Hello March!

it looks like March is going to become my favorite month! :) 
just like last year we welcomed it with rain. which in California, thats like a heaven sent (hi-yo!)
i fell asleep to thunder and rain last night. seriously, the best. 

looking back at a year from now, mostly what i wrote then applies to now. 
its been a quiet year so far, im working (2 jobs now) and im still in school :)
and just like last year, i dont have my first outing until next month (Hello Kimbra!)

March is just taking names and kicking butt; i love it. 

i just purchased a new layout for my blog so that will be changing in a couple of days. 
while i do love the look i have now, i love the new layout i just purchased from Crissy.
she did the current one, she made the new one and as long as she keeps making em, im pretty sure she'll continue to be my gal for the job! <3
im also adding a button so you guys can grab it and place it on your blog if ya'd like (because i got a request the other day....whaaat!?? how cool!) 

all in all, everything is great!

i gained a few followers then lost a few but while i dont have an about me page im thinking of writing a post about myself kinda letting you all (who are new and would like to know) what im all about! :D there it is!; my monthly goal for march is to do that! woohoo. i cant wait. 

as much as i would love to stay here and chit chat with you, i gotta get back to work but thanks for stopping by to read!

i hope you have a great Monday/ week/ month / YEAR!!!

love ya lots!

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