Q & A {10/25-31/2014}

im going to get a bit sentimental here.
these weeks questions are hitting a spot!!! (well some are and it depends on how you look at them.) 

okay let me back up. 

i believe in God. i do. but im not the kind of person that shoves religion down your throat. 
you can do with your life as you please so long as you have your head on straight...but i mean does God handle all the signs and stuff that you see in life? 
(unrelated sorta but this HONY, woooah! love everything he said!) 

let me back up a bit more. 
for the last few months (back since February) ive been chasing after someone (my ex of 8 years) to no avail. 
we both did things to ruin the relationship and the last time it was me. finally, last week i got through. i thought things would change. (no les, they dont! its called a break-up because its broken! but still, how else do you learn?) meanwhile all the time i was trying, i would see signs EVERYWHERE. his name, things to do with Indiana (where he lived for a while) and the #317. i'd also hear the red hot chili peppers everywhere (his favorite band). i thought to myself this is God telling me that i should keep trying and wait it out. it got to the point where i was asking for all this to stop because i was getting nowhere but finally, i got through. and it all fell apart. it was good for like a day, then it fell apart. 

and now, now even after chasing for so long and having it fall apart before it had the chance to go anywhere, i feel this crazy peace within me. this calm that i have not had in months maybe even years. i feel like im ready to be about me and not stress over something that i never had any control over to begin with. Yesterday (Thursday) i had the HUGEST smile on my face all day long. i booked an AIRB&B with a friend and im heading to Big Sur and im finally going to see The Bixby Bridge. we're driving down the 1 and im most likely going to make him drive so i can enjoy the view which is saying something because i HATE when other people drive (i only trust Monique! which is another thing because that girl is crazy! lol) 


i believe whatever it was, God, the Universe, Buddha, Oprah, WHOEVER! did this, put me through all this to lead me to this path. 
its feels *pardon my french* fucking amazing to not let any of that bother me anymore. its seriously amazing. its nirvana. i never thought i'd know what this felt like but here i am. 

and now, the questions. just like whoever it was giving me those hints and signs preparing me for what came my way, i feel like these questions are a closure kind of thing? closure on top of closure. 

life; it's amazing! love it!!!

the true meaning of everyting, with time, will reveal itself. the timing might suck but it works out in the end. 
just enjoy the ride. the ups and downs. the mess ups and everything in between. 

just love it all! (: 
(i'm tellin ya, amazazing mood! ...quick where is that from!?) 

okay lets get started!
(jump in for more)


only 2 years and 20 days since i last saw Kimbra
but who's keeping count. ;)

i must say solo missions are the best. 
no one wanted to go and i wasnt about to miss out so by myself i went. 
and i met some pretty cool people. 
i was originally supposed to go on Thursday as well to her show at The Roxy but i ended up selling my ticket because school and you know, responsible adult (read: not wanting to miss class!) 
she was SO GOOD the night i saw her i wasnt even mad that i missed Thursday. 

i left right after work and got there around 545 almost 6 to a small line and once inside i got pretty close. "2nd row" if that's what you want to call it. 

as always, a million pictures (just 10 or so)
i guess the good thing about me waiting to post has got to bet that i get to weed out the "bad" pictures cause if not this post would be never ending! 

enjoy! (: 

she played mostly her entire new album i believe and a lot of her old stuff from her first album. 
it was amazing. 
she has energy but WOAH! she was on another level! <3 
she was sooo good live and just the way she performs. 

i was soooo in love that i texted my friend asking him when she was performing at life is beautiful in vegas juuuust to make the trip out there to see her again. 

seriously, if ya get the chance, catch her. you will not be disappointed. 

after this solo trip (even though ive done solo before!) i made myself a promise that i will go to any show my little heart desires by myself no matter what!
it was so much fun and i met some pretty cool people that i don't even mind it. plus side, while waiting in line i got to get some reading done. 
what a blast!!!! haha. 

here's a little crappy video i took but if you youtube her at the Santa Ana observatory you can see how great she was!
and here are some really great professional photos! dont miss out! (i see my hand comes out in one! eeek!) 

