this & that.

i am a sucker for calendars and this one.....i love it!!!

this door!!! <3 <3 <3
so simple but still!
iphones seriously get everything! (case wise!)i love this! neat idea.

yes please!!!!

quick, easy diy art. i love this!!!
i just realized that i don't follow any guy bloggers.
then i found this guy and i am in LOVE!!! i love his style!!!

glad i wasn't there for the grand opening of Disneyland.

did i walk in to another dimension!? nope.
this is awesome!!!!
why did i just think of Lindsey Lohan on Mean girls "the limit does not exist!" haha
DIY Burger Pumpkin
shut up Kelly! i CANNOT deal with you!!!!!
my heart cant handle this!!!!
i love this woman!!!

speaking of pumpkins and burgers.....AHHH!!!!!
i want these!!!!!


hope these links made your Monday a tad bit better! (and got you in the mood for Halloween!)
yes i am 12. -.-

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