Snapshot Sunday {272-278}

i love that this is the one post that i wont miss. always on schedule. well except of course those few times i had a VALID excuse. 
lazy lazy LAZY Sunday. 
i LOVE it. 
woke up at 10. on my own! got a burger because Luke's does that to you, showered, laid in bed for hours, left laundry in the washer and i just finished up some pen pal mail. life on a Sunday is great. 
we should have more than one Sunday a week. funny thing is, i get a day off during the week this week and i have NO idea what to do!!! i don't even have a netflix playing device to stay home and bum it in bed. 
and are you kidding me!? why give up the ac at work for a slow melting death at home? 
i need an AC

lets get started!!!
272  // 
i bought these earrings on little big fabrics website a while ago. she runs her own business so turn around time takes a while. i bought these when they were on sale for $4. i mean come on!!!!
daria, donuts, ladycorn, mini / mickey AND harry potter! how could i not!? 
i got them in the mail last week. 
i love ordering stuff online! (i hate the waiting!) but i guess when you don't know its delivery date and then you get it unexpectedly in the mail, its the best!!
273 // 
i went to six flags on Friday with my friend chonch. the first ride we got on was that new one and because the Halloween season is going on, these dudes got cuts to get on. this guy asked for someone to go on with him so i volunteered. he then said #selfie. and i had too!! considering I'm a HUGE chicken I'm surprised how okay i was with all the ahhh! everywhere. 
i love you Halloween!
274 // 
beers with Danny on Tuesday!
too bad he then proceeded to spill some of it all over my pants! ggrr!
275 // 
sister turned 19 on the 3rd. 
so did Gwen Stefani and Ashlee Simpson and Keiko or Lane from Gilmore Girls BUT i guess we celebrate hers instead. 
276 // 
how else do you drive?
277 // 
sometimes i get to go to one of our posts and on Friday i got to go to Grace Simmons. 
nice little shady park area next to the dodgers stadium. 
....but the water was a weird color (Joe, my coworker, says its probably the chemicals they add to keep bugs away!) and i realized i have a fear of weird colored water. 
i have never been so afraid to be near the edge. i don't know how deep it was so that was part of the fear. 
(hey!, i had a pretty exciting Friday!) 
278 // 
pretty colored paper streamer! love these color together. 
NEVER making another banner in my life. and as i type this i realize that i made a banner for a pen pal and i already sealed it and i forgot the banner. gah!!!!

thanks for freakin out with me! :*

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