Snapshot Sunday {181-187}

im late late late but im here here here!
its going to be quick because this whole weekend ive been partying and im ready for a good nights sleep! (: 
lets get started! 
181 //
when a certain friend (Chonch!) gives you a b&n gift card and you save it for several months to buy the new Dean Koontz book but you score a couple more as well!
thanks chonch!!!
182 //
reading said DK book outside in my backyard! (: 
love it. 
im almost done. had it not been for the entire holiday weekend i would have already been done 
but its okay, im not in a hurry...ish!
183 //
4th of July at Claudia's!
July 7th is basically everyone's birthday so we celebrated Jasmin's birthday on the 4th. 
her cake was a krispy kreme donut. 
cant beat that cake! :D
184 //
dog toys are THEE cutest sometimes! (: 
185 //
what else do you wear to celebrate 4th of july!
i love this shirt!!!!
186 //
finally had my first boot!
angry orchards too! yuuummm!!!!
as M said..."that's kids size!" 
haha its working myself up to a real size boot and i had 2 of these so its all good! (: 
187 //
since Thursday night i have basically lived with my cousin! 
we went to bar 107, Perch (for Danny), meant to go to Howl at the Moon and ended up at Infusion (free entry and drinks were bogo!) and mariscos on Sunday to sober up!
haha. it was a good weekend with her! 
its her birthday tomorrow so cheers to her!!!
i have a few pictures of her surprise party coming up. 
thanks to this little friend family for inviting me along. 

i had a GREAT 3 day weekend!
love love loooved it. 

thanks for reading! 
lets kick this week's butt! (: 

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