Street Art: DTLA pt 2

ready for part 2? 
yesterday i found a butt load of people on IG  that are responsible for most of these and I'm super excited to go back out there and get more pictures! (: 
sigh, i love it all. 

these were found a little bit after Indian Alley in no particular order. 
i sent this to EVERYONE in my snapchat. 
too bad i didn't have chalk on me otherwise it would have been customized. 
but i did use the paint option and wrote you on it then sent it to everyone! (:
I've actually seen these girls EVERYWHERE! 
i wonder who it is. i actually think its a chick but I'm not 100% sure. 
this was in front of a bakery window.
- Claudio Ethos -
this guy has been up for a while! the way dtla moves, I'm honestly surprised he's still up. 
and i just noticed the day that i took this picture that his hand is floating away with balloons. 
the first time i saw him a while ago, i was driving so i couldn't look very well. 
I'm not sure who this is. 
but it reminds me of Yoko Ono because of the glasses. 
but i could be wrong.
man. 26 and I've NEVER even held a cig near my mouth just for fun! I've never smoked. 
woohooo! and YES you bet your ass I'm proud of that!
this one is an oldie too! (: 
i actually saw this one being drawn on facebook sometime last year and that's how i knew about it. 
isn't she a beauty? 
i think the artists name is Robert but i am NOT 100% sure. 

this one is an oldie too. i first posted this when i went to The Last Bookstore for the first time. 
isn't she beautiful? i seriously thought she would have been gone by now but she's still there. 
i wonder how much she is. 
she'd look even more beautiful in my new room! ;)
this one is new. 
reminds me of a modern Pocahontas
this cat (and everything below) is the new stuff on the wall from last time
its crazy how fast it all changed. 
please do! (: 
i got a better picture of my flamingo!!! (: 
by the way, i totally bought a flamingo from Lowes. 
i named him Steve! 
cant wait to see what i do with him in my new room!
im excited to decorate! (: 
pieces of a toilet. 
this reminds me of Disclosure for some reason. 
marilyn has neva looked better. 
i like that her mustache says "mustache" haha. 
i couldnt get a better close up :(
nom nom noooms!!!

i still have one more post to go! (: 
(firs post here)
hope you enjoyed viewing some pretty little things. 
...maybe me FINALLY getting a camera wasn't such a great thing! :D 
just kidding. best thing ever!

have a fantabulous Thursday!!! 

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