Hello March!

heeellooooo marrrch! you beautiful little monster. 
as i am typing this its raining and thunder storming outside. for those of you in California, as scary as it sounds, you know its needed! (hence the picture i used!) 
i love it!
i love the rain!
its awesome. 
I'm stuck in my room doing french homework and studying for another test on Wednesday. 
a "not-open" book test. so i REALLY have to study!!!! i think the numbers are whats killing me like the 60's and up. 

any who, so far 2014 has been calm and quiet and maybe that's what i need and that's okay. 
next month i have Vegas for chach's birthday and in may i have the sounds with Vera wooohoo!!!
so far (random) i have gone to the movies in January & in February. 
I'm thinking of making it a once a month thing because i don't go very often. 
in fact, ask me anything movie related and i probably will not know what you are talking about!
yep, that's me. 

seeing as how i have a butt load of work and homework to do I'm going to cut it short. 
just wanted to stop by and say hello and welcome march! :D
and to type up tomorrow's snapshot Sunday post while my sister is in a good mood and letting me use her computer!

thanks for reading!
Bring it on March!!! <3

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