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just found this blog and i can already tell im going to like it!
specially with DIY's like this!
im thinking maybe for my new room! :D
Easiest ever ice cream cake
my sister keeps telling me she wants an ice cream cake for her bday!
this seems like the right thing to make for her instead of buying it!!!
How to create bright and sharp photos with your iPhone (Tip 5)
good tips on iPhone photography. (#teamdroid!) after i read this article i went to my vsco app and fixed this picture from when i went to go see NFG. i was bummed because it was after the post that i used it. i could have used it to lighten all the other pictures. but oh well, you live and you learn.
thanks for the tips els!
also, they just released a new app for iphones. enjoy guys. le sigh. unfortunately, android will not be getting this. just like we didnt get the update on the abm app. oh well.  ill never go to the dark side. NEVER!
Watermelon Favors DIY | Oh Happy Day!
watermelon goodie bags!?
yes please!

i agree with these reading rules!!!
(except for the  'well loved book look well loved' i LOVE my books and i love a book with its spine all worn out (a well loved book means it was a good book) but for some odd reason i love to keep mine looking brand new.

i love EVERYTHING about this look!!
and those shoes!
great blog help.
i need to learn my stuff!
great stuff to do in beautiful LA! (:
Peach Iced Tea Popsicles
im loving all these Popsicle ideas!
specially this one
t-shirt dilemma. 
i know this might sound weird but i've had this problem too...forever 21 white tees can only go so far! :0

i know i was away for a while on this & that buuuut im back! (: \
thanks for linking with me!

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