DIY: Tissue Garland!

have you ever wanted to make a garland but you've been like ? 
i know i have!!! :D then i read this article and boom! apparently its really easy!
i wont lie my first try was a mess (mostly cause i was being fussy about it!) but yesterday in the midst of cleaning i though Hey! why not. 
sho'nuff. it worked out! (: 

  • tissue paper of your choice (oh! the possibilities!)
  • scissors // x-acto knife (i used an x-acto because it was way easier to use!)
  • string of your choice
  • washi tape (optional) 
  • cutting board / matt (i used the back of a "thats what she said" banner sign thing from the office that i got from target lol)

fold your paper in half the long ways then half again so you can make 2 sets of sheets out of one sheet. 
reason why x-acto knife is easier to use: you can cute lines without having to lift paper to check your lines. 
also, once you cut your 2 out of 1 sheet, you can layer them on top of each other and cut 2 in 1 so you dont spend twice as much time cutting lines. 
--when cutting the lines, make sure to leave enough space on the top so you can have enough room to fold and twist them once they are rolled. 
once its all cut it should look all cute fringe-y!
you open it up and then roll it. 
at first, i was rolling it super carefully but by the end i learned you can actually fold it down; you get the same results. 
once you roll it, you twist it as far as you can. 
final result!!! 
next up: washi tape!
in all the posts and instagram pictures i have seen,  i havent seen anyone secure it past the twisting part. 
im not sure how else to hold it so i thought "hey! some cute washi tape!"
sure enough it works and luckily i had the same colors. 
for the pink i just cut down the middle so you couldnt see the Hooray all that well. 
the pink tissue paper was longer than the gold paper but i didnt mind. 
you can cut that to size as you please. 

to loop them, you just run the string through the twist loop. and then once again to "secure" it but not too tight so you can move it around. 
prints from kendra // board inspiration from Anne
i originally planned these for my window but i was a few short and feeling lazy to finish the rest. then this spot opened up and it was PERFECT! right underneath my Hello sign. 

im hooked on this! i want to make a zillion more. 
im thinking of making some for pen pals to send over the holidays! 

just in case my instructions werent all that clear, you can catch it over on HGTV

thanks for craftin' with me! 

happy {late} bday sis

my sister's birthday was almost a month ago and I'm barely getting to posting the several pictures i took.  
her friends ended up taking her out so we had a small dinner at home followed by the 3rd ice creak cake in a row. since august that's all we've been eating because my mom's is in Aug, Tess is Sept and Gis in Oct. 
school had been kicking my ass that week so Friday i was on zombie mode. my mom asked me to get the cake but i passed out so she went to grab it herself. of course she wasn't aware she could have them write something on it so i had to whip out mah mad cake decorating skills. 

"HBD B."

happy birthday bro.

 the women in my life. 


Q & A {10/18-24/ 2014}

#31. i forgot again. eeek!

can you believe Glenn and Maggie left with those fools to DC!? gah!

okay done!
Friday riiight after work, i left to go see Kimbra (!!!) then i ended up at Anarchy as always with Dan & his friend. got home and passed out. 
Saturday i was supposed to go to my cousins but that failed so i did a lot of nothing and i lost a day of doing homework and i was snoozing by 1030 pm. Sunday i woke up at 10am (12 hrs of sleep? heck yes!) i cleaned my room hung more stuff up and basically lost another day (of homework anyways) and so here i am on a Monday. 

lets get staaarted! (: 

October 18, 2014 {Saturday}
Q: what famous living person would you want to meet for drinks?
Fran Drescher. I LOVE HER!!!!!!
i've loved her since i was younger than 7. (dont remember the exact age) i remember 7 because that was the last time i was in El Salvador and i remember finding her show on TV out there. i spent the rest of the afternoon watching her show!)

October 19, 2014 {Sunday}
Q: what was your last credit card purchase?
benihana's and gas the day of Andy's bday (i answered this late!) but if we go by accurate time then sometime the week before when i bought my mom her car battery. 

October 20, 2014 {Monday}
Q: who do you count on?
myself. but everyone deserves a chance before you judge. 
either way, dont ever judge. it aint our place. 

October 21, 2014 {Tuesday}
Q: what new word have you learned?
hhhmm...conk. i learned it because my stupid sister lost her phone and she lost it while reading the word of the day! 

