Happy Halloweeen!

Eeek! I'm in looove with this holiday.

Currently I'm in bed cuddled up reading.
Instead of being out.
I'm being chauffeur tonight for everyone so I just decided to stay in.

I ♥ seeing all the lil kids out and about dressed up and the streets filled with so many people.

Kind've reminds of Halloweentown (the movie on Disney channel) and truthfully I wish it was always like that all the time.

Any who, have a safe Happy Halloween!

(Insert pumpkin emoji. . ..I don't have an iphone!)

{Photo cred by jared chapman on IG.
Follow him his art is amazing!}

Her Fearful Symmetry by Audrey Niffenegger

isbn: 978-1-4391-6539-3
isbn: 978-1-4391-6917-9 (e-book)
published 2009. 
read from: 10/15-24/2013

WHAT did i just read!? 
this was another impulse purchase at the dollar book store. 
after seeing the cover how could you NOT want to read it? 
like others, it was sitting on my shelf until i decided hey! lets pick her right up. 

i've never heard of Audrey although she did write The Time Traveler's Wife. 
i have not read the book nor seen the movie. 
im still not sure if i am. 
(i do have her on my TO READ list in this little booklet i carry everywhere with me.)

any who, 

Her Fearful Symmetry is based on 2 different sets of Twins; Edwina & Elspeth Noblin and (Edwina's daughters) Julia and Valentina Poole (mostly on this set).

Elspeth has passed away and her last and only wish is to have Julia and Valentina travel to London and live in her apartment  for a year with the condition that their parents NEVER step foot in the place. 
once the year is up they can sell the flat and divide the money or they can continue to stay there.

in the beginning there is a detective following Edwina because her husband Jack thinks that she is cheating on him. 
the only thing she is doing is going to a mailbox to retrieve the letters Elspeth has been sending her. 
she receives the final letter where Elspeth states that shes already passed away (sent by Robert after her death) and where she also learns of the twins new situation. 

the twins (J & A) are both quite the opposite although they never leave each others side. 
Julia is the outgoing twin. she was born first i believe by a few minutes and everything with her is fine. 
Valentina is the shy quiet one. whatever Julia says goes. she was also born the opposite of Julia. 
all her organs are on the opposite side of her body unlike Julia's and all other humans. 

they travel to London where things slowly but quickly start to unravel. 

Elspeth, although dead, is still hanging around. 
turns out she's a ghost (no duh!) but i mean i didn't see that one coming (i really didn't!) 

little by little she learns to control her actions and how to communicate with the twins (and Robert, her lover.) 

along the story Valentina tries to catch a kitty and Elspeth grabs it for her which is how she starts to make herself known. 

in London, Valentina starts to try and become more independent and Julia is not having it. 
once she communicates with Elspeth she comes up with an elaborate plan (one she saw her do with the cat) to have Els do to her what she did to the cat so that she can lose reigns with Julia and become her own person. 

the twists and turns and events had me going like "what is going one here!?"

you know that movie with Leo DiCaprio, Inception? 
yea this is what it was. 
im still not sure what happened, erm how it happened with Jack, Edwina & Elspeth. 
what a trip!

i dont want to spoil it for all so read below for the spoilers. you have been warned!

Snapshot Sunday! {10.27}

im excited because i just got my very first EVER comment on my blog!
i know, im a dork but its the little milestones, no matter how small,  that count!
(its on my Nick Hexum post just in case you wanted to look in to it!)

here's my weekly Sunday pictures!

lets try it a little different this time! (:

someone got a new toy. 
im wondering if its still alive. 
they never usually last. 
i took her to Lucille's for her bday. 
apparently that was not enough. 
she wanted to sushi and she went to town. 
hunting the jungles of Ikea. 
looking for some more pineapple trees. 
after last weekends shenanigans, i was beyond thirsty in the morning. 
i NEVER go to starucks. $4 for a cup of tea? no thanks. 
i guess it was that serious. 
(also, my sister treated me to a mani/pedi! what a sweetheart!) 
dinner date with my mom and sis. 
im 25 years old. 
we've been coming to this restaurant since i was in my moms stomach. 
i love this place. 
my friend Jesabelle sent me a snapchat of this drawing she made and i instantly messaged her that i wanted it. i told her id pay her and she said that i could have it for free. 
whats even cuter, in the back she wrote: " Leslie, i love you as much as four hearts can love. :)" 
if youre a good hearted loving human, thats A LOT of love. 
i love you too Jess and like i told you, ill gladly take all your paintings for my wall! (: 
my sister dragged me to some woman's expo thing this Saturday at the convention center. 
ill admit i didn't want to go buuut as soon as i got there i was having a blast. 
the first stop, a sewing corner. 
i got to sew my very first bag all on my own! (: 
i can sew the crap out of anything by hand but by machine; no dice. 
then i sewed my sisters and oh man, what a joke! 
the second stop was some make up thing. 
she was in her element and i was not having it. 
they did our make up for free. 
my first thought was: member the Simpson's episode where Homer makes 3 inventions and he makes the make up gun? 
"Sorry Marge, i have it set to whore."
im NOT a fan of make up. 
we also saw a couple of celebrity speakers. 
this is Doris(?) im not sure of her name. 
but she's the grama in Raising Hope. 
and Beerfest!!!! (right) yeaaaah!!!
the chick on the left looks familiar too, but i cant think of her name. 
we also caught some real housewives of somewhere that i didn't care for. 
i LOVE chapstick! 
like a lot. 
dish network was trying to sign me over to em. 
i took all their walking dead chapsticks they had available. 

