Snapshot Sunday {55-61)

its a rainin' in California and i LOVE it!!!
scary looking me selfie! 
i love that wall!!!!
franks took me out to dinner and we ended up at a sushi spot once we realized alondra's was a 2309580234 hr wait. its okay though, THIS was delicious! 
original thought: "cant i just come to the effin gas station and spend my $30 on gas that will last a day peacefully without being offered $3 chocolate!?!!!"
thought after i bought it: "where the hell has this specific chocolate been at all my life!!!?"
kid asked me if i was having a great day and i said yea (i mean nothing extra ordinary but you know) to which he replies "i know you are i can tell by your smile!" 
look, i know. he gypped me with that...but technically i won!!!!
you better believe ima chase his ass next time i see him for some more of this chocolate!!!!
a fellow coworker lent me his ipad (you'll never catch me owning one!!!!) and i heard the new pharell album all week long! i love it!
we have a fish. 
we've had a fish since 1965. i just never thought to show him off on here! 
but here he is!!! (at least i think its a he! how do i find out!?)
his name: fishy fernando ooorrr pepe pescado!
i mean caaaammaaann!!!!
also the other day i got to thinking....doesn't he get bored in his teeeeny tiny ass bowl!? 
to which i then decided that the only way to correct that was to make him a scenery background. 
(i know, i need a life. or some friends at least!)
i know i havent been posting my Sunday hike posts but with my dumb ankle and fear of discovering new hiking places all by myself (ill hike where evers, just in a group!)  i have taken to running at long beach. 
i love that path. 3 miles easily plus that uphill run also! (i don't run it all at once....I'm working on that!) but its just nice to have a place to go and run and have time to think. 
i also love that I'm beating myself up for the days that i don't go!
that's always good!!!!

thanks for reading guys!!! (: 
have a great rest of your weekend! 
you are all awesome!!! :D

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