Currently stuck on: G I R L - Pharrell Williams

i know i know, im cheating because im using the same picture that i used in that one snapshot sunday post!
but i had too!!

its been a while since ive posted a currently stuck on: even though at work i live off of music!
you will never catch me at my desk without my headphones plugged in. 

I'm so glad i stumbled upon this CD on my coworkers ipad.
(i just typed ihop. I'm hungry!!!! don't judge!)

i purchased it last week (the physical CD....i always purchase the actual CD!), took it to Vegas and Ive been listening to it non-stop on the way to work, home, the beach AND AT work!

my fave: 
#3 Hunter: Duck Dynasty is cool and all but they ain't got nothin' on a females call.

#8 Lost Queen. specially the second part!!! you gotta go in and work to experience the outer space that was meant for you. (i think....don't quote me!)

#9 Know who you are. Alicia Keys. Daaammmmiiitt woman!!!!!! 

i love it all!

Justin Timberlake along with Miley Cyrus make an appearance. 
i personally loooove it!

if you hear it let me know what you think!
and yes, the hat makes an appearance all over the CD and booklet! :D

thanks for reading, 
<3 Les

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