babe. this dude is killer. we have a love hate relationship. 
she jumped on to my bed yesterday morning. 
she was so cold that i tucked her in to bed and she did not budge at all. 
shes the best!!! <3
and then she was warm enough and she was just sitting there. 
my initial thought, "what the hell was kate gosselin thinking with that haircut!?" haha

any who, im off to finish washing and getting some work done. 
hope you're having a fantabulous day! 
(ps...the blogs getting a makeover soon! cant wait!)

thanks for reading.

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