October 22, 2014 {Wednesday}
Q: write a haiku about your day (5 syllables/7 syllables/5 syllables).
A: i got home and slept. 
slept after work because i was tired
am i doing this right?
no seriously. did i?
i didn't learn it when it was mandatory i wont learn it for shits and giggles.  

October 23, 2014 {Thursday}
Q: who is the last person in your missed calls?
my mom. or a debt collector in Texas. (NOT MY DEBT!!!)

October 24, 2014 {Friday} // {KIMBRA!!!!!}
Q: how are you? write it in a rhyming couplet (two lines of verse that rhyme and have the same rhythm).
A: not this rhyme crap again. lets say its safe to say that for the (now) next 4 years this one wont be fairly answered. but I'm GREAT!
i ain't no Dr. Seuss!

its safe to say i am a joke!
gotta get back to work! (: 
hope you have a great Monday / rest of your week! 

Snapshot Sunday {293-299}

hoooly smokes. next week were in 300.(technically we already are but i mean post wise!) 
that means only 65 days in 2014!!! :o
as im typing this, im watching the walking dead, woooahhh! rick, rick, rick. gaaahhh!!
lets get started. (: 
293 // 
last Friday i went to a boat (!!!) party with Monique. i went as Tina from bobs burgers, yellow clip and everything. at the moment of this picture i was already drunk. like super. i saw this dude wearing an "Ebola containment force" homemade costume and i was laughing SO HARD i had to take a picture. now that i look it im laughing even more because of my cheesy ass smile. 
it was so much fun to party on a boat!!! I'd never been on one before because Hello!, i saw Titanic but it was actually a lot of fun! im thinking of doing an actual post because of all the nonsense that went on!
294 //
mr. Chester! 
i don't know why but as of last night hes been whining if you touch him or anything. we gave him meds but he's fighting sleep so hard its crazy. i dont want to take him to the vet yet cause i dont want a $600 bill when all it is is hyper activeness and he's just being dumb ya know. well see tomorrow. 
295 // 
le sigh. 
sunsets are so ridiculously purdy!
296 // 
im not a huge accessory person and i want to try to change that. 
my sis and i went to forever 21 in Montebello and they had these on sale! ahhh! i love how it looks! i wanted it but i know i wont wear it often (hello catch 22!) so i made my sister take a picture! (: 
...and im also shocked at how long my hair is!
i had a bob going on in February and now this!!!
297 // 
snow monster with my sister. 
also jenga. i won! 4-3 sucka!
298 // 
ahhh!!! my room is slowly but surely coming together. 
the prints i got from the lovely Kendra Beshk through her instagram. ive had them forever just didnt have the space til my switch. 
the hello banner was made by moi for a pen pal. i was going to send it once i wrote back but said pen pal never wrote me back so ya know, too late. 
i made the garland mahself as well!!! :D (diy coming up!) 
and the board was inspiration from Anne
i added more stuff after i took the picture but ill work on that later. i still have a post coming up on that but im still fixing some odds and ends!
299 // 
coming home to her keesies are the best!!! <3

its almost 11 so i gotta finish this up and start another! (: 
hope you had a great weekend and a good week ahead! 
its almost hallloooowwweeeenn!!!! <3

Happy Birthday Andy!

happy birthday Andres!!!! 

Andy started the wonderful tradition of taking us out to eat for our birthday starting with me last year for my bday this year (im a new years baby so we went in December before it got super crazy!) 
next was Jaydeen and now him!
where to take him!? 
my sister mentioned Benihana's so we took him there and thankfully he loved it!!! (: 
and we were all super stuffed! 


mushroom soup before our food! // salad and sushi rolls. lots of sushi rolls!
i cant even keep an egg from rolling meanwhile he has one on top of the other! // apparently the whole birthday party gets ice cream! (: chocolate for me thanks! (: 
eeek! (: 
i LOVE the fact that he's posing with a thumbs up. 
so andy!
after dinner and dessert they took a picture of us and they gave it to Andy! 
we can also go online and print it ourselves.
im sooo excited. this is going up on my wall at work. 

happy birthday andy!
love you lots. 
here's to 24 and many many more! 

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