Downtown LA night, is simply beautiful. 

it's been a dream of mine to go to DTLA at night and take pictures. not only that but walk around. seems so beautiful. 
but of course me being the HUGE chicken that i am, there was no way i was going at nigh by myself. 

my Friend Danny asked me if i wanted to tag along with him one night about a week ago. 
thank you Dan!  i love you! you made my dream come true!!! (see, i am an easy gal to please!) 

here's a million more pictures. 
of course my camera is NOTHING compared to Danny's. he has those super duper fancy ones in which the pictures, before they are edited, still look ridiculously beautiful. 
i guess the beauty of the untrained (camera) eye, is that no matter how "imperfect" the shot is, its still beautiful!!!!

Grand Park

and then my camera decided to do this. i didnt even know that setting was available. right after i took the picture the screen went black so i was like crap, just broke my brand new camera.. thankfully, it was just because of this. 

mandatory feet shot. i dont know why. i just always have too! lol 
this was at MOCA
have you seen The Dark Knight? Of course you have!
you know that scene towards the end when homegirl steals the tractor truck thing and she drives it off the street, on to the street? 
well, this is the street. 
let me be clear, that scene along with others were shot in DLTA and that scene was shot around this area. it could very well be this one. hence why i call this the batman street. but don't quote me on this one being the very one!
Danny wouldn't stop laughing at me. 
Walt Disney Concert Hall 

this was sooo much fun!
i cant wait to go out and explore a bit more. 
im trying to convince him to go out with me to Big Sur sooo hopefully. that view is ridiculously beautiful!!! 

thanks for viewing DTLA at night with me! (even though i posted basically the same picture 100 times! haha) 
have a great Wednesday!

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