im  loving all these mantras im seeing on instagram. 
love love love. 
....but most of all love yourself because no one will love you like you  love yourself and im starting to learn that myself. 

without getting TOO personal, i got rid of some junk last night.
its amazing what one little action can do for ya. 
i saw something that bothered me and i decided then and there that i did not need that in my life. 
so rid of it i got. 
and let me tell you, i am in THEE greatest mood. 

i woke up late (maybe that has something to do with this great mood as well) went to school and registered for my on the wait list but at least im going back and im the 2nd / 3rd one so chances are good! (: 
im at work with a huge smile! im at work until 630 but that only puts a bigger smile on my face because after this i get to go for my run and it wont be in this ridiculous heat. 

life has been great without all that negativity and im loving the way i feel so why bother trying anymore with something that wasnt fitting in my life? 

change is inevitable (i love the way that words sounds!) and its scary but im choosing to embrace it. 
like they say...."sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together." 

i can not wait! <3

like Kara Haupt said: 

"i have no interest in making someone want something they dont want, particularly when that thing is me and particularly when i am fucking amazing." 

i love her. 

have a great Tuesday!
i hope you're feeling even better than i am!
love you all!, 

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