Sunday Hike

i know its been a while since I've posted a Sunday hike post but i mean truthfully, that's kinda hard when a-hiking one does not go. 
considering it was one my resolutions i have been failing miserably. 
with my stupid ankle to this weird fear of hiking unexplored territories by myself! (I've been to this place several times and trust me being the chicken that i am, i wont go there past 5pm even though the sun goes down at like 9pm!)  
BUT!!!! although i have not been hiking every Sunday, i have been running at the beach twice a week which in my book is a-okay! because isn't the goal itself to just be active and healthy!? 
i think its a good trade off.

the good thing about going to bed at like 9 on a Saturday is that i was up by 8 today (Sunday) so i had enough morning time to get up and go hike and beat this weird heat/windy drama going on. 
even sweeter, i got good parking! (kind've a mission at turnbull canyon!) 
i wont lie, this hike sorta kicked my butt even though Ive done it a couple of times. 
maybe the not stretching before going for it was a factor in that! 
as you can see up above, they've updated their little art!
i love it. 
and below i leave you with a photo of a nice view. 
enjoy the rest of your Sunday evening. 
I'm watching the last harry potter movie and moms cooking smells delicious. 
cant get any better than that. 
au revoir

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