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you can burn color pencils in substitution of candles!?
(apparently no wax required but you could dip em in wax to make em last longer. *MAGIC*!!!)
Make a Dot Wall with Potatoes! | Oh Happy Day
i want this wall!!!!
Using PostalPix Photo Prints in Your Business 1
i love PostalPix! (and doggies obviously!!) 
so this post is just the sweetest thing ever! <3
oh Wendy, i will forever love you and your style!
what an awesome idea!!!
make hearts on yo pants!
will try that next time my Levi's crap out on me! (:

DIY - Movie Stub Pillow
cutest idea in the world!
i  would love to do this especially since I'm always saving my stubs for everything! <3
uhhm, i want to go HERE for a vacation!!!! doesn't it look amazingly lovely!? 

okay so i know above this i said i wanted to go there but i really want to go here!
Boulder Colorado. 
look at how beautiful this scenery looks!? I'm so jealous!!

lets make this! :D

isnt it funny how things happen. 
im taking this french class and everything is turning up french!

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