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DIY Pop-Up Message Balloons
i LOVE Kelly!!!
this pop-up message balloon diy is the cutest....
i already know what i can use it for!!!
DIY leather bar and drink tags
this is a  pretty neat idea for grown ups who like to have grown up parties involving grown up drinks!
I've NEVER loved a look on her more than i do this one!!! <3
looking for extra storage in the kitchen!? 
this is a neat idea!!! :D
i wonder if my mother would let me do this!? 
such a neat idea for a quick make an album DIY! (: 
don't you just love couples!? 
its better to be a unit than to be a unit with someone new every other week. 

gotta love LA. (photo cred Jeff Mindell!)
Little Easter Egg Planter DIY //
cute idea for the plant lover in your home. not just for Easter but any time really! 
        Image 1 of French Connection Dress in Summer BarkThe d'Orsay Flat
this dress and these shoes!
the price; not so swoon! :( one day!

thanks for wandering along with me! 


  1. I love those balloons too! The fact that they are so big just adds to the perfection :)

    1. i know!
      im thinking of busting these out for mom's day! (:

      {thanks for the comment!}


thanks for taking the time to read my blog. (:

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