Santa Monica date with And ♡

i bought tickets to the U R ART Festival not knowing what it was really about. 
i saw it said they had vendors and food trucks and art stuff going on as well as yoga and some dj's spinning (did i really just say that?) 
usually, im not one to venture out like that specially when i dont know what its about buuuut they were on sale so i thought whyyy not. 

well, that bit me in the ass. 
we showed up early because by now you know my being on time-ish fear.
first off the parking structure it stated we could park at; it was a taxi center office place.
i didn't see anything BUT taxis. i didn't feel comfortable leaving my car there. (leslie confessions #2387 i have a fear of leaving my car anywhere! weird i know! but i feel like if i cant get back to it i panic. like the one time there was NO WAY in to the downtown Disney lot. i had to break, enter and run and steal my own car!) so of course there was no way i was going to leave my car there.
turns out there was PLENTY of street parking.

we go inside aaaandd its only like 145 or something so we were super early even though the event started at 12.

man. this was the tiniest place ever!!!! (insert a million sad faces!)
i think it was the size of my house from font to back yard. (if not smaller and my house is not that big to begin with. nope. it was hella smaller!)
we bought water ($7 friggin bucks! in a cute tin can thing. its something i can reuse over and over so its a win win i guess) we go looking for the food trucks. theres only a vegan truck and a grilled cheese spot.

we walk away. the butt load of vendors? there were i think 6. IF at most.

i did however score some pretty sweet cat earrings for $6 so haaay!!! (similar here: i just got the cat outline though)
we left right away.
so its safe to say that i didn't get to do anything there. i didn't even see any dj's.
le sigh.
Andy was hungry so off to find food we went. 

adventure time.

parking in Santa Monica is free for 90 minutes. 
$1 the next hour and then $1 every 30 minutes after up to $14
Andy and i busted a mission and only paid 2 bucks for parking!
booyah! and of course i had to take pictures of where we parked.

we hit up Johnny Rockets because that was the only place that had a tolerable long line. 
is it me or did the burgers shrink? because i could have sworn they were way bigger in Vegas! 
either way, still yummy!!!

i don't think I've ever needed any 2 things more in my life than the genital hand sanitizer and booze tubes! lol
i LOVED that "fuck it lets dance" banner. i wanted to buy it so i could hang it up in my new room. but not for $14. not when making banners is my thing! no sir!

apparently Andy is terrified of this ride.    
pfft hes lucky i don't have my Disney pass and make him get on the one they have out there! i love that it swings!

view from the ride!!!

 he swears someone was whistling at him. 
that view! insert googly heart eyes emoji
 i love it!
 i love taking shots of me walking i don't know why!
blurry Andy. quite possibly the best!
lol just kidding and! <3
i love this dude!!! :*
me bombing his phone while shopping at forever!  im really getting in to this selfie thing!

i was full from eating at rockets but all i wanted was rocky road ice cream!
we headed home to rite aid and to my dismay they didn't have rocky road! i was so bummed. 
then the nice man opened the lid and i saw there was still some so i told him to scrape that ish! and he ended up giving me 3 (!) scoops. 
i always get black cherry and rocky road. 
this time i got an extra (and free) scoop of chocolate ice cream because he felt bad. 
i had a great date with Andy!

i love you and!!! <3

thanks for reading about my little date!
....and maybe me having a camera might make these posts a little longer....but its a-ok! (: 
have a great weekend! 

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