Snapshot Sunday {202-208}

im starting to think that im off somewhere on the days. 
like i know when i hit the end of the year im for sure going to be off  or over by a few numbers. im calling it!
lets get a bet going !!!
i was scared that this week i wasnt going to have any pictures for SS because i've been on my camera but nope! no problem at all!
i still have a few more picture posts and im loving that i have something else to post about.  (: 

super random: yesterday before going to work i stopped by the market to buy a banana. a single banana. it sat on my desk for a while  which is odd considering i was super hungry
yea i know....what does that have to do with anything?
nothing at all. 

lets get started! :*

i signed up for a happy mail swap with Thuy and i got paired up with Danielle from NEW friggin ZEALAND!
how awesome is that!? 
i got really creative on her box. because she follows my blog (yay!!!) i will wait to write a post on what i sent her. 
i hope you like it D!
run away with your frame little dude!!!
also, you can barely tell, but my socks arent matching!
socks should NEVER match. 
the left one is a rainbow one and the right one is a white with black polka dots one!
BUT they are both from forever 21 so give me some credit! ;)
talk about a stash!!!
gota love it! 
this is my cousins stash! chick is crazy! 
also if you do use these ladies, i hope you know you DONT have to use both little packets. 
if you have short nails you can just use one packet for both of the same size nails. 
just be careful when filling the leftover sticker off so you have just enough for the other side. 
gota love her method of studying!
i have no idea what that is, what it does. i just know that if you ask me to spell it
id be like G L O (J.LO) M E R U L O (as is Jason Derulo!)
hey! whatever works!
saw this as i was leaving The Neighbourhood concert. 
who does this!? 
i mean its dead....i mean i understand the sentiment. but like what!? 
well, i was in a rich neighborhood so i guess it makes sense but WHAT!? 
im going to see Kimbra not once but TWICE!!!
what the what!??? whaaat!!!
i looove her!
i just pre-ordered her album and man! those 3 songs!!!
i can not wait!!!!
its safe to say, for me at least, that this is going to be a good one!
Love In High Places, for sure my favorite!!! 
and for $20 bucks how could i NOT go to both. i couldnt help it and i cant wait!

i had to twofer this one!
a) what a cutie patootie sleeping!!! this was Friday night. i got her all bundled up on pillows and i fell asleep on her tummy. i was super comfortable for once. 
i love that during summer she gets brownish and for winter she gets white white white. 
b) my sister was supposed to take her to the park to get her shots. she thought it was on Thursday but it turns out it was actually that very same Wednesday. now, i love my sister but sometimes, stupidity cant be explained! ._.
so shes leaves at like i dont know maybe 730? (we were having family dinner outside and i think the park stops doing the shots at 8) BUT she doesnt take chonch. she just goes to check it out. 
she comes back, gets her ready then takes off. she gets to the park at 805 so they wont take her in anymore. 
seriously people!!? 
anyways, stupidity cant be explained BUT everything does happen for a reason because she ended up taking chonch to SNPLA.
what she got at SNPLA for $46 she would have gotten at the park for $76. 
suck it South Gate Park!!!
so see, sometimes things happen for a reason!

lol now that i think about it i just told you this ENTIRE STORY just to let you know that dogs have awesome dog toys and that the reason chonch has this one is because my sister felt bad that she missed her shots at the park by a few minutes so she went to petco to buy her toys!
maybe that stupidity thing came back to bite me in the butt. 
touché life, touché!!!
 but also, if you live in the LA area you should definitely check out SNPLA. they're dope as heck. we took Jack and Chester to get neutered there and chonch is up next soon. 
no babies for her!
"just because you want to live a childless life doesnt mean you have to punish chonch too!" -my sister.
im a failure in her eyes because at 26 i have yet to have kids. 
...uhm no thanks. i cherish my sleep. 
the time will come. 
but not now! 

any who, thanks for reading!
lol im still laughing at that last picture! ._. well the story!
hope you had a great weekend!

gracias por leer!

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