and finally!...
movie date night with the Mr. (: 
i've been wanting to catch this for a few years but never got around to it. 
i guess its a good thing because it was the 20th year anniversary. 
Tim Burton has done many a great things but this is amazing. 
i love that man for this!
it was also fun to have date night with my guy. 

thank you for taking the time to read! (: 
im in a jolly good mood! 
have a good rest of your Sunday and  a good upcoming week

Nick Hexum {10.13.13}

Cahuenga Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA, USA
i was invited by my friend Eva to go see Nick Hexum perform.
my first thought was...what about the rest of 311? (shes a HUGE 311 fan!) 

turns out dudes gone solo! erm, well another band. 

tickets were $20 so of course i was game. 
how do you say no? 
specially if you know the dude from other stuff and this being his first solo gig is at suuuch a good price!? 

turns out he's in The Nick Hexum Quintet!
woot woot!

now i know i said The Fonda & El Rey were pretty good venues because of how up close you can get and i mean they are BUT holy tamale ( i hate tamales! another leslie fact!) THIS WAS CLOSER than any other venue ive ever been too!

they played at The Hotel Cafe
they were scheduled to go on at 7 and even though we didnt get there til 730 we were in luck because they didnt go on until 8. 

now when i say we were up close and personal i mean like CTLHOISSE (see what i did there! thisclose!!! all in one!!) (its 130am its past my bed time im sleepy as heck!) okay but seriously at the fonda and el rey they usually have the stage about a hundred feet in between (not really) with security and then some sort of something blocking you from getting closer and then boom first row. 

nope, at hotel cafe we could literally touch the piano, the saxophone, the guy playing the instruments himself, Mr. Zack Hexum!
Eva nearly had a heart attack. 
i dont think she knew we were going to be THAT close. 

i took several, okay, a lot of pictures, but only because out of 100 randoms 2-3 will come out great!
i got a few and im here to share! :)

uhm, SWOON!!!!

3/5ths of the band, i couldnt get the pianist nor the drummer! :( 
drummer was way to the left in the back in the dark and the pianist was waaaay to the right. too far!

before the show started Eva was saying that she was hoping to meet him and this girl in front of us was like "hes a total dick! every time i've meet him he's been such an a-hole!"

in my head i was like...."(cricket noise) but yet here you are stalking him!"
once he came out, i mean i took pictures but this girl was all up on him. i think she said she took a lil close to 400 pictures!
i mean i guess, i did that for Red Hot Chili Peppers (more on that coming soon!)  so i guess i can understand? but see i didnt zoom in and saw what they had for lunch and what not. 

any who, at the end of the show, i tried getting eva the set list to no avail! :( 

BUT i did get a drum stick! (that i no longer have :( lol but thats another story!) 
that girl got his water bottle and his rag towel.....a liiiitle bit too much. 
but hey! to each their own. 

once the show was over we waited outside hoping to see him. 
no dice. 

UNTIL!!!! i went back inside (by then Eva had bought his cd already which i regret not having bought then!)  and BOOM! i founds him!

eva got her signature and had like 35 mini heart attacks. 

and i got thiiiis picture!!!!


girl!, you might have left with his (by now) moldy towel but i met him and he "hugged" me and ahh!!
im excited but NOT as excited as Eva was. 
i love seeing people as happy as she was. 

do yo'self a favor and get their album or stream it on Spotify!
they remind me of an early Jack Johnson kind of sound/vibe and oh!, so good!!!
so far my fave (besides the whole album) are: Somewhere in the middle, Sideways, You'll do it again & basically every track! 

here's to falling asleep listening to the album and to hoping i catch them again!

thank you for reading, have a good weekend and have a good night!

Happy Born Day Baby Chris!! ♥

My cousin Chris had his first baby boy today!
WHAT a cutie!
Cant wait to see this little one grow up.

Congrats Chris and Wendy.
Welcome to the world lil baby C.

Happy Birthday Andy! {10.20}

happy birthday Andres! <3

to celebrate we headed to West Hollywood and i KNOW it was his birthday but i swear i was in heaven and it was Christmas for me!
Jaydeen, birthday boy Andy, moi & my caracol! (that means snail in spanish and her name is Carol...lol)

we ended up at another bar after our first (eleven) and josh was soooo hungry that he sat with some random girls after he noticed they had nachos and he gave them a sob story about how he was hungry. 
he got free food and we partied with some random girls!
 the girls & esteban or steven depends if youre feeling spanish or english!

dont mind my bra! -.- i was totally unaware! but its k. its west hollywood. i was NOT gaining attention showing it off. lol 
i first saw these guys going crazy dancing to Applause by Lady Gaga. 
i then saw their sweaters and HAD to ask for a picture. 
i was IN LOVE!
as soon as we walked in to the abbey we lost andy. 
of course we continued to party but we took an extra hour after closing time to find him. 
while standing around trying to get a hold him, the guy above me comes up to me and hes like "youre gorgeous honey, i love your outift." in my head i was like "NO! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!" 
i then asked to take a picture with him. 
i find his shirt ironic!
what does it mean!? lol 
think about it!
(like i said excuse my bra! -.-  at least its a sorta cute one lol!)
 this is erica, erika ericka, erik-uh. i dont know how you spell her name. i met her while looking for Andy also. she was with her roommate and he was currently serenading Jaydeen while i was taking pictures. 
she asked for a picture and she asked for me to take to take pics of her.
she was full on facebook posing these "what is the meaning of life", "im looking to my right looking all pensive", "im a model" looks. 
i admire her courage! 
 and then i snuck in a picture with her!

we, erm, i found andy around 3 am. 
turns out where we were waiting for him, he was right in front of us. 
like 20 steps away. 
he had just passed out on the bench so we couldnt see him. 

happy birthday once again babe. 

cant wait to see what next year brings for us! 

thank you for reading!

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